Must Read: 4 years in prison for New Orleans corruption figure with Nova Scotia ties

Racketeering claims reach into wilds of Kemptville

Aaron Broussard arrived in a New Orleans court Monday morning, where his 35-year political career ended with a 46-month prison sentence for fraud committed while he was president of Jefferson Parish, the most populous New Orleans suburb.

Broussard, who must also repay $280,000, apologized “for bringing dishonor to my position. I will pay for that dishonor for the rest of my life.” He requested he be sent to Pensacola Prison when his term starts on April 8.

Before the massive political corruption scandal that rocked all of New Orleans, Broussard was most well-known for his shameful and histrionic display of “crocodile tears” on national television in the USA following the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. It was charged by some that Broussard’s actions in the wake of Katrina caused tens of millions of dollars in damages to hundreds of New Orleans properties due to avoidable flooding. Continue Reading at………

13 thoughts on “Must Read: 4 years in prison for New Orleans corruption figure with Nova Scotia ties”

  1. The Randal Cajun/Real Malice is an odd tangent. If he didn’t have the links, I doubt he would have any traffic at all in any case.

    Repeating the attacks on you for being un-PC seems like an attempt at undercutting you. What exactly does that line of arguement have to do with all these people going to jail? Are they upset that the bloggers did there job better than their press friends?

  2. Someone needs to let SCT about their typo. These are the kind of things that get one sued!

    “Leary and Perret, an attorney, have largely represented themselves in the various court cases, but Leary has also corresponded with some participants as representing the “Able Law Firm”, with telephone contacts registered to Trout Point Lodge.”

      1. Yes Danny Abel did swear an affidavit he and Broussard were not law partners at the Super 8 Motel but that is pure fantasy.

        Specifically this document with the LA 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

        Their brand of bullshit is self manifest:

        Attorneys at Law
        2421 Clearview Parkway
        Legal Department, Suite 106
        Metairie, Louisiana 70001

        1. Batman,Holy Super Eight Edification

          It’s just down right hurtful to think that everyone wants to distance themselves from Aaron.Its like radiation is being emitted from his radioactive right ear and people are fleeing and denying him three times.

          Maybe someone needs to ask Aaron if he considered himself a “law partner or partner in law” with Abel in representing the Appellee in your cited La.Fifth Circuit case.

          In a laymen’s,loose sense of the word I would say they were at least “law partners” in that case not even considering the fact dat’ they done practiced out da’ same prestigious Super 8 address.

          And whether they signed legal partnership papers how does that affect da’ fact that they were “partners” together in presenting their legal argument to the Fifth fo’ da’ same client.

          In my mind this is nothing more than splitting pubic hairs.

      2. I would like to point out that due to the injunction those two got against me in Canada Mr. Gillespie could not use any quotes from me on this topic as Leary continually reminds the press of that fact along with his implied threats to sue for defamation.

    1. Maybe we should celebrate the honest ones. 🙂

      This day has been more of an emotional gut check for me than I expected so misery loves company Inc.

  3. Incroyable:I too find it very odd that the only paper or media( other than Slabbed) now to link Broussard to Nova Scotia is a Canadian paper.

    I raise my glass to celebrate South Coast Today for their bravery especially in a nation with judges who are referred to as Lords and Ladies and don’t believe in Free Speech.

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