How about something for my peeps in St Tammany

For it is as rotten there as ever it was in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes. To wit:

Police arrest man for allegedly embezzling $155,000 ~ WWL TeeVee

This in turn begs the question exactly why did the Covington police arrested a person in Texas for theft that occurred in Texas? The following has the beginnings of an explanation

Sharp v City of Covington et al

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  1. one could argue that st tammany is worse than her neighbors to the south. in the last 10 years a councilman (impastato) has done time for extortion. madeville public works director convicted of a felony. the abita springs police department was dismantled with the chief and interim chief going to prison and a LT serving a life sentence. $1 million stolen from the parish juvenile detention center. the mayor of mandeville was busted for numerous felonies including stealing from the christmas toy fund. still to come are ex assessor patricia core and coroner peter galvan both are low hanging fruit. perhaps the biggest catch is la mineral board member bay ingram. ingram has had business deals with the sheriff and is a st tammany wheeler dealer. the feds are working ingram currently.

  2. Jared Riecke is jammed up with Jack Strain and Walter Reed. I am hearing rumblings that the FBI may be looking into Jack Strain. There has long been a rumor that he helped himself to beaucoup ammo for his annual hunting/shooting fundraiser, which I guess, compared to Pete Galvan, the coroner, is small fry.

      1. Diggin’Doug, Diggin’Doug,gotta’be dat dude Diggin’ Doug dat causes dem’ to Strain and crap in dere’ body-armored panties.

  3. The BS that goes on in St Tammany would require Doug to clone himself to do it justice… These ass clowns are way more evil and entrenched than the ass clowns in Jefferson…Would love to see them go down and go down hard….

    1. momoney: Me thinks the First Circuit’s reversal making Radcliffe pay $850,000 to the business sellers was an appropriate, justified reversal of a home-cooked, pigs feet stew judgment.

  4. Whenever anything smells odd those two judges always appear. Looks like mr. wynne is getting himself tied up in the same types of cases he used to prosecute. The stories that could be told by st tammany insiders could fill many, many books. Some people let their heads get too big and start to think they are untouchable. Jared the rally driver in the story had police stickers on his car when he overtook me at about 150mph on i12, maybe there is still a “buy-a-badge” program going on since Abita got theirs taken away. it wouldnt surprise me if boo-boo’s underlings are up to something like that.

  5. Slabbed – why are you assisting Daniel Abel by publicizing his client’s lawsuits? Did you know that Richard Sharp is one of Daniel Abel’s clients in St. Tammany Parish. Based on your other blogs, I thought Daniel Abel only made BS claims against you and other people as part of his way of being a lawyer. Even with my 200 year old librarian research skills, I learned that Richard Sharp has a lengthy criminal record for writing bad checks. To me it looks like you were used by Daniel Abel to disparage other public officials and help his clients. Danny Abel pulled a fast one on you!

  6. Is Michael Burris, the personal CPA and ex-campaign treasurer for 22nd JDC Judge Knight, who testified on behalf of James Radcliffe as an expert calculating monetary damages before Judge Knight in the Zip Tube case, also possibly related to 22nd JDC Judge Burris. 22nd JDC Judge Garcia failed to recuse Judge Knight from he Zip Tube matter even after Judge Knight declared to attorneys he knew expert Michael Burris and Burris was actually Judge Knight’s personal CPA and ex-campaign treasurer.Seems to be some ethical impropriety here among friends.

    1. STP, where they hold the public to the letter of the laws (traffic fines, municipal fines, code enforcement) while mayors,sheriffs, coroners, elected officials and judges run wild around the laws.

  7. I pulled this off the internet.

    “The Deaths of Margaret Coon and Lynn Nunez. The public wants to know who killed these two 22nd Judicial employees. Both open murder cases in the State of Louisiana. One over 20 years ago. Very strange circumstances. “

  8. This is must read … simply brilliant:

    “All their bats are corked”

    Moseley does well with this metaphor.
    Some fellow pundits claim the scandals involving online comments and possible prosecutorial misconduct only tarnish the terminal months of Jim Letten

  9. Former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price to be released from prison Tuesday

    LEAVENWORTH, Kansas – Former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price is expected to be released from federal prison Tuesday.
    Price was serving time in Leavenworth, Kansas after pleading guilty to tax evasion and mail fraud charges.
    Now, sources say Price will leave the prison for a halfway house in the New Orleans area.
    He’s expected to spend two to four months in the transitional housing to serve out the rest of his prison sentence.
    Price originally received a 64-month sentence in June 2010, but that was later shortened to 40 months. He became eligible to serve the last months of his term in the halfway house after striking a deal in 2011 in a separate perjury case.

  10. It’s interesting how the CPD has started doing proactive internal investigations beginning in Nov 2012. According to, body made a complaint in this case, These two guys allegedly tased a guy who battered a store owner, then bit one of the officers according to Yet these two guys get “investigated” and charged for doing their jobs. Its almost like CPD “has” to arrest a few of their own based on the allegations levied in this lawsuit.

    1. I’m not commenting on CPD’s recent troubles. I’m commenting on why two officer’s were arrested for doing their jobs. There was no complainant which meant that CPD self initiated the investigation in January. Why? The “victim” plead guilty to multiple charges. CPD is throwing up a smoke screen. Why? CPD is not as “troubled” as the media would have you believe. The men that work at CPD are no different than Slidell, Mandeville, Madisonville, or any other small town jurisdiction. They are arguably the least agressive of the dept’s on the northshore. Public record requests for instances of uses of force in 2012 would confirm that. These are just random thoughts bouncing around in my head. They may not make sense. I’m trying to make sense of it all myself.

  11. All trails lead to Kevin Davis. No surprise in that. I recently spoke with a high-level prosecutor who told me that the FBI deemed St. Tammany as a target-rich environment. This is just one thing they will surely look into.

  12. I was reading this lawsuit and its seems that covington police created a crime in their juris diction to enforce it, as to flex the muscles of the law in order to extort Sharp. Uh Oh stated the fact couldnt substatiate a place where the crime occured. The law suit says the alleged cr/imes happended in texas….can someone clarify?

  13. Tara cards reveal voodoo politicians masquerading in bible belt northshore. Major judge exorcisms needed at courthouse. Sheriff Strain and his attorney Hughes,Reed and others too.

  14. What a shame. Palmisano was a good guy under difficult circumstances. I met he chief on several occasions, and he is a true gentleman.

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