Danny Abel collects court sanctions like Vito Corleone collected pocket politicians: Slabbed Investigates continued very bad times for the “Legal Department” at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Part 3

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Daniel G. “Danny” Abel doing promo for the Trout Point Lodge Cookbook in Canada

Turns out folks William Shakespeare was a true prophet calling the crash and burn of the Legal Department at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway hundreds of years in advance as MacBeth posited an accurate description of the type of plaintiff’s work being done by the inhabitants of said Legal Department in the now disgraced/disbarred Aaron Broussard and Daniel G. “Danny” Abel. Let’s drill down a bit on the lawyer who’s cases Belo’s WWL TV Channel 4 relentlessly promotes:

Suffice it so say there are more such instances but in the interest of time I will not list them but we must update two cases, Magee et al v Abel et al which I introduced yesterday and Webb v Morella plus introduce a new one in Manton et al v Strain et al as Abel has a particular fetish for suing the NOPD and St Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain. Manton v Strain is instructive so let’s begin there as it follows the Goatherder formula:

  1. File suit against absolutely everyone every tangentially connected to the wild conspiracy theory being posited that particular day. Of particular interest was the lead council in the 2009 rendition of this suit ended up intervening as a defendant later when Abel and company took over the point.
  2. Spectacularly lose the case, appeal the loss and lose that case as well since “Mantons had failed to raise an issue of material fact.”
  3. File another suit recycling the allegation from the first suit.
  4. Attempt a smear campaign using media outlets such as Belo’s Channel 4 TeeVee except in this case Abel used a conservative website called Human Events for PR dupes to publicize his baseless allegations. That’s OK though because the Human Events people are in good company.
  5. Less than one month after Abel’s promo of this suit appeared in Human Events he lost the suit.
  6. Defendants file to recover their attorney fees for having to defend against Abel’s frivolous lawsuits.

Wash, rinse, repeat for this is the way of a Goatherder. I hope it is lost on no one that once upon a time Abel was trying to put the gun manufacturers outta business in between collaborating on the literary flops which chronicled his misadventures. Only one words fits folks and that is jackassery and this brings me to latest developments in Webb v Morella (click the pic to nab the full pdf document).

Webb v Morella 5th Circuit Doc 00512011946 Capture 1

It’s textbook Goatherder abuse of process IMHO:

Webb v Morella 5th Circuit Doc 00512011946 Capture 2


Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary

Joyce Case Harlow, myself and Timothy Gillespie can all relate to that. Then again so can Trip Advisor, myself and Val Bracy (formerly of Fox 8) along with myself, Kevin LaMaire and Anne Marie Vandenweghe and whoever else the Goatherders feel like lumping in at the particular moment and yes there are other such websites. This does not include the webhost of the Trout Point Lodge blog Automattic, which not only hosted most of these websites but now also is the current subject of a suit in Nova Scotia filed by Abel’s long times business associates Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret who are claiming some sort of contractual relationship existed in between them and Automattic in the deletion of the original version of Slabbed. It is a paranoid fantasy befitting of the sociopaths behind the serial filing of these lawsuits but the courts in Nova Scotia actually take these two SLAPP Happy Nut jobs seriously, unlike the US Courts as illustrated by Danny Abel. Here is another snippet from that motion for  sanctions in Webb v Morella:

Webb v Morella 5th Circuit Doc 00512011946 Capture 3

It is just that bad…..

Webb v Morella 5th Circuit Doc 00512011946 Capture 4

And the result? The United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals explains:

Sanctions Order 5th Circuit Haik Case

Again I can relate but that is another post and this brings me to Quitclaim Magee’s malicious prosecution, abuse of process and defamation lawsuit against Danny Abel and his clients the Martin family. As I’ve previously posted that suit followed the same pattern as Webb v Morella, Gates v Strain and Part Deux of Manton v Strain. First Abel leaks the suit to the dupes in the news operations at Belo’s Channel 4, likely via Eric Paulsen with whom Abel has outside business associations and spectacularly dishonest journalism is the end result.  At this point I gotta say even though I’m down with both Hammerman and McCarthy IMHO nether will be ultimately able to overcome the self interest driven cesspool that is WWL TV style journalism because it is rotten to the core. Lest I digress because Abel’s racketeering lawsuit against Quitclaim Magee crashed and burned and Magee struck back against Abel and his easily led clients the Martins (click the pic to nab the full pdf document):

Magee v Abel Original Defamation Complaint

And the lawsuit proceeded to discovery as this 2 page letter illustrates (click the pic to nab the full pdf document):

Abel Letter - Exhibit

But as we saw in Paulsen v State Farm the Goatherders like to play games with the discovery process. Legal filings were exchanged and a hearing was held in August 2012. Abel had a very bad day (click the pic to nab the full pdf document):

Judgment on Several Issues

Predictably as this screen capture illustrates Abel troll Chris Yount is lurking close by in service to the Goatherder Nation:

Magee v Abel Screen Capture 4

So what do you do when you get DQ’d as lawyer for everyone but yourself? You play the I’ll issue the phoney subpoena game just like Gates v Strain that’s what (click the pic to nab the full pdf document):

Motion to Quash Judge Subpoenas

And it’s all downhill from there as the next document tells the tale of the later events (click the pic to nab the full pdf document):

Magee v Abel Motion for Sanctions

This particular snippet from the above does not sound good for Eric Paulsen:

Magee v Abel Screen Capture 5

Naturally when one sees how this particular lawyer conducts himself professionally there is a natural reaction of horror when he begins the next publicity blitz:

Federal civil rights lawsuit filed against NOPD, city ~ WWL TeeVee

Stay tuned for more tales from the Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway……

6 thoughts on “Danny Abel collects court sanctions like Vito Corleone collected pocket politicians: Slabbed Investigates continued very bad times for the “Legal Department” at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Part 3”

  1. The Martins may have wised up! The language below is taken verbatim from a Notice of Appeal filed by Abel on behalf of the Martins with the US 5th Circuit:

    “The Martins now notice their intent to appeal the 5 December 2012 final judgment. Mr.Abel as counsel of record in the trial court, has filed this notice of appeal but informs the Court that the Martins shall substitute counsel for the purposes of the appeal, once the Fifth Circuit has docketed this matter.”

    I hope the attorneys at Laborde & Neuner read Slabbed. Their motion for damages and costs in the Webb case may be the straw that breaks the back on Abel’s camel.

    Given the recent, practically identical sanctions against Abel in the Chisesi and ASAP cases, it seems like it is past time for the US 5th Circuit to take serious action against him, such as disbarment.

    1. I feel for the Martins because they were hosed twice. They have a spectacular malpractice case against Abel IMHO.

      1. Why did Abel not take the simple route and allege basic, state law cauces of action? Seems very strange to attempt to allege a civil RICO cause of action.

        The only thing more confounding is why Magee, et. al would not leave well enough alone. What’s in the water in St. Tammany?

  2. Correction:

    “… practically identical sanctions against Abel in the Chisesi and ASAP cases,…”

    Should have said:

    “… practically identical sanctions against Abel in the Chisesi and Martin cases,…”

  3. Doug, after reading your comment “Wash, Rinse, Repeat…” you forgot the machine dial designation most appropriate, “Spin”.

    Spin the facts, spin case jurisprudence, spin the pending status of case in State court to a Federal judge….spinning out of control until the machine starts to wobble, make a lot of noise and attracting sanctions in da’ judiciary wash room.

    Need to call out the Matag repair man ( Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Council- ODC) to fix the “Spin” cycle as the machine seems to be an ongoing danger to both State and Federal judicial docket burdens.

    How about someone copying the above compilation of machine complaints by area judiciary and mailing it to the La.ODC for their consideration to make an emergency repair call to da’ Super 8 Motel, Suite 106.

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