BREAKING: River Birch probe ended

River Birch probe coming to an end without more charges, sources say ~ Manuel Torres

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Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Arguing with God in New Orleans!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

Arguing with God in New Orleans!

Like millions of Americans this past Sunday, I sat down to watch the much-hyped, The Bible miniseries on the History Channel. But you can only cover so much in ten hours, so viewers ended up watching the Bible’s greatest hits, a series of theme-park tableaus of one disaster after another. The stories played out like a Mel Gibson redux, where suffering dominates the religious landscape. The lyric and joy that gives life and hope to believers was lost in this turmoil of struggle and sacrifice.

Unfortunately, at least in the first week’s presentation, the series overlooked the fact the Bible is a must read touchstone of Western civilization. As a layman who has spent a fair amount of time reading the Bible, I can tell you that there is some really good stuff to soak kin. Well yes, you have to overlook al those “begats.”

And maybe it’s not unanimously considered great literature, in the genre of Shakespeare, Milton, Dostoyevsky or Proust. But remember that unless you believe that everything in the Bible is the absolute word of God, then the Good Book is not one homogenous work by one author, but a collection of writers or oral historians passing down their interpretations from one generation to the next. Many would argue that each book must stand on its own. Psalms, Proverbs and the Song of Solomon offer beautiful, uplifting inspiration. Other books are, well, boring.

I write all this as background to a big problem I have with God, which is set out in the book of Genesis. Most biblical scholars consider the Book of Genesis to be the foundation for belief in the Biblical. Genesis is not just the first book of the Bible, it is the bedrock for the rest of the theological truths found in all the books of both the Old and New Testaments. Continue Reading…….

Other voices | Wednesday

Published March 6, 2013

Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley of Boston is one of the 115 Cardinal Electors who will choose the next Pope. The winner must receive a two-thirds majority … 77 votes. It’s almost a certainty, but not a necessity, that the Cardinal Electors will choose one of their own.

I’m a Catholic. Probably not the best one in the world … maybe not even top 10.

The Catholic Church is my home. It’s where I receive spiritual sustenance. The Church is my team. I’m happy and proud of my team when it plays well, and disappointed when it doesn’t measure up.

As an institution composed of human beings, there is no doubt, that in recent years, people acting in the name of the Church have failed miserably in their duty to care for the young people under their supervision. It’s also probably safe to say that the last of the ugly news on this sordid topic has yet to be heard.

Less well known about the church is the fact that there are very few populated areas on the face of the earth were representatives of the Catholic Church are not feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and educating the unschooled. This is heroic work that the Church has performed for centuries. The presence of the Church in areas unserved by others is almost taken for granted and generally ignored by both liberal and conservative media outlets. Continue Reading……….