Comment bump: ‘Cause everyone down here is hip

From Jeff Adelson’s Questions remain about Crescent City Connection’s future, with or without tolls published yesterday on

To pay for the ferries, like most ferries ever, pay as you go fees. The lighting: All was well before lighting was installed, turn them off, As for grass cutting; borrow a goat from the petting zoo, or perhaps donations from those who want to pay tolls, will buy a herd of goats. Methinks, government folk, have a problem, with letting a cash cow go. Aaron Broussard could be the first goat herder. ~ S. Pimpernel

Indeed Aaron Broussard is a Goatherdering original.

2 thoughts on “Comment bump: ‘Cause everyone down here is hip”

  1. When the pokey countdown is over, the GIC can apply for a state job with MRBA and continue to suck on the goat teet. Hilarious!

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