5 thoughts on “Goatherders Speak: Charles Leary admits he files SLAPP suits”

  1. I guess congradulations are in order.It appears from the article you are now considered a worldwide publisher.Guess my thinking is limited to the Gulf South.

    1. The media in Canada is scared shitless of those two nut jobs as a general rule as Leary often threatens litigation. In this case he sent Hood’s worthless injunction to them.

      So we get to see in real time how a Nova Scotia free speech injunction works. How timely in light of the frivolous appeal the pair have pending before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals over their resounding SPEECH Act loss here in the US.


    1. As I understand it, the original couple was Abel and Perret. Abel sent Perret to Cornell where he met and fell in love with Leary, bringing him home to Louisiana after they graduated. Throw in Shane D’Antoni aka Shane Gates and Eric Paulsen and it certainly gets more complicated.

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