Slabbed exclusive: Harry Morel investigation hits major snag.

Falcon Sr. said that in late 2009 or early 2010, his son called his girlfriend on at least one occasion from Nelson Coleman Correctional Center — the parish’s jail — and discussed the possibility of her performing a sexual favor for Morel. Falcon Sr. didn’t specify what the act was; he said he didn’t know many details surrounding the phone call, only that it was made. Falcon Sr. also said he believed that once Morel found out about the phone call being recorded, he backed out of the deal.

The girlfriend spoke briefly with | The Times-Picayune, saying she believes Morel needs to be investigated. She then hung up and declined to talk further.

Sheriff’s office records of the Falcon burglary case show that deputies were indeed listening in on Falcon Jr.’s calls — standard practice in most jails — but they make no reference to any alleged deals with the district attorney.

The above is from Gordon Russell and Juliet Linderman story of February 8, 2013 which put a good bit of meat on the bones of a story first reported by Slabbed back in September, 2011. I mention this because sources with knowledge of the parties involved indicate the girlfriend mentioned above died one day after Russell and Linderman’s story.  It is a shocking turn of events.

Destrehan woman’s death investigated by St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office ~  Megan Braden-Perry

Danelle Keim, 27, was dead on the scene at 6:15 a.m., police said. Attempts to revive her were unsuccessful, polices said.

On behalf of the Slabbed Nation I express our condolences to Ms Keim’s family.

One thought on “Slabbed exclusive: Harry Morel investigation hits major snag.”

  1. Holy Hairy Hoes in da’ Haystack Batman;

    Dis’ FBI alleged Harry Morel sexual work program wit’ parties appearing before him as DA of St.Charles Parish ain’t going away.

    Seems like dere is a jailhouse recording made by St.Charles Parish Sheriff of prisoner Mr.Falcon Jr., boyfriend of a Ms. Kiem, who was going to be a federal witness against Morel before she suddenly up and died of a drug overdose just before her appearance, in which Mr. Falcon says”… Morel had offered him a sweetheart plea deal in exchange for sexual favors from Ms. Kiem”. Now the FBI want 10 years of court records of all parties appearing before DA Morel in child support and DWI cases.

    Could dere bees more alleged hairy hoes in the haystack ?

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