Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 3

Part 2 of this series ended with the allegations contained in the Concrete Busters lawsuit that Fred Heebe, along with several co-conspirators has been waging a coordinated campaign to unmask and otherwise harass internet commenters sharing information on the political scandal in Jefferson Parish.  I’ve always pointed to the first post I did on Aaron Broussard’s curious connections to an Eco lodge in Nova Scotia Canada in January 2010 as the beginning of this saga but it really isn’t as the retaliation didn’t begin in earnest until May, 2010 as the following blast from the past should jog everyone’s memory:

Jefferson Parish president sues his online critics ~ Richard Rainey, The Times Picayune

Interim Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot Citing defamation and “suffered embarrassment” allegedly caused by online comments posted at, Jefferson Parish interim President Steve Theriot has filed a lawsuit requesting the identities behind 11 user accounts on the website.

and this.

The suit was filed by attorneys Nan Alessandra and David Korn of the Phelps Dunbar law firm.

The lawsuit also references messages posted on a local web log called, but doesn’t specifically identify any comments, screen names or accounts used there.

“We haven’t actually been contacted by Jefferson Parish at all, as far as official channels,” said Doug Handshoe, who co-founded that site in Mississippi. After reading the lawsuit, he said: “I think it’s certainly designed to intimidate and silence online commenters.

“We don’t intend to alter what we’re doing at all,” he said.

Let’s leave aside for the moment that only the Parish Council has the legal authority to sue on behalf of the Parish or that the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish picked up the tab for TheRiot’s jackassery but it is what it is. Later the same day I would appear on Fox 8 in a Val Bracy report which aired on the 9PM news:

Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge

By May 2010 everyone that was anyone in the Landfill saga knew who I was including Aaron Broussard and his band of Goatherders. Slabbed continued undaunted and in my opinion February 2011 was our finest month to date as myself and my former blog partner were in rare form and we covered it all from the Rigsby Qui Tam suit to Ex Rel Branch, the Search and seizure fight involving River Birch and then on February 25 the indictment of Henry Mouton.

March, 2011 continued the pace with those and related topics but it was this post on March 31, 2011 that proved to be the last straw for the Goatherders. The bogus DMCA takedown notices began to flow right around the time I tried the first time to make the jump to the self hosted site  Also in April, 2011 I announced the formation of Slabbed New Media LLC as the new owner of the blog. April, 2011 is important to this story for another reason:

tpl-motion14 brief

Clearly the Goatherders were closely reading Slabbed. That post I did on April 14, 2011 where I again outed myself linked above – is it my eyes or is it missing from Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret’s motion? It is not there. The highlighting was done by the judge as we have this from page 2:

tpl-motion14 brief1

So Charles Leary has lied to the court as he absolutely knew who I was.  Unlike yesterday mornings hearing in Yarmouth, for which I got less than 3 days notice, since Charles Leary lied the judge required no service at all. Let’s continue with this very good example of real malice:

tpl-motion14 brief2

Looks to me, based on what we now know that Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret nailed exactly what federal prosecutors would later file in United States District Court in USA v Broussard. They were particularly fixated on former Slabbed commenter Telemachus, who would routinely post old Times Picayune stories that would lend background to the then current events unfolding in Jefferson Parish. Telemachus never name called or said a cross word about anyone but those old Times Picayune stories were indeed damning. Ambrose Bierce explained long ago:

There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know.

These documents I exhibit from the Fox 8 case have notes and highlights all over them.  I rather suspect not a whole lot of law gets practiced in rural southern Nova Scotia because these notes and highlights are not mine or those of my legal researcher. In fact these notations and highlights are those of Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon ‘Pierre” Muise, upon whose courtroom Leary perpetrated his deception.  So what does it take to dupe a Canadian judge into issuing an order asking for IP addresses of American Citizens commenting on an American corruption scandal?

tpl-motion14 brief3

There you go folks, the old southern colloquial expression “there is a snake in the woodpile“, at least in southern Nova Scotia is a considered anti gay hate speech.  Leary and Perret got their order.

At this point I could bore you folks with all manner of related court documentation including a transcript of the hearing held on this motion held in late May 2011 where Leary does not mention my name once.  This is important because if he had admitted he had knew who I was then I was entitled to notice of this farcical court hearing. But there is one last document that is damning to the Goatherders because it established beyond the shadow of a doubt Leary knew who I was and where I lived.

TPL v DKH Doc 21 excerpt

I wondered at the time why the Notice of Intended Claim I received was undated and the answer is easy to see because Leary was depriving me of my due process rights to notice of this hearing. He did not want me to know what he was doing but these are the usual tactics of a cockroach. But we have other clues because above all, with Leary and Perret it is all about indulging their imagined superiority to the rest of us mere mortals and their massive egos…..egos of the type that befits the sociopaths with whom they’ve spent their adult lives associating so after duping Justice Muise on May 28, 2011 I received a piece of hate mail which promised  “Painful hell of legal entanglement soon to come” and “How is NS”, the postal abbreviation for Nova Scotia. The gang already knew all about Patricia too because she has never hid her identity.

I hope it is lost on no one this case was Leary and Perret’s defamation case against Fox 8 and it had absolutely nothing to do with Slabbed beyond us commenting on Val Bracy’s fantastic coverage of the events in Jefferson Parish.  I had appeared on Fox 8 over a year previous to these Canadian court motions but no one at Fox 8 bothered to speak up either.  Slabbed was critical of Val Bracy’s firing and the fact Fox 8 no longer covers the Jefferson Parish beat as it not good for one’s career to cover the station owner’s friends and business associates.  I will say that I contacted Fox 8 after I figured out what had happened and no one at the station had any comment.  They simply do not want to talk about and for good reason I’ll add. Let’s circle that for now though.

Automattic, owner of gave up the information without ever notifying me but an email and an IP address is incomplete information. What followed was a futile attempt to domesticate the specious Canadian court order forcing Cox communications and AT&T Mobility to give up personal information and the usual suspects were involved including Trout Point Lodge Owner/ Aaron Broussard’s shadow law partner Danny Abel:


If a crime was committed I think it is in these activities. The Goatherders obtained the court order by fraud and deception and are using the results of a perjured affidavit here in the US.  But alas they have a co-conspirator in Tom Benson’s Fox 8 because there is no way they can claim ignorance of what was happening as this next excerpt of Leary’s affidavit continuing paragraph 18 makes clear.


What does this say about the safety of the personal information of those that comment on Fox 8 website. If you say something bad about Tom Benson’s buddies will it stay private or will he send Lee Zurik to knock on your door with a TeeVee camera in tow? I’ll add this strategy of intimidation and thuggery only works when the subject is scared off by said threats and intimidation.  I reckon at this point everyone has figured out I’m not going anywhere.

There are plot twists and turns in that Fox 8 case record that I could make this a 10 part series but I think everyone has the idea what the Fox 8 suit was being used for.  The law firm in Nova Scotia for Team Benson, Stewert McKelvey, certainly raked up big time fees doing much of nothing except assist in invading the privacy of 4 Slabbed internet commenters in their pissing contest with Aaron Broussard’s corrupt business associates.  But alas folks there is no honor among thieves so when Broussard’s henchmen thought they were riding high they filed the following motion with Justice Muise calling out Fox 8 for knowing exactly who I was the entire time. Of course they did not mention they did too but this Justice Muise strikes me as something of a dimwit.

TPL v Fox 8 Affidavit of Charles Leary 10-7-11

And of course the man who controls Leary and Perret, Danny Abel again enters the narrative:

TPL v Fox 8 Affidavit of Charles Leary 10-7-11a

And of course it is also clear from Leary’s affidavit Justice Muise has no clue what is going on in his courtroom as Leary knew who I was well before May 6, 2011.  I think this is what United States District Court Judge Louis Guirola meant when he wrote in my historic SPEECH Act victory over the Goatherders the Nova Scotia judiciary failed to do a cursory investigation of the wild accusations levied in Canada against me and this blog. And the message for Nova Scotia judges that pretend to be ignorant while homecooking justice is they should have no expectation their orders to be accorded any weight under the law here in the US.  In judge speak here in the US, it is a stinging rebuke.

All this was possible because I contracted with a legal researcher last winter to dig documents in the Goatherder SLAPP suit against Fox 8.  It was Slabbed posting documents from that lawsuit in January and February 2012 that forced Leary and Perret to abandon the case.  You’d think Tom Benson would have at least sent me a thank you note but they had their own dirt to cover up and like I said no one at Fox 8 wants to talk about this though Lee Zurik is not shy about ripping off material from Slabbed. This whole episode brings me to rule #1 of covering the cesspool: Do not trust anyone, especially the TeeVee media and their web affiliates.

It also brings me to the fact that it was kind people clicking the donate button last January and February that generated the money to fund that endeavor, which serves Slabbed so well today and in the future.

So what did I tell the FBI last month? I’m not saying beyond sharing what people that have read this blog for months already know as laid out on this post. I know this, the Federal Lawsuit Danny Abel filed against me and Anne Marie Vandenweghe is a mistake of epic proportion on his part. They have lost the PR battle and while none of these miscreants had a reputation to lose down here because their reputations were already bad they are now that much worse. To the extent I have nothing to hide I’ll simply expose all the Goatherders including their media mouthpiece Eric Paulsen at Channel 4.

Leary and Perret are already ensnared, chained to the Slabb currently awaiting their fate in US District Court in Gulfport, Mississippi.  With Mr Abel I have my choice of venue and accompanying choice of which state law I want his suit heard under thus Abel is also now ensnared in a lawsuit of his own devise, unable to refuse process and exposed to counter claims of the type I have laid out here.  And if Aaron Broussard’s Goatherders are also brought to justice for their role in helping him and possibly Fred Heebe retaliate against private citizens expressing their opinions so much the better.

And of course there is more, far more. Let’s review:


1. Operate in the shadows and under the cover of darkness.
2. Operate as a group or coordinated unit
3. Scatter when light or sun shine is applied.

63 thoughts on “Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 3”

  1. The corruption you’ve helped uncover infuriates me.

    The methods of intimidation those with power who seem to have something to hide are frightening and strike against the liberty this nation depends on. I’m ashamed that I’m afraid of what they might do even by posting this rather innocuous opinion.

    The news media has been a overwhelming failure. I once held to the belief that the media was filled with people of noble character and motives. That notion was cracked when I saw these same people I thought of as noble doing sorts of things I could never imagine a noble person doing – how many DUIed anchors are there in New Orleans? It goes beyond that. The investigative reporters who win the awards, they usually rip their material from others. I saw Lee Zurick yesterday talking about the St. Tammany coroner’s office. He dug up receipts and merely pointed out that the coroner’s office had spent lavishly on meals and perhaps groceries. I think it’s good to crack down on that sort of corruption, but it’s minor in the scheme of things. And more importantly, it’s not very intelligent investigation. It’s simply following a story others had broken, and digging up receipts. Seems like basic journalism to me. Nothing to gloat about like you’re sacrificing your self security or allegiances. Journalists need to be willing to sacrifice their safety, their jobs, even their lives if they want to do real journalism. Liberty depends on such people, and it’s obvious that most of the media in New Orleans and the River Parishes has failed us. The TV media seems to care more about their own celebrity than with truth, justice, and liberty. I wish people like you had more power and a larger audience. It would be great if you ran a news station with a full-time staff. New Orleans would be a much better place.

    1. first, i believe the st tammany coroner story is very worthy. second, zurik ripped that entire story from the tp.

      1. The next original thought Lee Zurick has will be his first…..just another local chapter president of the lucky sperm club……

  2. QUESTIONS: According to the Goatherders’ own transcribed testimony in the Nova Scotia court(illustrated in above documents) Danny Abel was a declared third party in the Trout Point Lodge but why was he never joined as an indispensable party to any of the lawsuits filed in NS?

    And wouldn’t the Southern District’s reversal be res judacata for past accusations by Mr Abel and his new lawsuit represent repetitive abuse of the judicial system making him susceptible to even more frivolous lawsuit sanctions.

    What was the adjudication of your Motion praying for posting a bond equal to attorney fees pending the outcome of the Goatherders’ appeal to the U.S.Fifth Circuit Court from the Judgment rendered against them in the Southern District of Mississippi?

    Since Judgments in Federal Courts are not automatically stayed by appeal what has stopped the Southern District of MS from adjudicating a Motion for Sanctions and/or Attorney Fees ?

    Lastly, cockroaches do and cockroach tea does have some worth as a remedy/cure for tetanus lockjaw.

    Could that also explain why the Goatherders have a tendency to ramble on at the mouth in their personally written legal petitions.

  3. Thank you JXTRE. I absolutely believe justice will prevail here.

    I need to update the Slabbed legal landscape in general Lockem. We’re waiting for Judge Guirola’s ruling on cost for bond as I write this and I will be posting Danny Abel’s latest lawsuit against me and Anne Marie Vandenweghe in its entirety. Sanctions are a distinct possibility.

    As I implied above I think it has sunk in with Team Goatherder that the goats known as Leary and Perret will likely be seeing me at the Federal Courthouse in Gulfport in a painful hell of legal entanglement soon to come.

    A sane person would have backed down, maybe issued an apology but these guys doubled up.

  4. BTW the last affidavit Leary submitted above there is this:

    19. I monitored the blog slabbed during the month of April, 2011. At that time, slabbed ceased publication on far a period of the, and moved all of its content to the url One day, I found that ceased publication of any content. The blog content was then again moved back to According to information published on the slabbed blog by Sop8l_1, GoDaddy ceased publication of dabbed because the blog was accused of copyright violation by an attorney for Advance Publications, Inc. I read and verily believe these statements.

    Yet just two paragraphs above in paragraph 17 Leary swore this:

    On April 18,2011 on slabbed, Sop81_1 published the contents of a letter written
    to the host for the web site, a company known as GoDaddy. It was signed;
    Doug Handshoe
    Slabbed New Media LLC
    Post Office Box 788
    Wiggins, MS 39577

    So Leary contradicts himself about three different ways in the same affidavit and Justice Muise is too stupid to notice? It defies the imagination.

    1. And the Goatherders and others address these NS judges as,- I kid you not – wait for it-

      “My Lord” and “My Lady” in several NS transcribed testimony documents displayed above.

      How about more like “My Dunce” and “My Duncess” or ” My Horse’s Ass” or “My Horse’s Assess”. And they can SLAPP my butt on dat’.

    1. Something is telling me that you have played at a little more than a football mouthpiece, just saying…

      Go Doug go!

      Following the story of the next EDLA U.S.A.?

      1. There you go again OnASteed with your weird subliminal phrases which I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Have I possibly inadvertently offended you with my Mississippi cock roach post or my NS horse’s ass post?

        Why would you as a SlabbedNation member and commenter want to SLAPP me.

        1. Lockemup,
          Until now, you really haven’t offended me at all.

          I offered no subliminal phrase and only a suggestion that based on your comment offering what I thought was keen insight, you might have an idea of what the slang expression of a mouthpiece actuall means. I thought this because your comment demonstrated an understanding that exceeds laypersons of the judicial system.

          If I’m wrong in my guess, or if you didn’t understand the suggestion, you could have simply asked what it was I didn’t say artfully, or meant.

          Taking it a step further, I am annoyed that not only did you lack the courtesy to ask me, but you suggest by tapping the reply button on your comment I somehow intrude in a domain left only unto you.

          Though new to this column, it is relatively easy to see how to leave off the reply button if that is your desire. Even if so, the general decorum seems to allow it here anyway. If I’m wrong, please correct me. And of course explain why you would comment about Rhettswife. Or, parenthetically, what busines was it of yours?

          As a newbie, I haven’t been offended in the least at what are clearly insider posts without explanation, or at the very least, posts that only long time readers could possibly understand. To that end, Doug has been most helpful and I have felt an instant understanding and connection with. That you miss this dilemma is at the least disturbing.

          I might point out that I wasn’t in the least offended by your misunderstanding of my invitation to Rhettswife, that I find to be quite a wit, your invitation to leave I let pass by.

          I assume that by your gravitar you hold an exalted position and for all I know, may be the site benefactor. If so, state my offense, and show me the door. I’ve already said that I’m not sure that I want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.

          I could go on, but what would be the point? If you don’t feel that you ignore or pass my comments by, show me the exit. I might or might not take it.

          Perhaps you have read Ulysses by James Joyce? If not, here is another clue for you all…These were my thoughts on an afternoon in Dublin. Give my regards to Lady Nora Barnacle. The walrus was Paul.

        1. Thank you , thank you , thank you, for a brief moment I thought that might be mine and then, naw, nevermine.

          Which reminds me of something maw maw use to toll me, the difference between a northern fairy tale and a souther fairy tale begins with the followin:

          Northener’s say ” Once upon a time…”

          Us folks, say ” Y’all ain’t gonna believe this shit…”

          And a little earlier today? Well y’all aren’t gonna believe this shit…!

  5. My Lord and My Lady are perfect salutations for Douchebags such as they are……Carry on….

        1. If you read my short question to you in above comment if’ I had offended you with my Goatherder parodies’ you could have truthfully answered yes but instead you wrote a tirade about nothing but attacking me personally and your ‘smug’ reference to ‘ a club’. Fo’ what purpose? But you can’t and won’t answer that question will you.

          Last time I apologized though in reality you should have been the one to apologize yet you now call me ‘smug’ and a ” P.O.S”.

          You are the uninvited ‘smug’ professional man on a stinking POS horse and your reason to attack me is quite clear from the odor you emit – you are a Goatherder sympathizer plain and simple no matter how you try to spray your cologne BS Goathead recipe to cover it up.

          Yippi kayay OnASteed, and I invite other commenters to express their feelings if I have judged you unfairly and branded yo’ a “Goatherder”.

          1. You have proven my point, the very one you still don’t understand.

            Sort of like smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangeroo.

          2. So your answer to my accusation that you are a Goatherder or a Goatherder sympathizer is I have ‘proven your point’ and its ‘like smoking cigarettes and watching Cap Kangaroo’.

            OnASteed I’m going to pay you a tribute now and say you are truly a Hollywood BS artist. If you are not one of the Goatherders yourself how much is someone paying you to comment on Slabbed and supply the SlabbedNation with uninvited nebulous recipes ( though I did enjoy the Mini-Me King Cake recipe).

          3. I probably should stay out of this but I’ll jump in anyway. I’d like for you boys not to fight. I used to tell my AUSAs when they were infighting “Let’s keep the guns pointed outwards”.

            Hi, Lock: I am a retired former AUSA (not from this district) and retired Juvenile Court Judge (in Southern California). Born and raised in NOLA. I know NONE of the parties here. From our dealings at and here I can tell you that Steed has a kind of wacky sense of humor and he likes to speak in riddles so you have to figure out what he’s talking about, kind of like a puzzle. It’s fun if you have time for it–but if you don’t want to play, just ignore.

            From everything I’ve seen I have never suspected Steed to have any connection or really any in depth knowledge of the people you are concerned about. I’ve also been playing catch up on these people since I got here. Don’t know them or the history that all of you obviously have.

            As far as the recipes, I have to take some responsibility for that. I mentioned a remoulade sauce and Steed said he had a great recipe. It kind of took off from there and the brilliant lady Muspench joined in too. I suspected we would get teased or told to get off slabbed with the recipes but it was charbroiled oyters, oyster soup, etc.. how could we resist? NOLA seafood is something I love. Guilty as charged.

            Doug, I think we’re done with the recipe exchange but if you want us to move that elsewhere it’s not a problem.

            Steed, please stop baiting Lock. Just answer him in plain English–I think that’s what he’s been trying to tell you.

            Now you boys behave or I will have to send you BOTH to your rooms.

          4. Off A Steed: Oh Steed I don’t click on possible infected sites especially a paid internet touter’s referred sites for answers.

            I thought maybe you were thrown off your Steed when you couldn’t deny you were a paid touter. Money too good huh. Doug said he could make $100,000 a year touting on the financial boards.

            How about all your recipes at one time and just darken Slabbed once and fo’ all and create a nuclear winter here. Can you do that? Bet you can’t. Bet you can’t.No, tell you what I’ll doubled down on yo’ money if ya can, just as the Goatherders are doing legally on Doug.

            That would be the mark of a true professional.

            Yipee Kay-ee, and a High Ho Silver to ya’.

          5. Because you like making wild unfounded accusations that you couldn’t possibly backup with quotaton marks, I’ll say –

            Great hat! Were you down in the Quarter recently?
            You really should work on your aim since you don’t know what or who you are shooting at. Must make you feel good, I guess. Please go ahead and keep shooting, and when you find some quotation marks, let me know.

            Until then, you are just a pretender, nothing more. I’ll be playing solitaire with a deck of 51, it reminds me of you.

          6. OffASteed: I don’t go into the Quarter as it is to dangerous and a hat? Don’t wear hats.

            You are guessing at my identity and you couldn’t be further off. So your aim is way off too.Are you trying to intimidate my presence and comments on Slabbed? If so, why would you want to do that unless I pose a threat to whoever is paying you.

            Still haven’t denied you are not a professional touter have you..

            Yipee-Kayee and a High Hoe Silver to you.

  6. I lost the plot when they tried enrolling the foreign libel judgement knowing federal law prohibited such. Good luck getting out of that tangle.

    Doug you are very clever linking the press photos they sent out to make them take them all down, lol.

    Gillespie is doing some fine journalism as well, I can’t seem to log into his blog to comment, must be my browser. If you are reading along Tim, congratulations for being one of the ‘go to’ news sources online.

    1. I experienced a range emotions after unraveling this mystery. At the end of the day I decided to do what I do best and tell the story.

      Now history can judge the rest.

      1. Well, your patience and dedication are admirable. Figured I’d say what some people are thinking right now. Sometimes, crooks need to understand the intensity of the disdain those affected by corruption have towards the individuals whose pockets their tax dollars line. It just takes such an obscene level of greed take advantage of a rebuilding city. Part of me wishes we had more organized protests against these actions that people will remember before trying to swindle us again. I would feel privaledged to have been involved in a demonstration outside a goatherders home (newbie commenter is lost by that reference but runs with it anyway…).

        1. Yes, and how hard would it to be lost?

          …but to follow others lines of reasoning that makes me something I have only recently been coming to understand the definiton of, and moreover, one of?

          Novel, interesting, and no I don’t immediately form an opnion. Perhaps cryptic for some. Go figure

  7. Doug,
    First choice NB!!!

    Second choice Gerry Spence ( a friend )

    Third choice – Dewey Cheatem and Howell – you woun’t need ’em and Abel is a member!

    1. NB eh? That would be a great choice given the breadth of her experience. 🙂

      You think we could get her to come home for a visit?

          1. Doug,
            I threw the kite in the air so to speak.

            I saw the link earlier and without the inside info, connecting the dots isn’t as easy for me.

            I once knew a couple of the players mentioned, though not anytime recently. Certainly there is a lot of seasoning there.

            I think someone practiced and experienced would understand the risks of wading into uncharted waters and former prosecutors are probably well girded.

            Just a thought.

  8. Quickly while I’m connected: Krewe d’Etat rolled a hilarious “Lord of the Flies” float featuring the BrousStar, with a portrait of Sal Perricone wearing nothing but a necktie and a laptop, if I’m not mistaken. 🙂 The float was hauling trying to make up for time lost when a spectator had a medical emergency along the route, and it was almost past by the time I deciphered it. I see the krewe’s sketch of the other side of the float has him in tribal gear holding the laptop aloft, but that was for the neutral ground crowd.

    Letten was portrayed on the Octopus (Nagin) float, standing firm amid the writhing tentacles. P. S. Shout-out for Slabbed from Manuel Torres here (

    1. I looked up the pictures of some of the Krewe d’Etat floats—hysterical. I love the irreverence of Mardi Gras–a great time to mock public figures, corruption and everything else too.

      Great article by Manuel Torres. He really is good isn’t he and he gave credit to slabbed too!

  9. Manuel Torres giving a shout out to Slabbed is a good start but falls short from what the public expects of a free press.

  10. It is a bold move asking a judge to look at evidence in part when full disclosure would null and void your motion.

    Charles Leary has opened up a big can of worms here.

    Now you have to get him under oath to answer the question did he read the April 14th, 2011 blog entry where you identified yourself and created commentary about how this made you a target.

    And since he offered up to the court that he watched the attorney for Advance Publication file DMCA request with your web host, you now have to ask if he made such a request of them.

    I get the impression with Charles Leary the truth lies somewhere in what he is not saying and in the area where he is pointing, and it is up to you to dig through the dirt to see what surfaces.

    The question remains will the court be okay with such?

    1. This is the way of the Goat. There are two schools of thought regarding Justice Muise and the Fox 8 case and both revolve around that October 2011 affidavit he submitted.

      It is close to a tacit admission he misled Muise in May of that same year. Muise denied Leary’s second attempt, via the Fox 8 case, to get Slabbed commenter information on former commenter Novelle Ecosse.

      Chilling effects no?

      The question is whether the Nova Scotia Supreme Court is capable of excercising control over litigants so this tyoe stuff does not happen. In the case of these two legally adjudged American Libel Tourists, the answer is clearly no.

      Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret are off their rockers if they think for a second any Canadian orders abriding the civil rights of this internet community they submit for enforcement in the MSSD will be honored. And everytime they try, they commit another actionable tort and that brings me to Justice Muise.

      There are some people that indicate he absolutely should be a made defendant in the any court action I take here in Mississippi because, as Judge Guirola noted the Nova Scotia judiciary is not known for doing much fact finding beyond the pieces of paper in front of them. Federal court judges do not engage in fantasy spinning.

      There are others that maintain Muise was duped and would be very interested to see Leary’s affidavit in the SPEECH Act case so he can see for himself how he was misled into becoming to an accessory to a massive invasion of privacy conspiracy involving New Orleans organized cirme figures.

      I have an opinion here, it is not necessarily either of the above, but will reveal it at a later time.

  11. When my privacy is threatened with subpoena, I will lawyer up and start posting under my real name here.

    Until then, I will enjoy the privacy a screen name affords.

    Exhibit A, Rural Deliver is held financially responsible for how their readers interpret the facts. Not one retraction made or material fact changed, just forced into apology for the low esteem readers could hold seeing what they did with that ACOA loan.

    Libel chill is a very effective tool at censoring all legitimate questions and public debate.

    1. Funny you bring up Rural Delivery. Their 3 part expose on Leary and Perret is excellent. Dirk Van Loon puts out a quality product.

      Now this Loeb guy from Jefferson Parish swears an affidavit for Team Goatherder in the case against Fox 8. He also publicly list La ferme d’acadie as something he owned and managed. Leary and Perret, in testimony before the NS Supreme Ct were swearing only they owned La Ferme D’Acadie and the whole thing was a homophobic conspiracy against them.

      Mr Abel has opened up a major can of worms here. I think is is likely Aaron Broussard has violated the terms of his presentence release. And then you have all the people that worked with Team Goatherder in the case against Fox 8: Loeb, Powell, and Abel himself are some local notables. It is likely we’ll hear from all of them as well.

    1. jr.
      So if I follow your suggestion, you want me to send them $$$ for something I don’t need and in support of people that have tried to hurt Doug? Moreover, they have engaged in what at best, could be described as nefarious activity and my payment would support that?

      As I have noted, it is ok to be paranoid if people are in fact out to get you. Some of y’all seem to want to take that to another level. And may be deservedly so? I really don’t know about all of that and have openly said so.

      But know this, to outsiders, that have no ill intention, many of the commenters here seem like one trick ponies, and nasty ones at that. And that isn’t just my view, but several others known to me have expressed the same. Apparently it is known to others that have passed on the opportunity to be here.

      Thanks, but no thanks

      1. I thought Jr’s comment was hysterical. I have a picture of Danny Abel promoting it in Canada. 😉

        Like you the force is strong with Jr. Like me he does not fear the goat.

        The key to zen and the art of the internet is submersion of the ego. It is the hardest skill of all to master. Slabbed is a microcosm of society and I keep the doors open to everyone regardless of race, color, creed or national orgin. It is a large part of the magic.

        There are also Knights here such as the indomitable Incroyable, possessive of bravery befitting Jeanne d’Arc. Incroyable understands better than most the implications of what I outlined in this post and is completely committed to seeing justice done.

        In a perfect world all the comments would be on topic and no one would get cross. To the extent it looks like we’re on a long voyage tempers are bound to flare. So I allow the OT as we pass the time. Whether Goathead soup or Goat Cheese Broussard, the smile the thought invokes provides a pleasing respite.

        I’ll be trying the stuffed tomatoe receipe in the spring myself.

        1. Doug,
          I genuinely appreciate your comment. Ego and experiences are interesting things. I certainly have my own.

          I have enjoyed several of the commenters and would not cass aspersions at all. So, no harm intended.

          But on another note, one of the reasons I have stuck around to read is simply this – I have been shaken down and had to payofff to do business. How many here can say that? Not many I’m guessing. Maybe just my ego, but my experiences far exceed most here. So pardon me that I don’t like some of the implications and statements by others. They are clueless when they speak.

          So you see, I have my reasons for not having paid attention to some of the stories that you have been kind enough to point to. I also have my reasons for my dislike of some of our ex-office holders.

          Incidentally, anyone here take the time to create a matrix to tie the Heebe related contributions? I bet not.

          As you know, I have tried to be of some assistance to you. Thanks again,

          1. I do understand all that and appreciate your offer to help as it is genuine. To the extent it is my ass on the line here I’d hope that is meaningful to you.

            I am a student of cognative bias and am aware of those you mention. There are segments of polite society where Slabbed will never be accepted. Such is an inherent limitation of the communications model behind Slabbed.

            NOLA born mentioned a comment on incarceration rates left by Patricia yesterday. Patricia is a gifted artist and I feature her political parodies here often. She is a self described nymphomanic/anarchist who at times has been homeless. She is not exactly the type of contributor that would make it with the New Yorker magazine set yet it was her parodies of the Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources that provided a major tipping point in ridding the troubled agency of Bill Walker.

            We’re a very diverse group here and in that diversity lies the secret of Slabbed’s success. I accept the model is not everyone’s cup of tea.

        2. While we are talking bout’ recipe for “stuffed tomatoes” did you see Eric Paulsen, stuffed up to look like a fat old woman with grey hair, on the WWL-TV Mardi Gras “broad” cast?

          Out of all the possible costumes in da’ world to select from he wants to be an old woman.

          I’m gunna’ bees trying dat’ Mini King Cake recipe especially in da’ morning at 5 AM wit’ a big Clown baby inside but no glaze on top.

  12. We need only 467 more comments under this blog post to express how Slabbed’s commenters have been harassed for making comments on Jefferson Parish corruption to equal the 530 comments under the blog post “blissfully disengaged”, which I believe set the record for # of comments.

    The question is not if there will be 467 more posts about commenter harassment but why were there ever 530 comments under a blog post of what seemed to be a run of the mill,non-controversial subject matter of Slabbed being a non-censored blog compared to the Times-Picayune’s

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