Behold the terrible price to the taxpayers for electing crooks and buffoons to the Parish Council…

Allow me to summarize the latest Waste Management lawsuit against Jefferson Parish:

1. From 2007-early 2010 Jefferson Parish was run by self admitted felons

2. Even after those self admitted felons resigned in disgrace TheRiot continued their dirty work during his interim reign of terror.

3. Now the cat is out of the bag so Mini-me is gonna have to write another check with other people’s money, about the only thing the guy is good at. That is, of course if him and Elton LaGasse don’t burn another $500,000 defending the¬†indefensible paying the hollow suits at Phelps Dunbar before they write that check to Waste Management.

Click the pic to get the pdf.

Waste Management of Louisiana v Parish of Jefferson Doc 1

A quick review – Cockroaches:
1. Operate in the shadows and under the cover of darkness.
2. Operate as a group.
3. Scatter when light or sun shine is applied.

9 thoughts on “Behold the terrible price to the taxpayers for electing crooks and buffoons to the Parish Council…”

    1. Job security for the peeps at Frilot.

      I think of this suit as another front in this multi-pronged legal battle. Like their adversaries Waste Management is thinking several steps ahead here IMHO.

  1. So to recap, the same group of pigs have been at the trough for over 7 years, and the fn idiots in da parish keep electing them….. Therefore, I have no sympathy for them at all… I hope everyone in Jeff parish has their taxes raised big time to pay all these bills off, then maybe they will get their heads out of their asses and kick these clowns to the curb once and for all…..


    When you combine these lawsuits and the potential losses of MILLIONS created by politicos in their perpetual game of CCM (Crony Capitalism Monopoly, the MILLIONS in HUD liability claims with the $55 MILLION still owed the Feds for their non-forgivable Katrina loan; there is a real chance the Parish will be forced to do severe budget cuts in the next 5-10 years.

    Voters, not even the sheeple, will not vote for tax or property millage increases which means less money and therefore less money to be stolen in over bid contracts and contract extensions. All of which created and resulted in the Big Grey Elephant( JP Performing Arts Center) sitting on its ass, unfinished and being $25 MILLION over original cost.

    So, please Mr.McClintock make your initial investigation into the ongoing ethical/criminal abuses by the Personnel Department and the Personnel Board who have mutually worked to persecute Jefferson employees whistle-blowers so corruption will not be reported by Parish workers. Until you protect Parish employees they will be tongue tied in fear of their jobs.

    Protect the workers both classified and unclassified and they will give you more information than you need to sort out corruption and governmental waste. And if you do so you will also put President John Young’s Corruption Hotline out of its non-existent business.

  3. Sop, I appologize that my instant comment does not include a recipe, but it will serve as a reminder to Waste Management of facts that I had again previously commented on concerning the issue of the Parish gelling the idea of using the non-appropriations clause to cancel the Waste Management contract …

    What we found out from Val Bracy

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