Gee, this sounds vaguely familiar. Here’s a teaser on part 3 of Continued bad times at the Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview

One thing these Goatherders are good at folks is cashing in on their media connections as Slabbed has well chronicled the dishonest promotion of Danny Abel’s crash and burn lawsuits by Belo’s Channel 4 WWL Tee Vee. In that case it is a long association with morning anchor Eric Paulsen that provides the in at WWL but the aftermath is a bitch. Proof:

Magee v Abel Screen Capture 1

And so no one misses it this blurb from the above complaint adds much greater color to what I’ll term an unfortunate domestic incidence involving a certain Tee Vee news personality. 😉

Magee v Abel Screen Capture 2

Indeed Slabbed knows all but as we like to say here in Mississippi wait ’til you see the whites of their eyes…..

Magee v Abel Screen Capture 3

Funny how Abel and his band of Goatherders have no problem using the media to smear and defame people but when their tactics are exposed, they are very quick to file SLAPP suits to silence their critics. I’m afraid without Aaron Broussard to run interference for his former partner at the Super 8 Motel things are gonna get worser and worser. This Quitclaim Magee suit has several interesting nuggets of information that interests me greatly.  It also appears Abel has collected more sanctions in Webb v Morella. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Gee, this sounds vaguely familiar. Here’s a teaser on part 3 of Continued bad times at the Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview”

  1. Very interesting. It appears to me that there was likely or possibly valid causes of action against Magee, etc.., but Abel, et. al. did not plead the causes of action correctly.

    Am I right? Is this really good play by the plaintiffs in the defamation suit? Suing the homeowners who were told their title is bad? Seems like a mistake to me.

    1. Spot on NRB. I do not think Quitclaim Magee was well advised suing the Martins, who appear to be incredibly clueless.

      Joel yes, I would say so.

      Hey everyone meet Danny Abel’s newest client:

      Methinks it is rotten to the core in the news operations at WWL Tee Vee as once again they are the Goatherderian News Leader:

      Abel was on WBOK pumping this suit in early February.

      NOPD must love seeing him show up as the Plaintiff’s lawyer.

      Hey NOLA Born. Time to pop some popcorn.

      1. Personally, I would have let sleeping dogs lay unless you are 100% clean. In other words, if I represented the Martins, I would contemplate filing a Reconventional Demand for malicious prosecution.

        What do the plaintiffs in this type of suit hope to accomplish especially if the allegations have any scintilla of truth?

        The more appropriate target(s) would be whoever informed the Martins their title was bad assuming that information was false. Even then, I would think there would be no claim for defamation.

        Seems like dog and pony show.

        1. Patience grasshopper, there is enough legal jackassery a-plenty in this suit for everyone. I do believe Abel even collects another sanction. 😉

          1. From January 29 comments:

            “UPDATE: It appears that before I even asked that question, Mr. Abel had already conferred with

          2. Just read that La. Supreme Court denied writs in a case styled ASAP Court Reporting v. Daniel Abel.

            How does Abel find time to practice law with him being sued so much?

  2. And I realize that this is obvious but the goat link above is a joke. Can never be too careful with people’s sensitivities.

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