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  1. Doug, don’t empower this segregationist windbag. The land is federal land, but he won’t get past it. Imagine what it’s like to be living in one of those batture houses and deal with a drunken armed kook yelling about his property.

    1. I possess what we used to term “superior knowledge” on Yahoo Finance in regards to this topic, just not first hand knowledge of Ashton getting drunk and yelling at the houses. I will confess that I have heard that asserted more than a few times and Ashton is certainly capable of that behavior, especially after visiting Cooter Browns (I’ve seen a few pics).

      His racial views are a most unfortunate thing.

    2. His conduct in that video is disturbing. Is he screaming at a stationary camera or that poor lady narrating?

    3. Dora: Dora, Dora, Dora, Dumb Dora-

      Or are you one of the many arrogant squatters, duly enabled by Aaron Broussard and his fellow Council Clowns,affirming your theft.

    4. “Imagine what it’s like to be living in one of those batture houses….”- Dora

      Perhaps you don’t have to imagine, maybe you can just look out your windows and see Matzball’s socialist turds, bobbing up and down and passing in full review for your thievin’ attention.

  2. I get lost on the subject from the gecko.Blah, blah blah and the real deal on the constitution is how much is being stolen, extorted or jerked off. Looks to me like cluster fucking the U.S. Citizens is the new last wave. Take your property? Hell yeah, your property, lawsuit awards, and hope you fucking die by the golden rule. Then they circulate these thieves so everyone gets a piece of the shittt. Ain’t that right boo boo?

    But that’s ok baby, We’ll all be there at the pay back you me and every fucking thief there ever was I intend to be looking at their asses while I kneel. Property right, yeah sure believe that shit.

  3. “I get lost on the subject from the gecko.Blah, blah blah and the real deal on the constitution is how much is being stolen, extorted or jerked off. Looks to me like cluster fucking the U.S. Citizens is the new last wave. ”

    Yeeeahhh. I have been trying to understand this issue for two years now and every video he produces makes me more confused and frightened. I think there is something there, at the heart of this issue, but I am so confused by the banter that I can’t possibly understand what the real issue is.

    I’m even willing to suspend my distaste for the racial banter Ashton has spewed here on Slabbed and in emails to me in order to understand what exactly the legal matters are ,but for the life of me I can’t fucking understand exactly what he is ranting about.

    It’s so painful to watch that level of vitriol…I can’t figure out what the real legal issues are.

    As a guy who makes videos, I would advise him to stop making his own videos. Whatever the legal issues are, he needs to let someone else make them for him….in video or any format. I think the subject matter is simply too personal for him.

    And the racial stuff…well…that makes it really hard to listen to anything he has to say. I don’t know…I feel for the guy and I want to understand this story but he really is his own worst enemy here.

    1. “he really is his own worst enemy here.” True dat! This is really a case of the messenger assassinating his own message. I get what he’s driving at, but he might be making a pretty straightforward issue convoluted with all of the venom. But hey, that’s how AROD rolls. I wonder how that’s been working for him.

      1. “In the kitchen of his St. Charles Avenue manse, O’Dwyer is a picture of southern gentility in a blue blazer, pink oxford shirt and a tie with little pheasants on it.”

      1. Matzaball: And you my friend represent the socialistic floating turd syndrome in which your Marxist words are flushed into the Mississippi bobbing harmlessly up and down without reasoning, direction and passing by the stolen land upon which Ashton and family have and still to this day pay taxes.

        To all the other thoughtless commenters- if this was federal land then why does Jefferson Parish require Ashton/family to pay annual taxes not just on the batture land but on the squatters’ improvements thereon?

  4. If the chain of title is clear prior to any “fraudulent” conveyances, why is it so difficult to prevail in the petitory action? Are the lots even subdivided? The video did not make clear how the current occupants and their predecessors came to be on the land to begin with. Was someone from the O’Dwyer family collecting rent at some point?

  5. I notice the “great dumping” on Mr. O’Dwyer, but if you’ve dealt with land titles as have some of us, particular involving swamp land grants circa 1849-50, lands transferred to the state in 1812, the subsequent transfers by the state to local governments, AND the numerous State aggressions against private individuals, yes, Virginia, you’d do like the Baltimore wit one said, run up the black flag and slit a few throats.

  6. Just to be clear, I was not dumping on Ashton. I believe I was providing constructive criticism. I care about his issues I just wish they were presented more rationally.

    1. I’ll be clear too. I was not only dumping on O’Dwyer, but also on his St. Charles Avenue manse, his blue blazer, his pink oxford, and his pheasant tie.

        1. Dora,Dora,Dora,Dearest Darling Dumb Dora;

          So what you and others are sayin’ its ok :

          because a MAN wants to retain his LEGAL GUN and remain in his house during a civil disaster/ civil unrest to protect his DOMICILE from roaming gangs while the governator fights over authority with the federal government that he deserves to have his GUN SEIZED, be ARRESTED on false charges( intoxicated in his house never proven by a breath test or pursued), JAILED in a fenced holding pen while law enforcement personnel TORTURED this MAN by shooting 12 gauge propelled bean bag charges into his body repeated times for many hours( photos to prove his bruised body);

          because this same MAN as an attorney filed before his torture and arrest the first federal class action lawsuit (concerning the failure of the federally built levees against certain entities) that he deserves to have his federal suit suspended and his ability to practice federal law revoked( all without given a chance to an adversary hearing);

          and because this MAN also defied and verbally insulted certain higher up, political State officials by stating TRUTHS his State law LICENSE was suspended ( again without a proper evidentiary, adversarial hearing) and his law license finally permanently REVOKED FOR LIFE although he was never convicted of any State or federal crime or felony;

          that this same MAN was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy because he could not practice his law profession and had his DOMICILE sold in said bankruptcy liquidation process;

          all the while we have an example of another attorney, Al Copland’s divorce attorney Mr.White appearing before Wrinkle Robe Judge Bodenheimer, being ultimately convicted of a crime, going to jail but upon getting out having his law license restored by the same prestigious Louisiana Disciplinary Counsel that permanently revoke this MAN’s license;

          and this same MAN recently speaking before the Jefferson Parish Council and current Administration many times and citing a legal opinion(reading from and providing copies authored by a respected and Parish administration recognized real estate counsel) absolutely supporting this MAN’s legal allegations (that there were and continue to be Parish approved building permits issued to multiple squatters building on this MAN’s family’s batture land, upon which his family has been paying Parish taxes since the late 1940’s);

          and then having all Jefferson Parish Council members and Administration sit still and virtually say nothing, nothing and more of nothing—

          I don’t care what this MAN”S name is and if this MAN was/is an alleged out spoken,gruff SOB who wears pink shirts, blue blazers and pheasant ties.

          Hell, as an American who enjoys guaranteed freedoms everyday I’d be having a few drinks myself and raising my voice a tad if I had walked in this MAN’s shoes after Katrina — how about you Dumb Dora?

          1. Calling someone dumb for speaking the truth is very juvenile, and as I see it, not what slabbed is all about. You try to monopolize every post with comments you think are written in a cute and clever way, but ultimately, your comments all make the same point. So usually, they’re not worth reading.

            But this lady (presumably) comes here and states the facts as she knows them, but you cannot tolerate anyone with a different opinion from yours, especially when it involves your man-crush, O’Dwyer. So you engage in ad hominem attacks to try and drive away new commenters. Maybe it’s time you took a break.

          2. Prince: If you think I’m telling untruths please point them out and if you don’t want to read my posts don’t read them but don’t say you don’t read them then comment on them because you say they are not worth reading – cuz dat done made you sound dumb and dumber.

        2. Dora: WE try to stick to truths and facts here on Slabbed and to attack a private person (i.e. “windbag, godless drunk armed kook”)instead of discussing truths and facts and additionally claiming blatant falsehoods (i.e. “batture land is federal land”) will ultimately usually cause you be called to the mat by another commenter.

          And I’ll most happily apologize to you when you decide you want to apologize for your personal attacks and intentional false statements.

          1. The facts are that your boyfriend is: 1) disbarred due to his own conduct, 2) disgraced, 3) mentally unsound, 4) an alcoholic, 5) uncontrollably rage-filled, 6) an unabashed racist and bigot, 7) a formed member of Rex, and 8) a whiny drama queen who could not maintain professionalism, civility or decorum.

            There are your facts, jerkoff. That’s as GOD intended it.

          2. I need to concur with Matzerath and Prince Charming about Lockemup. I have tried to communicate constructively and have even tried to step in the middle of his disputes with others. Unfortunately I agree there is a mean spirited effort to DRIVE AWAY good commenters who do not agree 100% with him.

            The fact is, Doug specifically has to go around trying to get people to come back and comment again after Lock’s diatribes because many really good contributors have just walk away and don’t have the time/energy to deal with such foolishness.

            What fun would this blog (or any discussion be) if everyone has to march in “lockstep” (pun intended).

            Lock, I truly mean this constructively, maybe you should really read and consider these comments on this thread and try to communicate without the vitriol and unneccessary name calling. I’d be happy to share comments with you in the future even if we don’t agree, as long as you can be constructive and civil.

          3. NOLA born: Pardon me NOLA born but I believe if you read Dora’s first comment you will see she started the name calling and defamation of character followed by more name calling by Prince Charming and Matzarath with all three evading the rational questions I asked(i.e. if it is federal land why is Jefferson Parish collecting taxes on federal land since the late forties?) The above three don’t want to answer that question nor address the fact that on several occasions O’Dwyer was deprived of his constitutional federal and state due process.

            Now you post that I’m the name caller but you as a ex-AUSA should be able to address my JP taxing federal land question and more than anyone address his deprivation of federal constitutional due process rights.

            So I’m kindly putting the ball into your court and with your expertise ask you to comment, not on me, but on the question of federal land and JP taxes paid on same and other subject matter and undisputed facts that are showed in the video.

            And if that trying to drive you away then so be it.

          4. Lockemup, THANK YOU for your restrained and constructive reply. I really DO appreciate it. I’m sorry but I can’t even find the story you are asking about—JP taxing federal land? That sounds wrong but I just have no info about.

            When I was quickly clicking around slabbed that day, I saw you calling someone “Dumb Dora” and somebody else a “Floating Turd” –and somebody else calling you out about all the name calling. I don’t know any of those folks, but I remember comments you made to me and others including On a Steed (and at times I know he baited you too). But that’s really all I saw and that’s when I jumped in.

            Frankly, I didn’t know what you were all talking about and sure couldn’t tell from the comments I read. I was just commenting on the level of discourse.

            On occassion, I’ve wished I took a deep breath and edited comments before hitting the “Post Comment” button. I really try not to post anything I wouldn’t post in my own name–that helps me moderate my own comments. Just a thought. I really do appreciate your courteous comment and that you took time to reply.

            1. The power to push the “reply” or “post” buttons is the ultimate power we each possess. People understand displays of emotion from time to time as that is real. What you’re talking about is something altogether different.

              I know Lockemuptight as a quality person with fascinating life experiences involving the court system most here would find very interesting. My money is on Lockem to come through for himself and his community.

          5. NOLA born: Thank you for responding and you seem genuinely interested in commenting on the subject matter which you can easily review by clicking on the white arrow of the picture of the man reviewing film at the top of this blog.

            Dora first commented that the river batture squatters on the Ashton O’Dwyer’s family land were squatting on “federal Land”. A completely false claim. She then defamed Ashton O’Dwyer.As an ex-Judge you well know when a lawyer doesn’t have the facts, evidence or law to rely on they go to attacking the adversary personally.

            I also commented with just common sense posing the question if such river batture land is federal land what is Jefferson Parish doing collecting property taxes and taxes on land improvements from the O’Dwyer family from the late 1940’s.

            After watching you will hear some very wealthy lawyers are some of these squatters.You will also hear how Aaron Broussard and the JP Council passed building permits, despite knowing there was a historical dispute of property ownership, and certain other resolutions making it harder for the O’Dwyer family to stop further building on their land and reclaim their land.

            Thanking you in advance of your opinions.

          6. Okay,Lock, I finally watched the video. Again I’m no expert on property law and I’m not a LA lawyer. Although I was born in NOLA and lived here through college, I practiced and was on the bench in CA. Those are BIG caviats, because LA law is so unique.

            This video is obviously one side’s version of this matter. I’d REALLY like to hear the other side. With that said, I’ve got to admit, it is very compelling and interesting.

            IF the O’Dwyer family purchased this land and owns the title and has continuously paid property taxes on the land where these camps are built since 1945, there are only 2 things I can see.

            1. There is a concept in property law called “adverse possession”. Maybe some Louisiana lawyer can weigh in if this is what’s going on in this case?? I understand that Louisiana has a similar concept called “acquisitive prescription”. The concept is that if someone builds/lives on your land in an “open, notorious, continuous and adverse” (meaning without permission) manner for 7 years (time period varies by jurisdiction) and you don’t boot them out during those 7 years, they can actually go to court and claim and receive title to your property. This is a basic legal principle that has existed for hundreds of years and is taught in law school. Some states have specifically outlawed adverse possession, but it’s still the law in most states. Some states including CA also require the squatter to pay the property taxes for the period of adverse possession. There are related legal concepts of homesteading and squatters rights recognized in some states that are variations of the same idea.

            So, were these camps built BEFORE or AFTER the O’Dwyers bought the land? Did they give them permission to be there? If they did, the builders cannot claim adverse possession or get title. A compelling part of the tape is that 4 camp dwellers signed papers to buy the land from the O’Dwyers, so at least as to THEM there was an admission at that time that they did not own the land.

            2.If there’s no adverse possessiion or legitimate title in the camp dwellers, I’d have to agree they look like tresspassers.

            What puzzles me is why none of the lawsuits have resolved the issue?? It’s a clear cut issue: who has title to this piece of property. Judges make much more difficult decisions every day. Justice delayed in this instance is really justice denied.

            But fyi, there’s a VERY similar case that has gone on in CA courts for decades—at Campland by the Bay. Waterfront property meant for weekend camping and people moved on and built permanent structures. There has been NO final ruling on that case either and dozens of people have lived there on oceanfront property for generations without owning the land.

            I’ve heard that adverse possession cases aren’t really won in courtrooms (because you get these long drawn out and overly complicated situations) and Judges can be sympathetic to people who they don’t wish to evict, etc..

            Now that it’s IN the courts, the O’Dwyers probably CAN NOT do these things. But BEFORE YOU GO TO COURT, When you see someone living on your property, the first thing you do is send a certified, return receipt letter stating that you are giving him permission. It’s counterintuitive but it’s what you need to do. You can also use a process server. You need proof that their stay on your property is with your permission.

            IF people want to move them off, I’ve heard a variety of creative methods that worked. In one case, the owner placed a herd of 1000 head of cattle on his land. One landowner decided he wanted to become a beekeeper and put 5 active beehives on his property. There have also been instances of the owner placing loud music and other nuisances on the property. IF the police are called, you show your title and tell them the person is tresspassing. You get the drift?

            I know these are all lawyers in this matter and our instict is to go to court, but courts are often not the best or most efficient way to resolve issues.

            I know a land surveyor/civil engineer who is frequently called as an expert witness in real property cases nationwide. I would like to show him this video and get his input–which I will pass on to you.

            Thanks for forcing me to watch. It is quite interesting.

          7. PS My land surveyor/expert witness friend weighs in with this. Local government cannot legally issue permits to build to people who don’t own the land. If the O’Dwyers’ own the land, JP should be added to lawsuit because unlike what AB said the O’Dwyers are damaged (not helped) by putting more permanent structures on their land.

  7. Prince Charming, I have no lost love for the progressive yuppie twits who occupy structures on St.Charles Avenue.

  8. For a lot of reasons, this discussion needs to re-focus on the constitutional issues of both property rights and due process.

    The property rights are the O’Dwyer family’s claim of ownership of the batture; and Mr. O’Dwyer’s right to have a hearing regarding the suspension of his law licence.

    It is obvious from the records in both matters that the O’Dwyer family, as a unit, and Mr.O’Dwyer, as an individual, have not been afforded due process of law as required under the Constitution of the United States.

    Personal attacks from either side have no place in this discussion, and only serve as a distraction in affording Judicial relief.

    1. But you see, O’Dwyer is a living, breathing personal attack, which is why nobody with any authority takes him seriously. And lockemuptight’s spewing of venom only obscures the issues further.

      Please explain what “due process” rights O’Dwyer has been deprived of. Repeating something over and over does not make it true. That video alone renders O’Dwyer unfit to practice law. There are rules of civility and decorum, and he clearly will not abide by them. Is it your position that the courts have conspired against his family to steal their property? If so, please explain.

        1. I agree, but the two issues referenced were property rights and the loss of his law license, and I just want to know what specific “due process” rights were violated.

        2. I wonder if he would have any problem sending anyone darker than him to Camp Amtrak. The police state dealt a blue blood a bad hand. And people like him aren’t supposed to be treated like that. His worldview depends on the premise that people like him should never be treated the same as a poor guy from Central City. That’s a tough rallying cry to get behind.

  9. Again, while AROD is not the most likeable of sorts, there’s an interesting aspect to the issue of property rights along navigable waterways in Louisiana. If you look in our constitution whichg in turn derives from law which is percversely opposed to those quaint notions embodied in the Declaration, the state has first claim on property located on navigable waterways. In short, you must obtain a license to utilize your own property and that ownership is subject to appropriation by the state. Rather remarkable that this notion predates a 20th century development (frankly, re-development) seen in certain European countries. Which, by the way for the “greens” among the readers of this site, is one reason you have no standing as a private citizen, absent express legislative permission, to sue for water pollution even if you are an affected landowner. Instead, you have to have some standing under some collective notion; as for individual property in its own right, you essentially suffer the wrong.

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