BREAKING: Hearing today in the case of the extorting Tranny as the NOLA JD Mystery John takes another shot at a protective order!

For true folks as Slabbed knows all the best courthouse gossip, even in Orange County Florida. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†The¬†consensus¬†of the fabled Slabbed legal team is with no protective order the case will die. ¬†The fly in the ointment is that extortion does not merit a protective order, especially sex with a prostitute.

Slabbed’s previous coverage of this sordid saga can be found here. For those intrepid souls that have not seen the picture of Terrill Lewis in all his glory click here¬†(viewer discretion advised) for an explanation why the NOLA JD Mystery John awoke the next day with a case of anal discomfort.

The Tranny’s trial remains set for February 25 and Slabbed has the alarms set.¬†Stay tuned. Vroom vroom VROOM!!!!!

My God Man! JEDCO is like shooting fish in a barrel and this is the best you can come up with?

I got a bat signal from my all things JEDCO source, who was amused that Lee Zurik went after ye ol’ TBL¬†and former executive director Lucien Gunter stiffing the taxpayers for a few drinks. The big story is in the emails Metairie based developer Henry Shane¬†is trying to cover up what sources describe as JEDCO engaging in partisan political activity with respect to the last set of Jefferson Parish School Board elections. This would be illegal/prohibited on two different levels.

I’m told Shane’s relationship with Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Cynthia Lee Sheng and the comprehensive ordinance on Fat City business zoning is also very fertile ground for exploration.

Lee better be careful because he is tip toeing awfully close to station owner Tom Benson’s social network.

Speaking of Tom Benson I am hearing tales of Benson’s Superbowl party at City Park a couple of weeks back that involve our own Magnum. ¬†Tighten up dude.

Slabbed exclusive: Harry Morel investigation hits major snag.

Falcon Sr. said that in late 2009 or early 2010, his son called his girlfriend on at least one occasion from Nelson Coleman Correctional Center — the parish’s jail — and discussed the possibility of her performing a sexual favor for Morel. Falcon Sr. didn’t specify what the act was; he said he didn’t know many details surrounding the phone call, only that it was made. Falcon Sr. also said he believed that once Morel found out about the phone call being recorded, he backed out of the deal.

The girlfriend spoke briefly with | The Times-Picayune, saying she believes Morel needs to be investigated. She then hung up and declined to talk further.

Sheriff’s office records of the Falcon burglary case show that deputies were indeed listening in on Falcon Jr.’s calls — standard practice in most jails — but they make no reference to any alleged deals with the district attorney.

The above is from Gordon Russell and Juliet Linderman story of February 8, 2013 which put a good bit of meat on the bones of a story first reported by Slabbed back in September, 2011. I mention this because sources with knowledge of the parties involved indicate the girlfriend mentioned above died one day after Russell and Linderman’s story. ¬†It is a shocking turn of events.

Destrehan woman’s death investigated by St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office ~¬†¬†Megan Braden-Perry

Danelle Keim, 27, was dead on the scene at 6:15 a.m., police said. Attempts to revive her were unsuccessful, polices said.

On behalf of the Slabbed Nation I express our condolences to Ms Keim’s family.

Throw me something Mister: Friday links

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OIG Audit: Mississippi improperly diverted dollars meant to prevent alcohol-related crashes ~ Greg Gordon

River Birch prosecutors ask judge to dismiss Valerie Titus’ property claims ~ Manuel Torres

Tulane University hires former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten ~ John Pope

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Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: An outsider and the Catholic Church

Friday, February 14th, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

An Outsider and the Catholic Church

For most non-Catholics, the retirement and resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is of passing interest. I’m not Catholic, but the Catholic Church has played a significant role in my life for many years. So the next pope, and his response to those who are calling for a number of epochal changes in church doctrine, is of major interest to me. With a new pope coming in, is this the time to initiate a new consideration of changes in the Catholic Church?

I was married in the church, and my three daughters were baptized by Bishop Charles Greco, the late and beloved Patriarch of the central and north Louisiana parishes. When my children were quite young, we spent a number of winter weekends with Bishop Greco at a family hunting and fishing camp on Davis Island, in the middle of the Mississippi River, some 30 miles below Vicksburg. On most of these occasions, the only people there were my family and Bishop Greco. And he did love to hunt deer.

On many a cold and rainy morning, a handful of us at the camp would rise before dawn for the Bishop to conduct a New Year‚Äôs Mass. After the service, most of the family went back to bed. I would crank up my old jeep, and take the Bishop out in the worst weather with hopes of putting him on a stand where a large buck would pass. No matter what the weather, he would stay all morning with his shotgun and thermos of coffee. He rarely got a deer, but oh, how he loved to be out there, in the woods. And even though I was not Catholic, he treated me as one of his own. After hunting, the Bishop would patiently sit for hours and answer my barrage of questions about the history and the relevancy of the Catholic Church. ¬†Continue Reading………