Why Harold Holmes had to go from the Land Trust Board……(Updated)

A Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain board member has resigned, saying he wants to spend more time with his family in Texas and eventually plans to move there.

Harold L. Holmes of Carriere said his resignation, announced in a Feb. 4 letter, was not related to a controversy over the nonprofit agency’s purchase of property from a state agency head’s son.

But alas I have an email where far different words were used by Mr Holmes. Lightweight and thin skinned would be two terms that appropriately describe this situation.  Where do you think Anita got your cell phone number from Harold?  It is no wonder these people on the Land Trust Board voted to help Billy Walker engage in what strongly appears to be criminal activity because clueless does not begin to describe them.

There are some people that tell me Doug, a blogger has no basis to  deal with a McClatchy paper to warn me off linking the paper or working with select reporters.  Oh Contrary. :mrgreen:


The McClatchy remark above was not directed at the Sun Herald and I did not expect a link as I would have put something like “I’d like to remind my media friends of the creative commons license on the right sidebar” because certain NOLA TeeVee stations rip off Slabbed without thinking twice. That said the gang at the Sun Herald was kind enough to link my coverage of this and I do appreciate that.

4 thoughts on “Why Harold Holmes had to go from the Land Trust Board……(Updated)”

  1. I would like the Land Trust to provide a copy of the minutes from the meetings that show any discussion and or interaction between DMR and the Land Trust pertaining to the purchase of the green heron habitat from Scott Walker.That would be a great way to dispell any wrong doing or prove it.It is very easy to do so why not provide this info to Slabbed Ms. Allen or Ms.Steckler?

    1. I spoke with Ms Allen for over 30 minutes yesterday. I’ll post my insights at some point in time this weekend. That said I will say she acknowledged the Land Trust is very sensitive to current public perceptions.

  2. Can any of us donate, leave or designate The Coastal Plain Land Trust with any of our prized property after seeing how easily the board can be composed of those with a vested interest in corruption? Or that the Trust can so easily succumb to misdeeds for whatever reason? Let’s hope we will find comforting answers eventually, which will lift this veil of perception that now exists. Let’s hope there are better answers/reasons than those we have heard so far.

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