Sunday links plus docs for this is how we roll…..


Red light camera firm admits it likely bribed Chicago official ~ David Kidwell

On Friday the company announced the resignations of its president, its chief financial officer and its top lawyer. The head of Redflex’s Australian parent company conducted town hall meetings at the headquarters of its Phoenix-based subsidiary to tell employees there was wrongdoing in the Chicago contract and that sweeping reforms were being instituted to win back the company’s reputation.

Everyone better be careful what you write as Australia is a defamation cesspool.  That point being made “Primus homo per parietem semper est cruentatus … semper” for this is how we roll here at Slabbed.

Earlier this week the Mrs’ Uncle was in town and these days he and his bride live in Chicago. We convened for our annual meeting at Dempsey’s and compared notes.  Somewhere in the conversation I remember him mentioning the only place more corrupt than New Orleans was Chicago, a statement to which I took personal umbrage.  Long story short Unk demanded proof so I whipped out the following from Slabbed’s fabled document cache:

Redflex, Wilkinson and Theriot

He remained unconvinced and people from Chicago are notoriously famous for being hard headed so Unk demanded more proof, which I dutifully delivered: Continue reading “Sunday links plus docs for this is how we roll…..”