Ask not what your community can do for you…………

Ask what you can do for your community…..

It is important because the work of these appointees is important. They oversee a vast array of public assets and activities — from airports to libraries to schools, from occupational licenses to historic preservation. They are almost all volunteers, most of whom serve without pay.

But that does not mean they should serve without scrutiny. The best place for that to start is when they are first nominated, but it must not end there.

Again, these are for the most part civic-minded individuals who are volunteering their time and talent, and we greatly appreciate their willingness to serve.

But serve they must.

Over two weeks ago the Sun Herald received over 22,000 pages of public records on DMR. Been awfully quiet since except for a hiccup or two. When a muckraker is quiet it means they are to something. And today we get an editorial that uses the Ocean Springs School Board as a backdrop. ┬áIt’s application applies across the entirety of the scandal.

So I get this feeling…….

12 thoughts on “Ask not what your community can do for you…………

  1. rfp

    “With those ties to the Walker family, Denyer said he would have been accused, had he voted on Walker’s request, by some of violating “the spirit of the law and I didn’t want to hear them.””

    Starting to get a clue.

    Time to splurge and buy a vowel or two.

  2. Brian Martin

    I think there are two kinds of boards/commissions:

    Those with little power that are filled with people beholden to those with real control so they rubber-stamp actions without asking questions.

    And those with some real power that are dominated by representatives of insider interests.

    In either case the idealistic notion that boards and commissions will represent the public interest is dangerously misplaced. Insider interests will always consolidate control.

  3. Land Scam

    I guess the question I have after reading the opinion article is what liability do the individual board members have when they participate in a wrong doing by not properly overseeing what someone like William Walker at the DMR or David Harris at the YMCA does? Maybe they should all be bonded prior to serving.

    1. Charlene Silkwooder

      I’m for that Land Scam. There needs to be some kind of deterrant in place for these commission members so that if they are not vigilant in their duties that they will have to forfeit in some way. I’ll bet then, there won’t be such a fight to be on these commisions and the true public servants will appear. If there is nothing for them to gain, then they will walk away from it….and that will be fine.

    2. Doug Handshoe

      In Mississippi, School Boards and Municipal Boards have personal liability for their votes and can be made to repay illegal expenditures for which they votes yes OR abstained. Not sure about CMR and state agency boards.

  4. catty14

    Its called fiduciary responsibility and it is the catch-all to hold board, authority, or commission members(and elected officials) responsible for their actions. The courts recognize the validity of fiduciary responsibility. So there are laws already in place. We just need to see existing laws enforced so that folks who swear to uphold the duties(mission) of the board, yada, yada…. and to abide by the laws of the state of Mississippi can be held accountable. And if only the prosecutors would require restitution of money lost, squandered, misappropriated, or mis-used, we would see less abuse.

  5. Land Scam

    Taranto seems to be in denial about the entire Walker family.As the scandal unfolds an Ocean Expo is disected by the Feds I hope his opinion matures.Maybe then he can write another letter stating just how dumb his first letter sounded under the circumstances.

  6. SmokingDolphin

    Hey Land Scam, the word on the street is that a big Biloxi developer offered to donate 6 acres on the Back Bay in Biloxi for Moby’s dolphin prison, as in FREE, and for quite a while Biloxi and Moby were a go, but suddenly all changed, and “more cities had to compete”, and…lo and behold, D’Iberville is chosen, a site that was purchased with many millions of our money, and the free land (which, being on the water, did not require piping saltwater 2 miles) is not taken. Then, by a strange coincidence, two weeks later Sharon Walker is hired by IMMS at a huge salary. Then…well, I’ll be…suddenly about $8 mil in CIAP money goes to The Biggest Dolphin Pimp’s place. Then, whoa, we find out BabyWalker got $180,000 and it’s reported that Moby is paying Walker-Maxwell $5000 a month or so, ending…why, another coincidence!…this September, just when the paper started investigating these allegations. Does anyone know who Moby bought the land from in D’Iberville?

    If they had taken the free land, why, no consultant fees would be necessary, right? I’d like to see that offer and plan documented by the City of Biloxi if anyone can find it.

  7. Land Scam

    The purchase of the land for the Ocean Expo was from Ramco Development,Robert Mandal.The 6.5 acres sold for $6,900,000.The city sold bonds $4,000,000.and was using the money from DEQ/BP towards the balance owed to the seller or for infrastucture improvements.D’Iberville owns the land and plans to lease the same to Ocean Expo/Moby who states he will build a facility with costs up to $75,000,000.I would like to see the info that shows how all of this has been/will be funded.Also a proforma should be available to taxpayers since it appears to me it will be paid for with tax dollars for the most part.SmokingDolphin where is the land you are speaking of located? Just too many conflicts and coincidences for this one to ever pass a smell test.I predict it will be delayed for a long time while every dollar and person involved gets examined by the Gmen.Who at this point has any faith in Moby,Sharon,William,Scott and the rest of the gang pulling this off?

  8. Charlene Silkwooder

    It looks like to me that all of the players behind the scenes are slithering away scott free (no pun intended). What about the past Senate Pro Tem and his brother-in-law who is knocking down $90K at the DMR. Joe Zeigler is still working at the DMR and is being paid right on. I don’t know if his wife is still on the payroll, but she was there long enough to get a pretty penny. It was on the public records list online! How hard is that to find???
    Please explain to me how a man with a high school education can make that kind of money with only 15 years service, and college degreed techical staff that have 20 and more years of service aren’t making half that much?? Does Mr. Hewes have the gold finger or something??? Just how was his brother-in-law placed in the “position” with no experience/education for that amount of money as a public servant? Inquiring minds want to know!
    And why hasn’t he been removed from the payroll?

  9. SmokingDolphin

    Hey Land Scam. The link to the promo for the Ocean Expo site is found here:

    If that link doesn’t work, I went to the City of Biloxi website and plugged in “Ocean Expo”. The land was 6 acres, 5.5 good, .5 wetlands, and free! It looks from the map on the proposal that it was immediately west of the Biloxi Boardwalk marina. It would have helped the Point in Biloxi recover tremendously, and would have cost much, much less due to the fact no salt water would have to be piped for miles. Thanks for your info. I hope they take all the money away from Moby, along with Sharon Walker’s bogus job.


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