Let’s meet the Heebe legal team…….

Any discussion along those lines must begin with Kyle Shonekas. He pops up in some of the most gosh darnest of places. 😉

William Henry Shane
Jefferson Parish; State of Louisiana; Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission
2/1/2013 723485

Those of you wanting to catch up should click here to read a good example of why the Goatherders have and are still actively trying to knock this blog offline.

Welcome back Kyle. 😉 The complaint itself is below the jump.

Shane v Jefferson Parish Complaint

7 thoughts on “Let’s meet the Heebe legal team…….”

  1. Wait, let me get this straight. For Heebe, this Kyle Shonekas thinks blog commenters should be outed for seemingly innocuous comments, but when a Parish appointee uses his public email account to engage in, no doubt some dirty dealings, this same Kyle Shonekas takes the position that the public doesn’t have the right to have Henry Shane outed. I guess that is the epitome of talking out of both sides of your mouth! Call me disgusted.

    1. Yes the manipulative hypocrisy of lawyers is disgusting, but also to be expected. As the Parish of Jefferson corruption scandal was evolving in it

      1. I’m beginning to believe that there is no difference between ‘Heebe money” and “Government money” … they’re both bottom feeding on each other … in the end, the taxpayers pay … PERIOD !!!

  2. ONCE UPON A TIME there were several, secret good ole’ boys clubs in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana that went around doing good things anonymously despite being surrounded by overt governmental corruption and the worse of the worse.

    These good ole’ boys clubs were like Knights of the Round Table in that only the best of the best were invited to join and no one knew who were behind their shiny armor and gallant deeds until one day..

    Two villages criers suspected that these good ole’ boys clubs were participating in village politics contrary to their non-profit status and brought a suspected member before the village judge.

    ” The Jefferson Business Council (“JBC”) and The Committee for a Better Jefferson(“CBJ”) are PRIVATE, NON-PROFIT organizations made up of business owners and executives committed to improving the economic well being and quality of life in Jefferson Parish.

    Membership in JBC and CBJ is by INVITATION ONLY.


    The Jefferson Community Foundation (“JCF”) is a PUBLIC CHARITY that administers CASH, and PROPERTY DONATIONS for the educational, cultural and charitable benefit of the citizens of Jefferson Parish.


    Petitioner is a member of JBC, CBJ and JCF. ”

    So here come da’ Judge who say, “Oh, No, Dis’ bees a big complicated ting fo’ my bros’ so TIME OUT to fo’ me to did figa’ dis ting out”.

    Da’ problem bees that da’ Judge done be politically elected and trying to decide a legal question of whether da’ good ole’ boys clubs bees private or possibly political.

    Da’ village idiots and village criers done already think dat’ every ting’ in Jefferson is political, so whats be yo’ big legal problem
    Judge ? Pull up yo’ BIG JUDGE PANTS and say som ting’ quick Judge before da’ village idiots vote you out da’ house.

    1. All roads lead to Shonekas.

      I thought my twitter exchange with Gordon Russell last week was illuminating. Slabbed’s goal is to solve the mystery. It looks as if NOLA wants to out the IH commenter.

      I do not think NOLA was hacked. I do think it is more likely Heebe paid for information. I do not think a hack or security breach was the source of Heebe’s infomation on the International House commenter.

      But the irony of Shonekas filing defamation suits in Orleans Parish while trying to bury public records in Jefferson Parish is too much!

      1. “But the irony of Shonekas filing defamation suits in Orleans Parish while trying to bury public records in Jefferson Parish is too much!”


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