Since the freaks in the Goatherder Nation hang on every word I say…..

And so there are no mistakes here are two documents for everyone to see. First up is the latest Goatherder suit from Nova Scotia asserting frivolous copyright claims under the US law Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that was served on me Monday night by Chris Yount:

Trout Point v Slabbed #3Since they are trying to sneak a lawsuit required to be tried in the US District Court under the DMCA into a foreign jurisdiction I did a layman’s FRCP rule 12b motion and let the courts in Canada know they can’t pretend to be ignorant of the exact type of unethical douche bags they have in front of them:

Trout Point Lodge Copyright Letter to NS Supreme Ct 2-6-13


4 thoughts on “Since the freaks in the Goatherder Nation hang on every word I say…..”

  1. Suck it Trebek!

    Or to paraphrase the great Carl Spackler..’I have to laugh, My enemy, my foe, is an douchebag… In order to conquer the douchebag, I have to learn to think like an douchebag. And, whenever possible, to look like one…..

    Im sure they must have an Able and Perret costume somewhere you could wear to assist in your capturing of said douchebags….. Or would putting a summers eve box on your head draw them out from their (ass) holes?

  2. I wonder who they have on speed dial tonight trying to figure out how to handle this turn of events.

    Sleep well Doug, looking forward to seeing the report from your fly on the wall.

  3. I think Dirk Van Loon, publisher of Rural Delivery magazine just sent a fuck you note to Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Daniel Abel.

    Maybe I am reading too much into his editorial this month but he zooms right in subscribers and digital content:

    “The world wide web is an incredible source of information, so much so hardly a month goes by that another print publication does not fold or go digital. Not a month goes by that someone doesn’t wonder if Rural Delivery might go digital. It will not. We are wedded to the printed word, ‘hard copy’, difficult or expensive as printing and distribution may become.”

    Then he goes on to describe why a magazine hard copy is better for his subscribers. Hint, easy to share the content and photos.

    “A magazine sits on the kitchen table or sideboard, easy to pick up and continue reading when time permits. Stories or photos can be shared with ease. No need to ‘send’ or ‘save’. Simply pass the magazine among those in your company:” Take a look here!”

    Why thank you, Mr. Van Loon, that is exactly what I am doing. Glad to see you have no objection so long as it is properly sourced and identified.

    “Information in a newspaper or magazine is clearly dated, instantly telling the reader if a story is old (and possibly outdated) or current. Dates are too often missing on Internet postings.”

    “Once in print, an item is relatively permanent, whereas anything on the Internet can be here today and gone tomorrow”.

    “Magazines or newspapers worth reading carry a ‘masthead’, up-front, listing things like a physical address, and the names of people responsible for and standing behind what’s found within.”

    That paragraph reminds me of the facsimile Charles Leary sent under the title of the Abel Law Firm. Is Danny Abel going to stand behind the contents sent with no physical address or street address given? Will he explain or defend how he is not licensed to practice the law in Nova Scotia but his good name is being used to wrongly convey that Charles Leary can?

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