Coming Monday on Camp Street: The former Goatherder in Chief gets his just deserts

And folks I couldn’t have explained the nuances to this any better than Drew Broach did for NOLA Media Group.  This part echos a theory I’ve had since last fall:

And were the government to promote Broussard’s cooperation to Head before sentencing, it ordinarily would do it by writing what is known as a 5K letter. The court record in the case contains no indication that such a letter has been submitted.

That could mean several things, say several defense lawyers familiar with the case. Perhaps Broussard has given information on River Birch privately, in interviews and grand jury testimony, but won’t receive a government recommendation for help until after he goes to prison. That’s an uncommon, but not unique, sequence of events.

Drew is fair including the theory the former Goatherder in Chief does not know much about the alleged racketeering conspiracy involving the River Birch Landfill but given the Dutchie Connick memo written in 2004 that possibility is remote.  That said sources indicate to Slabbed that Aaron Broussard was overheard in a restaurant (Andrea’s) recently saying he was taking all his “secrets to the grave” so my guess would be a lack of cooperation with the prosecutors.

Also Drew correctly points out Broussard was never known as a wealthy man but that was part of the scam with the guy, always broke, always out of money having to borrow from his friends.  My sources, some of whom date to Broussard’s college days, describe him to Slabbed as the consummate hustler and the always being broke routine was part of  it.

Given his flippant behavior after his last court appearance before Judge Hayden Head, I would add it is not outside the realm of possibility his Honor remands the disgraced former Goatherder in Chief  to federal custody immediately. That in turn, would give me the warm fuzzies.

Slabbed will be there Monday to cover the events live from Lafayette Square where I hope to have a live interview with the legendary Wino of Lafayette Square.  Meantime, since Aaron’s days with us here in the community are short before his extended vacation at the Graybar Hotel, I would like to turn to new media sensation Alexyss Tylor from Atlanta for some timely prison advice for the former Goatherder in Chief.

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  1. I cant wait to see this walking tampon finally go to jail, where I truly hope he takes his last breath on this earth….

    The only day ill be happier is when Nagin, and then the rest of the douches on the council follow him to prison.

  2. ‘Gate: I have always maintained that Aaron Broussard was not the original brain trust behind River Birch but just maneuvered to cash in once he found out how much $ was involved. I believe that is why he played footsie with Whitmer and Wilkinson and Coulon et al…currying favor to get a cut. The real culprits may be beyond the long arm of the law at this time but even a blind chipmunk gets lucky once in awhile and the new DOJ agent may just be that chipmunk. Lord knows there are a lot more nuts out there and bad acts enough to keep us all tuned in for years to come. Thanks Slabbed.

  3. Randall Cajun of Team Trout Point Lodge has been busy typing again.

    He sent a tweet to John Williams, former publisher of Frank magazine.

    Yes Randall,invite John and his main stream media readers to check out your Real Malice blog. It is always helpful to keep pointing out the allegations are ‘unproven and unfounded.’ Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    I see where you are going with your libel lawsuit theory, Doug.

    1. For people that supposedly barely knew Broussard and the goings on down here the gang at the Lodge suddenly appear to be very knowledgeable. Randall Cajun is my bestest cyber-buddy of all right now.

  4. Is it not possible that the eventual criminal RICO case will incorporate Whitmer, Wilkinson, and Broussard as defendants along with Heebe and Ward? If so, these relatively light punishments to date may just be the beginning of them getting their just due. My fantasy is that Alario and Foster will also be incorporated, but that is probably wishful thinking.

    1. The statute of limitations in RICO may theoretically allow it but the word I get is Whitmer is spilling his guts along with Coulon, who has never been indicted and received the best deal of them all in respects.

      That said non-cooperating witnesses can be charged again under certain circumstances.

    2. Yes, Uptown that is possible. The charges Broussard was sentenced on today stemmed from hiring his own wife. Doesn’t touch the River Birch/Heebe situation which is still under investigation. BTW the timeline posted on slabbed for this is invaluable to anyone (like me) who doesn’t know all the players and hasn’t been following from the beginning.

  5. I don’t care whether the AUSA are young and Head is an old ex-judge but a fifth grader could do better mathematics with the forfeiture and repayment plans given Broussard and Karen Parker.

    Both have JP pension plans and if Broussard was and should now be drawing his it has to be at least $ 6-7,000 per month after taxes. So why do they (AUSA and Head) say he only needs to pay a reported $500/mon. to repay $280,000 for 47 years? In prison he has no living expenses so why can they seize also the entire monthly pension income before Lil’Nap dies of his BS skin or prostate cancer?

    And Parker should be able to draw $3-4,000 at 55yr old and so why is she repaying $160,000 at a reported $100/mon.for 266 years?

    If the Feds can not seize pensions in toto they should be able to seize the pension payments as personal income when each monthly check is sent out.

    And Lil’ Nap was right about a “bum rap”, he’s a “bum” and he got “rapped” alright on his wrist.

    1. Judge Head called it straight. The prosecutors inherited a pig in the poke and that is exactly what these deals are which is why Judge Head could not make sense of Wilkinson’s babbling and refusal to take responsibility for his crimes.

        1. NOLA born: Good to see you as an ex-judge also questioning the sufficiency of sentencing/forfeiture repayment plans handed down yesterday.

          I also invite you to research your ex-recipe buddy, OnASteed, first 300 comments on and comment if it is not true that certain commenters suspected OnASteed of being a Heebe/Ward, River Birch, etc. sympathizer.

          I read your recipes which sounded delicious but I cherish and hunger for your independent legal expertise much more. I humbly thank you for your ongoing presence on Slabbed.

          1. Thanks for your kind comments but I have posted on that it appears that the Broussard sentence was in the low range of what the AUSA asked for (according to one news source). That’s why I was asking Doug (who was actually present) to give us HIS take.

            We are all familiar with the practice of US Attorneys issuing press releases or even holding press conferences after a federal grand jury is returned—touting the massive indictment, number of counts and the MAXIMUM penalty if the defendant is convicted on ALL counts. Then down the road, there is a plea agreement to one or two counts and the defendant’s exposure is GREATLY reduced. By way of example, when I was an AUSA I handed a few major cases (RICOs) where the maximum total penalty at the time of the indictment exceeded 100 years. But after a plea to just the RICO conspiracy the defendants recieved 15-20 yeare sentences.

            Does this sentence punish Broussard for ALL bad conduct he ever committed? Of course not. Does it even punish Broussard for all bad conduct charged in this indictment? Certainly NOT. But that is the nature of a plea agreement–it provides the defendant a reduced sentence in exchange for the guilty plea–there will be no trial and no appeal.

            Under the federal sentencing guidelines, there is an automatic reduction for “acceptance of responsibility” for the guilty plea. The Court can also consider the defendant’s age, health, prior criminal convictions (or lack thereof), history of community service, family situation, etc… I didn’t see the pre-sentence report so I don’t know how all the factors were assessed, but I’m guessing they were all factors.

    2. Wah Wah! Just another wanabee cry baby that doesn’t care or know the law. I don’t want your wah wah!

      Either listen to some George Harrison, or get yourself a federal judge apoointment. Let me know how it works out.

    1. Lock, I forgot to mention that you make an EXCELLENT point about the payment of massive fines at $100 or even $500 a month. Obviously those will never be paid off during a lifetime. That used to aggravate me to no end when I was an AUSA. The federal probation officer (not the AUSA) who makes that recommendation to the Court based on an analysis of the defendant’s financial situation and Judges almost always follow the PO’s recommendation on that. Not saying I like it, just saying, as a practical matter, that’s how it works.

  6. OffASteed: Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah –

    That ain’t me crying, that’s you crying as a Broussard/ goatherder sympathizer when your contract to comment expires.

    You began several months ago just commenting solely on Heebe, Letten, AUSA, etc.(300 comments)and on no other subjects and were suspected on as being a sympathizer. As a result you started commenting on other subjects to put up some smoke and mirrors to anyone suspecting of same.

    I invite the SlabbedNation to click on one of your recent comments on to bring up your 700 comments history there and scroll past the last 200-300 to get into your OCD commenting only on the subjects/ related matters of Heebe, Letten, Fazzio, Titus and AUSAs etc.

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