Throw me something Mister: Friday links

Bacchus rider banned after allegedly throwing jug of urine at a family on the parade route ~

Brother charged with murder in sister’s death ~ Christina Seube

More dead baby Dolphins in South Mississippi waters ~ Melissa Scallan

OIG Audit: Mississippi improperly diverted dollars meant to prevent alcohol-related crashes ~ Greg Gordon

River Birch prosecutors ask judge to dismiss Valerie Titus’ property claims ~ Manuel Torres

Tulane University hires former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten ~ John Pope

Senator Landrieu recommends Kenneth Polite as new chief federal prosecutor ~ Laura Maggi

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  1. Lots of interesting comments on the baby dolphin article.After reading it and doing a little googling I have come to the conclusion that the BP oil spill has created a lot of ways to become rich.Just look at the Walkers,Maxwell,Moby,and numerous others.Many different angles from taking care of to taking advantage of mother nature. Did Slab ever do the expose’ on the Spillionares? Don’t know if I missed it.

  2. Thanks eunice price.I read those some time ago.After rereading them I saw a lot more.I know some people from Harrison County that took their boats to Louisiana and got caught up with these same people and did not get paid.Now some of the same people/boats from Louisiana are over here in Mississippi working, keeping local boats at the dock.Amazing.

  3. BP pays a politically connected intermediary , who then spread the money out to the politicians via fundraisers etc.

    BP also can rent political power via their contracting process, which is how folks like then State Senator David Baria were able to partake. Gubernatorial candidate Dave Dennis got work. Typically a politically connected contractor is used as a general contractor which in turn hires subcontractors.

    Somewhere in my previous coverage of this scandal a political fundraiser held by Scott Walker for Lynn Fitch was brought up. It was meaningful to me because Hancock County Supervisor Steve Seymour and his wife were listed as hosts. Steve is a Democrat last I remember but he could be a “Green” as he was the guy to go see to get into the VOO program back during the spill.

    If I had a complete list of the political fundraiser held on the coast since the oil spill I could follow the money just like I did in Louisiana.

    If anyone that happens to read this has such information and is willing to share I’d be happy to take on the project.

    1. I remember a guest post of some kind in the recent past on this that connected Polite to Holder. I don’t think Fazzio pulled him out of thin air when he hired him.

      Polite was the only person Landrieu could nominate and remain relevant to the process IMHO.

  4. A Lynn Fitch fundraiser was held at Scott Walker’s million dollar mansion in Ocean Springs,Ms.Even though I live in Long Beach I received an invite but discarded it.I do remember a lomg list of sponsors including the most famous oil spill contractors.It is obvious the oil spill money thru DMR/DEQ helped pay for this home and fundraiser.Great photos of the Walkers,Moby,Fitch,Malvaney and others on Gulflive/Ms.Press at the Jolly fundraiser.I would bring them over but do not know how.The circle of money from BP to DEQ/DMR to oil spill contractors to political campaigns is a blazed trail,easy to follow.The Walkers were Dave Dennis men before they were Phil Bryant men.Now this group wants Lynn Fitch to start looking at the Lt.Govs position because they do not like our current Lt.Gov. Malvaney with USES was recentley spotted in a hotel bar in Jackson with Fitch talking it up.Someone needs to tell her she has already received the kiss of death from this group. I do not believe Tate Reeves is controlled by this group and will not like what they are planning.

    1. Well isn’t that a coincidence because Slabbed supported Tate over Billy Hewes last election. 😉

      I do not know if Tate got the memo but Tate and I share some peeps in common.

    2. Two examples, including a soiree at Scott Walker’s.

      Scott Walker, fellow Republicans plan Gulf seafood fundraiser for Fitch (Political Skinny) By Kaija Wilkinson on July 23, 2012

      Scott Walker and fellow hosts plan a $250 per couple Gulf seafood fundraiser honoring state Treasurer Lynn Fitch. The soiree, described as a “summer signature event,” is planned Thursday evening at 435 East Beach Drive in Ocean Springs. Complete with listing of the host committee and honorary hosts.

      Jackson County community leaders plan fundraiser for state treasurer candidate (Mississippi Political Skinny)Community leaders are planning a fundraiser for Lynn Fitch, Republican candidate for state treasurer, on May 3 at the Grand Magnolia Ballroom in Pascagoula. By Special to The Mississippi Press
      on April 25, 2011

      The $100 per couple event is being sponsored by Jackie and Francis Grimes, Floore Industrial Services, and Glynn Mallette. It is being hosted by Jimmy Heidelberg, Maxwell-Walker Consulting Group LLC and Marshall and Gean Smith.

  5. You need to let him know.This same group of oil spill sponges had to do a whole lot of making up to Bryant after the primary.Even got him some money out of the Walkers nonprofit foundation to show their new allegiance Haley Barbour led the charge against Bryant very quietly by not supporting him and this whole group followed.Getting behind Bryant enabled Bill Walker to keep his job at DMR.Malvaney and others worked overtime to keep Walker at DMR and Fisher at DEQ.And now we are beginning to see the results of that effort.While some prosper the majority will pay a big price for years to come.

    1. There are many things about Phil Bryant that turn me off, his vindictive streak against his party primary opponents being chief among them.

  6. The “Summer Signature Event’ has most of the members of the current DMR scandal as host/sponsers under one roof that was paid for with consulting/influence peddling fees.A year from now I think a lot of these folks will have relocated to Club Fed.Read through the list of sponsors/hosts.Walker,Walker,Walker,Maxwell,Malvaney,Moby,and others.What a gruop to hang out with.Funny how they look at themselves as dignified.No one except them would agree.

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