Coming soon from the gang that caused the Performing Arts Center and River Birch debacles. Let’s make a new deal!

For themselves of course.

It is at this point that I feel compelled to take the Jefferson Parish legislative delegation for a trip down memory lane to the last time the Parish council wanted a law changed that attracted the attention of good government activists across the parish.  What makes the similarity in my mind between the stripping of a civil right from the populace in removing the provision for a public vote on the sale/lease/management of the two public hospitals and the “tweaking” of the public records statute on the behalf of TheRiot is both involved major losses of public transparency.  Of course it was the behind the scenes deal making that brought the taxpayers both the Performing Arts Center and River Birch Landfill debacles so you’d think the gang on the 10th floor of Yenni along with the Parish Council would have at least had the sense to consider all the ramifications here. Instead I sense the politics of self enrichment are at play, likely with a heavy dose of crony capitalism on top.

In the Spring of 2010 TheRiot asked Louisiana State Senator Danny Martiny to change the Louisiana Public Records law drawing the ire of good government activists in Jefferson Parish.  Slabbed made an editorial decision to become involved and I subsequently welcomed Senator Martiny to the legendary Warren Suite at the Do Slabb Inn. Within a few days Martiny appeared on Fox 8 cryin’ that people thought he was some kind of crook.  The Parish Council ran for the hills pulling the rug out from under Martiny and this in turned caused me to opine Senator Martiny was a stooge.  Now Slabbed has since gone easy on Senator Martiny as he really is not the devil reincarnate as he was the guy that pushed the Louisiana version of the SPEECH Act through the legislature so we obviously share some common ground.

So with that set up let’s review a few of the points in Drew Broach’s story on this topic:

  • The Parish council met last week in secret with hospital officials and others. Out of that meeting came the request to change LA R.S. 46:1064.2 which would exempt the hospital from the public vote provisions in that law.
  • Both hospital boards are stacked with political insiders and are notorious troughs where crony capitalism, double dealing and self enrichment are the rule of the day.
  • The request to change the law was done with “no public discussion, and no dissenting vote on the council.”
  • Potential public opposition was cited by Sheriff Noodles Norman as the reason for stripping this civil liberty from the taxpaying public. Sheriff Noodles, when he is not palling around with washed up actors like Steven Seagal or arresting criminals is the Chairman of the East Jefferson Medical Center Board of Directors.
  • Chris Robert$, Cynthia Lee $heng, Elton LaGa$$e are all responsible for the River Birch debacle and their judgment is not to be tru$ted.
  • Cockroaches like to operate:
    • Under the cover of darkness
    • As a coordinated unit that,
    • Scatter when Sunshine is applied
  • When politicians cut back room deals without any public input invariably bad things happen.

Evidently, per Drew’s quoting of Chris Roberts no one on the legislative team has signed up yet to push this in the legislature.  I would hope the entire Jefferson Parish delegation would consider this post in their decision making on being Roberts and Sheriff Noodles legislative chumpion on this issue.

In other words don’t make me come down there. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Coming soon from the gang that caused the Performing Arts Center and River Birch debacles. Let’s make a new deal!”

  1. They are obviously attempting to hide something. It is not the idea of a vote that scares these morons; it is the sunshine that would expose criminal activity they fear. They have the voting thing rigged already. I am sure the software that creates the oh-so-obvious 65-35 tally in every election no matter the turn-out is permanently installed in the Jefferson voting machines.

  2. Here’s an idea. STOP ELECTING DOUCHEBAGS TO PUBLIC OFFICE! Vote the tools out, replace them with other tools, keep replacing them until you find one that will actually do what they are supposed to do. Granted, the sun will explode before you find an honest politician in this country, but at least vote these morons out every election so you can minimize the damage.

  3. Sounds like another run at privatizing the hospitals. Should have guessed as much when LeeSheng’s Adm Asst Rob Hinyub suddenly left his Council Aide job to take over as in-house counsel at EJ Hospital. Hinyub worked in Tom Wilkinson’s law office in Gretna. He also bought insurance from Tim Whitmer. Great provenance : n’est-ce-pas? I feel confident about those behind closed doors votes with his ilk watching out for us citizens.

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