That 24th JDC Division D race will be the death of me as the ghosts of Operation Wrinkled Robe haunt the race

I’ve been trying to stay away from the coming judicial elections in Jefferson Parish since Julie Quinn quit the Division D race a few months ago as the candidates did not excite me much nor did I see many clear cut choices. That is, until John Sudderth announced he would run in Division D. If you scroll down to the comments you’ll find my lawyer Bobby Truitt tied it up with Sudderth and/or his handlers as there are a few subjects that get Bobby fired up, Operation Wrinkled Robe being one of them.

Long story short Bobby’s client K-Mart was home cooked by former Judge Alan Green and the gang at team K-Mart did not take kindly to that. The investigation into Gretna courthouse corruption exposed many unsightly wrinklesincestuous relationships political and otherwise and included local icons like Al Copeland. It was one of the most expensive federal investigations in US history and it stopped way short though Federal Judge Tom Porteous ended up being impeached partially as a result of Wrinkled Robe.

So what does this have to do with John Sudderth running for Division D judge? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

USA v Green Indictment Screen Capture 1

And the participants? This lays it out:

USA v Green Indictment Screen Capture 2

And then the K-Mart case portion of the indictment:

USA v Green Indictment Screen Capture 3

USA v Green Indictment Screen Capture 4

He is not the only one in a bad position as this brings me to the Sudderth connection to this mess as his letter circa November 2012 to the ODC indicates:

Sudderth ODC Letter Screen Capture 1

And he is having none of it:

Sudderth ODC Letter Screen Capture 2

And this brings me back to Bobby Truitt’s heartburn with Sudderth’s denial: comment excerpt

So there you have it folks, co-counsel to a homecooking.  Sudderth’s former co-counsel Ken Beck aka “Attorney #1” is evidently still winding his way through the hopelessly broken Louisiana disciplinary system and he is using one of our old favorites to represent him:

Sudderth ODC Letter Screen Capture 3

And what does the ODC do with Sudderth’s letter? Revise a bit of history perhaps?

Plattsmier Sudderth Letter

Here are all the docs for those that want to get all the minutiae:

File this one under know your local candidates for public office.

34 thoughts on “That 24th JDC Division D race will be the death of me as the ghosts of Operation Wrinkled Robe haunt the race”

  1. Hmmm – he had no idea that his co-counsel was fixing the case with the judge? Sounds legit to me. . . not. I do love the octopus inkspray of trying to make the issue about an office move rather than the pay-off.

          1. Prince, is this related?

            CARIBE RESORT PROPERTIES I, L.L.C. Limited Liability Company HARVEY Inactive

            Previous Names
            Business: CARIBE RESORT PROPERTIES I, L.L.C.
            Charter Number: 35551586K
            Registration Date: 9/10/2003
            Domicile Address
            2116 HYDE PARK CIRCLE
            HARVEY, LA 70058
            Mailing Address
            2116 HYDE PARK CIRCLE
            HARVEY, LA 70058
            Status: Inactive
            Inactive Reason: Voluntary Action
            File Date: 9/10/2003
            Last Report Filed: 8/13/2011
            Type: Limited Liability Company

            Registered Agent(s)
            Agent: HILARY HURST LANDRY
            Address 1: 701 POYDRAS ST., STE. 3600
            City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70139
            Appointment Date: 9/10/2003

            Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
            Officer: TIM COULON
            Title: Member
            Address 1: 2116 HYDE PARK CIRCLE
            City, State, Zip: HARVEY, LA 70058
            Officer: MARY COULON
            Title: Member
            Address 1: 2116 HYDE PARK CIRCLE
            City, State, Zip: HARVEY, LA 70058
            Officer: MICKEY LANDRY
            Title: Member
            Address 1: 2116 HYDE PARK CIRCLE
            City, State, Zip: HARVEY, LA 70058

            Amendments on File (1)
            Description Date
            Affidavit to Dissolve 9/13/2012

      1. Man, am I clueless – the Alliance’s endorsement is stinky? Why and since when? Only in Jefferson, or everywhere?

        1. The same Alliance that has endorsed the likes of David Vitter and A.G. Crowe, just to name a couple. These people are clueless. Mrs. Landry is the same candidate who, less than a year ago, could not garner any of these endorsements when she wanted to run against Michael Mentz.

          But now, the Jefferson Parish political machine has lined up behind her and she has the endorsement of every “important” politico in JP, so of course, the Alliance just falls in line. All of these endorsements stink to high heaven, and these races are more coronations than they are the democratic process at work. Only when a candidate as repugnant as Debbie Villio is backed by the machine does the “favored one” lose. It’s all about buying elections. That’s it, end of story.

          1. Mentz ran unopposed, so there were none, as in zero, of “these endorsements” in that election (no, you don’t get pre-qualifying endorsements from the Alliance or any other committee). And “falls in line”? The Jefferson Republicans endorsed someone else last week, so I guess the memo got lost in the mail.

          2. Wait, so you’re saying Mrs. Landry was not seeking support and endorsements before the Division F election that Mentz won unopposed. If that is what you’re saying, you’re dead-wrong. Most of these races are over before qualifying begins. You seem to know something about judicial races in JP, so you should know that. It’s all about waiting your turn, and she has. Mentz and Enright are both great guys and will make good judges, but scaring everyone out of the race with these endorsements (and here I’m talking about politico endorsements) thwarts the democratic process. Lawyers should not be able to contribute money to judicial campaigns. It is a clear attempt to curry favor (i.e. bribe).

            These groups, including the JP Republicans, know nothing about anything when it comes to judicial qualifications.

          3. Prince, you are absolutely right, with one caveat: Landry obviously is not the shoe-in “establishment candidate” that Mentz and Enright were lest she’d have walked in unopposed like they did. I would add that just as Mentz and Enright will be good, so will Landry.

          4. You’re missing my point. I never said Hilary Landry would not be a good judge; I don’t know whether she will be or not. My initial problem was with Carpe Diem referencing endorsements, as if they have anything to do with whether a candidate will be a good judge. We all know shitty judges who got the Alliance endorsement. If my memory is correct, the Alliance endorsed Martha Sassone.

            Also, how many of the candidates for Div. D. have been lead counsel in civil jury trials, and how many trials? I agree with you that it is too easy to walk into a judgeship from the DA’s office in JP. But isn’t that what Mrs. Landry and Mr. Schlegel are attempting to do? And don’t even get me started on Suddereth.

  2. Wrinkle ,Wrinkle Little Robe,
    How we wonder how we might,
    If yo’ cooking a little home stew tonite,
    Just for the few who give a lot,
    Putting the ones who don’t in da’pot.
    Turn up the gas,turn up da’ heat,
    Little mo’ money,BAM and we’ll get some eats.

  3. Von, no need to elaborate as you seem to have cracked the case – Landry’s sister used to be married to Chris Coulon and it looks like she went in on a condo in Orange Beach with her sister’s ex-father-in-law, who hasn’t been relevant to Jeff politics, Eastbank or Westbank, in years??? Geez Louise, that completely changes things! Guess only thing worse to Doug would be if the condo had been in Nova Scotia. Better be safe and elect yet another Dudley Doright criminal prosecutor whose eyes will glaze over at the very mention of some point of civil or domestic law. God knows we’re used to that in Gretna.

    And by the way, broad (and baseless) accusations of corruption actually work counter to the goal of cleaning up the “West Bank political cesspool.” They make you sound vindictive or paranoid, not insightful, and fewer and fewer will heed your cries of “wolf.”

    1. Sorry I’m not as enamoured with Ms Landry as you Atticus, but opinions are like elbows, everyone has one. Mine is the apples likely fell not far from the tree.

      While we’re on the topic of sharing opinions, I do think Tim Coulon’s son is a worthless politcal hack that could not get a job without his daddy’s help but with daddy’s help he at least landed in the right place with all the other corrupt washed up politicians lobbying at Adams and Reese.

      To the extent Tim Coulon used to rent his Florida Condos to enrich himself in quid pro quo arrangements with parish venders the exact same same way Broussard did his property in Nova Scotia there is a certain parallel in taking “rent” without renters. I appreciate you pointing that out.

      1. Not “enamoured,” just think she’s the best of the bunch. And the “to the extent” comment is exactly what I’m talking about – do you have any evidence of improprieties in Orange Beach, or are you just putting the stink on Landry for the hell of it?

        1. Gotta be more than simply thinking “she’s the best of the bunch” as you took cheap shots at others Chief simply because we beg to differ. At least one person that is suing her for malpractice begs to differ with you on her abilities as a lawyer.

          Her associations with Tim Coulon speak for themselves. When I roll the Orange Beach/Mississippi Gulf Coast stuff is an editorial decision that I explain to no one.

          1. (A) Cheap shots? Really, Chief?
            (B) Having a claim filed against you, you of all people should know, doesn’t mean there is any merit to it.
            (C) Just as I suspected, you have no evidence.

            1. Your wife’s candidacy has real problems Atticus…..public perception problems that you are making worse. That said, with your help I solved an internal mystery involving Magnum and a certain article III judge there on Camp Street. Thank you.

  4. The comments about Landry are unfair and simple-minded innuendo. Prince Charming’s comments completely misconstrued my comment which simply “noted” her endorsements from last night. As Atticus aptly points out, she is by no means the “chosen one” as there are two other ADA’s in the race and an Assistant AG. Julie Quinn was the one whose name was floated as running against Mentz, not Landry, and she bailed when she realized that it would be a bloodbath, given all of her baggage.

    The electorate can judge for itself who would be the better judge, and I wholeheartedly agree that it is refreshing to see good guys like Mentz and Enright get elected without having to go through an expensive campaign.

    1. Mentz and Enright get elected without having to go through an expensive campaign.

      Indeed they were chosen. 😉

      Both get high marks from people I speak with.

      All eyes on Grefer.

      1. Mentz a “good guy”? Laughable, truly laughable. Spot him the e, t, h, i and c and see if he can come up with the letter “s”.

    2. “The people have had enough of this, and I note that Ms. Landry received some key endorsements last night.”

      It seems the people in JP have not had nearly enough of this because they keep electing the same old same old. Your sentence above indicates that you think because the people have had enough, the Alliance endorsed Landry. Otherwise, why would you put it in the same sentence. The Magnum election machine has continued without his name as the masthead. Take a look at the Campaign Finance Committee, and you’ll see it looks exactly like what Magnum and Co. were cranking out for years.

      And nobody had answered the question about these candidates and civil jury trials. The real answer to this is to amend the La. Constitution to make the judicial requirements more stirngent. Is being lead counsel in 5 civil jury trial too much to ask?

      1. Now I’m really confused. Enright received money from Magnum too and must therefore be tainted as more of “the same old same old.” But that can’t be, because Prince knows him and he’s “a great guy that will make a good judge.” So Landry is different how????

        Little hint about Magnum, and the vast majority of campaign contributors: They want to back a winner. Magnum contributed to Enright, and to Landry, because he believes they will win – not because he thinks he’s “buying” a candidate. Magnum doesn’t even know where they hell Division “D” of the 24th JDC is.

        You do get a “Hell yeah” on making the judicial requirements more stringent, as well as barring lawyers from contributing to judicial campaigns.

        1. Okay, let me attempt to un-confuse you. It is blatantly obvious that you are not only a Landry supporter, but also someone very close to her. I have no problem with that. Again, maybe because of your closeness to Mrs. Landry, you seem to be missing my point. I am not demeaning her, but I am assailing the process. Indeed, I am disgusted by what both Mentz and Enright thought they had to go through to waltz into a judgeship. And although they are great guys, I fault them both for kissing the ring.

          This whole business of shaking down lawyers for money, and so that they will appear on an obnoxious letterhead of the campaign fiance committee is repulsive, no matter who the candidate is. You can delude yourself all you want, but the bottom line is that almost every contested JP judicial election is won by the candidate who has/spends the most money. And the ones who win uncontested (i.e. Mentz and Enright) scare everybody else out of the election because anyone who wants to run knows they will never be able to garner enough support (lawyer money) to win.

          That’s all I have to say on the subject, and I’ll let you have the last word.

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