There is an unmistakable buzz in the air……

There are a few of you guys that date back with me all the way to Yahoo Finance that read this including occasional commenters Steve and Russell, who also now runs his own  blog plus many more that have been with me here on Slabbed for a bit over 3 years. Post by post and comment by comment we’ve built the very case that Jim Letten’s office did not want laid at its doorstep via relentless search for the truth. People with ties to this area have discovered us in the aftermath of the meltdown at Team Letten and are now relentlessly searching for that truth for themselves on these pages. I like that because I think we’ve laid out a compelling case on many levels and that does not count the human drama that accompanied the events, also told on these pages.  As Incroyable has noted, in respects it is better than a John Grisham novel because the community here is watching and experiencing it first hand.

As moderator I get a view of these events at a differing level.  Tom, for instance is crawling my post archives on one of the major subplots in the ongoing retaliation against those commenting on the scandal. Get with ‘Gate Tom, because he has the rest of the story and how it fits with the Mark Titus saga.  Others have a broader interest in the whole US Attorney commenting scandal such as Muspench, who left an insightful comment on Manuel Torres excellent piece yesterday on the Titus prosecution and forfeiture. Manuel lays it all out including this:

The government sees Fazzio as a key to making a case against River Birch landfill co-owners Fred Heebe and Jim Ward, who have not been charged and have denied wrongdoing.

Why is Big D so important? I know the answer but am sworn to secrecy.  I think Manuel and Krewe at NOLA know the answer and they aren’t saying either. The answer is key to understanding how the prosecution is trying to build its case against Heebe for presentation in the courtroom.

Back to Tom and commenter retaliation. I’ll lay down a time stamp and say that I know the cyber identity of the International House commenter with 99% certainty and am 90% certain I know the guy’s real name.  Same is true for NolaCat, one of the 11 names subpoenaed by DOJ OIG from the Times Picayune/NOLA Media Group. I am not saying a word because I believe both to be private citizens.

But that isn’t stopping informed readers from speculating and engaging me with that speculation.  And the communiques that I think advance the search for the truth need to be shared with everyone. I have a series coming courtesy of a reader that I’ll simply call RICO. Slabbed has high quality readers so in this post I will introduce the person, well actually I’ll introduce the life experience behind the person before I begin rolling out the material:

You wrote: “[T]he Gretna Courthouse, now nationally infamous in the aftermath of Operation Wrinkled Robe and the Impeachment of Tom Porteous as one of the worst cesspools of corruption in the country.”

You are correct, but it was “one of the worst cesspools of corruption in the country” long before the Wrinkled Robe/Porteous affairs. Here’s how I know:

Almost 30 years ago, I had a………case in…….court. The facts included …..solicitation of a bribe. committed by a loan officer who was, unknown to his bank employer at the time, a fugitive from justice……there were……witness(es) to the bribe solicitation. I won a minor ruling in the case, and the court rendered an order. About 90 minutes later the court reversed its order. I then learned that lead counsel for the other side may have had an ex parte communication with the court during the 90 minute interim. I was mortified ……..I reasoned that the ONLY thing to do was call the FBI. I called an older Special Agent I knew. My voice was trembling, and he noticed it immediately. He interrupted me and asked, “Where are you.” I answered, “My office.” He then said, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

When the Special Agent walked in my office he closed and locked the door behind him. He talked to me for over three hours to calm me down. We talked about various courthouses during the conversation. At one point he said, “Our agency has more than an abundance of proof that there are only two courthouses left in the country that still operate like the mafia: Brooklyn and Jefferson Parish. We’ll get ’em.”

Nowdy coined a term for this kind of Justice: JustUs and it fits to the T.  It can be found across the deep south.

Some of Ms X’s exhaustive research will be incorporated into future posts I author on this topic, with her blessing.  She also invoked the name of some dude from New Orleans named Dean Baquet. There is room for everyone here in the Slabbed Nation.  😉

Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “There is an unmistakable buzz in the air……”

  1. What do you think they were looking for? I thought they only searched homes in cases of drugs or murders, or robbery….I thought they were looking at him and his dad for misppropriation of Taxpayer monies? Maybe I’m wrong….

      1. I’d personally love to take back my earlier remarks about the Auditor’s office and their role in the DMR saga.

        This is a major development.

  2. I wonder if they found Micheal Janus or Moby Solongi or some of the oil spill contractors sitting on the couch waiting on the next assignment? Doug its time to do your spillionare article. I feel like it is getting ready to be all tied together. You need to get out ahead of it.

  3. I am spread very thin.

    That said when the time is right I have some phone numbers to call and people to meet in person over in Jackson County.

  4. 24th JDC Judicial District Court of Louisiana

    Wrinkled Robe Judges’pledge upon taking office:

    “I pledge allegiance to the good ole boys, one “Wrinkled Robe” court under corruption,with “homecooking and JustUS” for all.”

    We await Chef Judge Ansardi’s “menu” on the hotly seasoned, Henry Shane e-mails that John Young’s Administration wants to release to the news media for public digestion.

    1. Whatever could be so bad that Henry Shane does not want it released? Did he do something illegal and admit it in an email? Did he diss a friend? Discuss his or someone else’s marital life ( or perhaps extramarital life)? Really Henry, didn’t anyone ever ‘splain to you not to put anything in writing that you didn’t want exposed? Release all emails, redact personal info like SS# or personal email addys, or personal phone #s or addresses but the name of the sender and recipient and content of the email should be released unredacted. IMHO

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