Because it is a brother in law deal Day 7: Quality or quantity

I have a quote from a contractor that “never heard back” from MGFB.  The question folks is one of quality or quantity:

The artificial reef community is growing and innovating as the needs for artificial or “Dynamic Reefs” continues to change, and new environments are identified and addressed. Open bids for all Dynamic Reef projects should be encouraged and maintained. Open bids drive innovation and creates a Dynamic Reef suite that also helps the environment. Artificial reefs are more than reef balls, ship drops, and multifaceted shapes for fish propagation. They now include tourism centric design, new ceramic reef modules and a more blended approach to Dynamic Reef design and placement. Put this way, the oceans and ocean environment are constantly changing. Like a master painting you wouldn’t just use one color, the artificial reef bid space needs to be aware of new technologies and paradigms and only open bidding with public input can get us to a more blended and technology savvy Dynamic Reef space for the future.

Here on the coast MGFB’s sites are set a bit lower:

Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks Culverts deployed in FH-13 on March 11, 2011 (538-539F13)

All eyes on the staging sites used as the artificial reefs program is coming into much sharper focus.

7 thoughts on “Because it is a brother in law deal Day 7: Quality or quantity”

  1. With a no go justice department and a worthless constitution lets use these damned cooked ass attorneys and judges for the reef just stack um up like in that movie 300 that way we’ll have more time to fix the real problem.

    Is that reefer world?

  2. Well, since they have let the bunch off in Louisiana, I guess the next ones that will be cleared will be the DMR group that the FBI has been investigating. When will it ever end?

  3. Who owns the property located on the east end of Reichold Road in Gulfport used as a MGFB staging site? Located just across the canal from IMMS?

  4. Disney World for dolphins! Watch this video from Reef Worlds and see where needless tax dollars are being spent The original idea and concept for reefs was to INCREASE the supply of seafood in the Gulf. Now we are so far afield of that because the “planners and specialists” abhor the concept of catching and eating marine life from the Gulf. If we let these eggheads have their politically correct way we will cease all harvesting of fish, shrimp and oysters and just take tourism boats to view them from afar. I say @##@[email protected]%^$# with all the planners of the world who generally don’t pay taxes on a #@$#%@# thing but sure want to tell the rest of us how to live. Included are scientist who blame all the turtle and dolphin deaths on shrimper nets when we know that isn’t factual. That’s why the DMR needs a strong voice from the commercial shrimping and charter boat industry before we are socially correct and starving in the meantime.

    1. I don’t see any mutual exclusivity between the reef concepts. The nicer reefs have potential to benefit the charter boat community in ways beyond fishing. The question in my mind is whether or not the cost differential would be justified by the positive economic impacts. That discussion was never had because the work strongly appears to have been steered.

  5. Need to UPDATE the long been incorrect GPS coordinates listed on the Mississippi State’s website concerning these public reefs if there is a desire for people to continue to visit and fish offshore in Mississippi waters south of the barrier islands.

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