Ask not what your community can do for you…………

Ask what you can do for your community…..

It is important because the work of these appointees is important. They oversee a vast array of public assets and activities — from airports to libraries to schools, from occupational licenses to historic preservation. They are almost all volunteers, most of whom serve without pay.

But that does not mean they should serve without scrutiny. The best place for that to start is when they are first nominated, but it must not end there.

Again, these are for the most part civic-minded individuals who are volunteering their time and talent, and we greatly appreciate their willingness to serve.

But serve they must.

Over two weeks ago the Sun Herald received over 22,000 pages of public records on DMR. Been awfully quiet since except for a hiccup or two. When a muckraker is quiet it means they are to something. And today we get an editorial that uses the Ocean Springs School Board as a backdrop. ┬áIt’s application applies across the entirety of the scandal.

So I get this feeling…….