And the Winner is……………………………

‘Businessman A,’ accused of bribing Ray Nagin, is cinema owner George Solomon, sources say ~ Gordon Russell

Well slap me naked and call me Francis, ’cause I saw ol’ George in my review of the former Goatherder in Chief’s files. And Joe Canizaro too.

Worth noting is Team Letten allowed the statute of limitations to proscribe on Solomon’s alleged bribe of Ray Nagin as my guesses of the owners of Nova Scotia Enterprises comes into much sharper focus.

11 thoughts on “And the Winner is……………………………”

  1. Letten needs to be indicted for malfeasance of office… he’s just as big a douchebag as the goats or the council of clowns or team heebe jeebe…..

    1. One of the early tips I got on this whole deal was that Letten’s role was to keep the lid on Pandora’s box.

      There are many things I can not discuss but his office played favorites and certain families were literally above the law.

      1. Yea Doug….That is surely the way it now appears. As an outsider looking in….It almost looks like Letten and Co gave “Get out of Jail” cards to other Tulane Alumni…Definitely playing favorites.

  2. And now you have the fluff press piece by on Bloody Mary’s hand picked lackey to fill Letten’s shoes….Someone needs to put a stop to this circus…

    As much as I despise Nagin and Morial and the whole Jefferson Crime Family, they have nothing on Mitch and Mary…the shit Nagin pulled was penny ante compared to what these two are trying to pull with this horseshit attempt putting another stooge in the Fed office and how mitch is trying to rape the Wiser Trust… There has to be a way to stop these people.

  3. The SOL issue is the most scandalous aspect of the Nagin saga that has emerged in a year. It’s right in front of everyone’s face but I don’t sense much outrage.

  4. And the less than able Team Letten should be replaced by a Landu-pick, wails the unTimes-Picayunish.

    Judge Head can revisit us once more noting the need for more thorough investigations, ehh?

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