It’s showtime BABY! The Rigsby sisters finally get their day in court

And the 7 year to trial standard for False Claims Act cases is maintained as I heard from Nowdy on Slabbed’s original whistleblowers:

Katrina whistle-blower case starts in federal court ~ Anita Lee

If you want to understand Ex Rel Rigsby this post is the short version of the tale. Here is the latest from the artist formerly known as Nowdoucit:

Ozerden may prove to be as smart as people claimed when he was appointed…but…then again, maybe I’m just “cold” since this case is so old…

I don’t recall ever seeing a pre-trial Order a whopping 500 pages – size alone is impressive – so is the detail…although I’ve just glanced over. Seems to be tight ship.

More impressive is the way he’s dealing with SF…makes me wonder if/how much impact (1) Hurricane Sandy claims handling has had on his thinking about insurance companies and (2) the incredible “reserves”/”profits” SF reported recently (don’t recall the exact amount but I’m thinking it might have been $7billion!

Anyway, he ruled on the SF motion to substitute expert “denied in part and “granted” in part – but the part he “denied” was the substitution SF requested and the pared he “granted” was the use of previous deposition as Rigsby’s suggested – but not necessarily all of it!

Every time he appears to be “giving in” – as we’ve seen with virtually every judge in the past, he’s not giving in at all…and…the detail in this Order (maybe others too) makes me think he’s taking extra care to make them “bullet proof” in terms of appeal.

Don’t miss it – the Order is easy read – will be interested to see how it plays out.