The Timeline project is attracting new contributors but first a couple of docs

I hope to have version 2 ready for publication sometime this week. We are having compatibility issues though as some of you folks use Word Perfect while others are using Word. I run both but my goal is to have a shareable document in the cloud that is accessible to everyone on the Timeline team. I mention all this because the updated timeline will contain several entries related to the following documents, which I have pulled from the most sensitive part of the “Slabb O’Leak” document cache here at Slabbed New Media. With the Wilkinson guilty plea and the fact I believe he is squealing like a stuck pig these become very topical for reasons Slabbed will soon reveal.


RB Contract Hwy 90 Sign


RB Contract All Sign

8 thoughts on “The Timeline project is attracting new contributors but first a couple of docs”

  1. Hmm: Question: How does Albert J Ward Jr sign on behalf of River Birch and Hwy-90 on September 15,2009 with no signatures showing up for the June 30, 2009 signatures of Tom Capella and Eula Lopez and Ann Guidry as witnesses? And then how do all those signatures pop up on a single sheet? I are confused.

    1. Clearly different signature pages, likely IMHO from “duplicate originals”. The “Jr’s” are juxtaposed on different lines between River Birch and HWY-90 LLC.

  2. doubleu doubleu doubleu emm gee eff bee slash docs slash EMM GEE EFF BEE underscore BEE eye dee underscore ess pee eye cee ess underscore two zero one three dot pee dee eff

      1. Been having trouble posting comments yesterday and today. Probably a large number hung somewhere. Just delete them all.

        1. Slabbed has been under spam attack for over a month, some nights over 1,000 comments. I do not have time to check the que for that many comments. This afternoon when I clicked over to emply the folder your last two commnets were on top.

          If you have any that get stuck in the spam que send me an email and I’ll fish them out.

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