Slabbed New Media is accepting auditions for the fabled legal team

Folks I am spreading the wealth on my travails with the Aaron Broussard’s henchmen as recently laid out on these pages. I am talking with a couple of different lawyers but I want to hear from a variety of practitioners before I pull the trigger and enroll a lawyer. Given what I have posted this week the time is right to make a public announcement.

The requirements:

  • Be licensed in Mississippi or Louisiana
  • Have a background of Federal court practice
  • Have familiarity and experience with media and free speech law in Louisiana or Mississippi (Louisiana applicants special motion to strike experience a must)
  • Civil RICO experience a plus (Mississippi applicants).

Slabbed would be willing to pay all court costs and like front end costs and fees. Banner ad placement option in exchange for deferred billing preferred. Great opportunity for positive publicity in the premier lay written legal affairs blog in the South.

Contact Doug here.

One thought on “Slabbed New Media is accepting auditions for the fabled legal team”

  1. Damned man, I’m just womdering how deep down the rabbit hole of civil justice this goes. I do know that clear cut truth isn’t always accepted in the courts. We all know this,to bad for me. Had I not been denied a grant to return to school because I’m not a known citizen/state extortion,pehaps it had to do with the education sought for. I could have put my hat to the ring. What’s wrong with being a civil rights attorney anyway?

    The wife is due to appear in court on the 19th,and given the attorney love in these parts were talking pro’se all the way.The same group of folks on the recent life insurance/land/home extortion of the randkids. About my old lady. Her charge and crime is uh.. I was there and it looked like she was arrested for refusual to speak to a law enforcement officer and thus was next charged with giving false imformation. Rookie? Sadly folks all around me are getting hit with shock and awe that its Gaylord pulling the strings or the state wrap up on this backroad deal. Maybe keygrip?

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