2 thoughts on “Thursday Music: “When he’s quiet it means he’s up to something””

  1. I am hearing distant thunder from the Federal Courthouse.I think the storm might be raining FBI agents to do a roundup very soon.Lots of chatter and it is getting closer.

  2. Wah,wah,wah,wah- is that OnASteed crying that his touting contract on Nola.com has ended?

    OnASteed’s last (8)web comments were very voluminous, on the very day that AB as given his 46 months sentence, were only on AB’s sentence article and only on Nola.com.


    Could OnASteed have been AB touting for himself and others for the past 600-700 posts on Nola.com?

    There seems to be a common medieval, mythology thread running through comments made by AB and OnASteed. AB said in public, ” I went in as a dragonslayer and came out a dragon”

    OnASteed commented on Nola.com he was “defending the castle”,his lance was his “words” and he predicted things thru ” Merlin’s crystal ball”.

    Maybe the DOJ investigator investigating leaks and comments made by Eastern District AUSAs needs to subpoena the comments of OnASteed from Nola.com.

    Oh, sorry I forgot, whats good for the goose
    is not good for the goats.

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