Ash Wednesday Special: Fred Heebe gets all the headlines…..

But it is Henry Mouton’s relationship with certain current and former officials in Jefferson Parish that interests me the most. Following is a letter from Henry Mouton to Angela Pacaccio where in May, 2011 he was just sooooooo helpful with the Tarpon Rodeo in Grand Isle.  Ms Pacaccio is privy to a myriad of places where bodies and bones are buried. (H/T Patricia)

Henry Mouton letter to Pacaccio (redacted)

6 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday Special: Fred Heebe gets all the headlines…..”

    1. Happy V-Day to one & all! The holiday crept up under cover of Carnival and leaped out from concealment this morning in New Orleans, startling me considerably. :_) I must say Mouton’s style of writing is exceptionally odd; I still haven’t figured out what “Sweet Eyes” are, or why they’re capitalized. The bit about changing the law to foil the stinky Liquor People is hilarious, though (or at least it is if I’m understanding it correctly).

  1. Muspench/Incroyable: Happy Val’s Day to both you gals and to the Slabbednation and especially glad to see Muspench back to comment and brainstorm with us.Your thoughtful insight is invaluable.

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