Coast friends and family corruption roundup, sponsored by JaWa Investments LLC

This post is sponsored by JaWa Investments LLC ~ Purveyor of coastal crony capitalism since November 24, 2010

Janus takes unpaid leave as D’Iberville city manager ~ Mary Perez

Folks the picture included with Perez’s story of Scott Walker and Michael Janus smiling big after taking their 6% cut off the top tells the entire tale IMHO.

Speaking of the Walkers it appears Mama Walker is out as Ocean Springs School Board Prez.

Series of votes outs Walker and puts in new school board member ~ Karen Nelson

Now at this point I would like to point out the following post I authored last December:

Sunday Slabb: Before we take another step….

I mention this because of the Land Trust Board members that are reaching out in response to the criticisms directed to the organization on these pages.  The power of the medium lies not in the ability to ostracize, though I suspect those on the receiving end of the criticisms would beg to differ.  That said, it is the ability to help guide decision makers as a reflection of public opinion and a wealth of community expertise is where the true power of the Internet medium is derived.

It is along those lines that I asked the following questions of the Land Trust Board:

  1. Does the board feel it was fully informed regarding the Scott Walker land purchase.
  2. With the benefit of hindsight what, if anything would the Land Trust has done differently regarding the Walker purchase.
  3. What steps are being taken to rectify the flaws in the process this scandal has exposed.

Those are reasonable questions to start.  The Land Trust depends on the public’s goodwill in taking land donations and in helping advance many very worth environmental causes. The public relations disaster that is the DMR Friends and Family Scandal has endangered those missions. Melanie from the Land Trust Board gets what is at stake and I welcome the discourse as a positive development.  Slabbed is about way more than just me so I’d highly recommend the commenters be engaged and their questions addressed.

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  1. The purge continues along the coast.Next should be Mayor Robbie Maxwell from Pascagoula. Word is his consulting firm was paid money for oil spill cleanup work in the city in which he serves as Mayor.If this is fact he should take an unpaid leave from his elected position.Janus should have known better.The conflicts surrounding the Ocean Expo project are many and will be bubbling to the surface soon.I bet Moby is starting to wonder if Sharon Walker is becoming a liability.She is sort of like a beached whale, very hard to move but if you leave it where it is at it smells worst each day.He deserves her.Over in Ocean Springs they just said know to her on the school board.She could not even muster a top three finish.There is a more updated article in both the Sunherald and Ms. Press that really gives some good detail to how she lost.Even quotes from her boy on the Board of Aldermen Greg Denyer.The purge is on folks,we have to keep the heat on these politicians to do the right thing.

  2. Oh there are plenty more attached to the first ones outed in this conspiracy. Janus has a crew of peeps following him (maybe I should start naming names?) They are probably seeking hiding in hopes that they won’t be involved….watch the rats run!
    Quave truly was sucked up into this as an innocent. I hate that he has to be associated with the “real mob”. This will ultimately lead all the way up the trail to Congressmen if the FBI is sharp enough to follow the trail and are not paid off or pulled off of their job.
    I am hoping that someone is putting a freeze on the players’ assets before they “stash” the money they took from the Taxpayers (although I am sure that a lot of it has been spent on wine, women and song already). If the assets aren’t frozen, the Corporate Attorneys will be able to hide or siphon off the funds that should be returned and used for the correct purposes….to revitalize the Coast and help the citizens that live and work here!

  3. I still want to know from The Land Trust where the extra $20,000 went. If BabyWalker’s property was bought for 190,000 and they got $210,000 where’s the dough?

    Also, I want to know what other politicians who haven’t ‘fessed up got from that Foundation. Judge Steckler? John McKay? Greg Denyer? Scott Walker, for his mayor’s campaign? Start asking them, Doug! What about some other legislators, you know the names, the ones who went on the party boats at the taxpayers’ expense?

    Next time you talk to anyone from the Land Trust, ask them how much money they get from DMR annually and how much total have they gotten? They surely know.

  4. Who owned the property that was purchased for the Aquarium? Was that person a long term owner? Who did the appraisal? What was paid? Who are the contractors hired to push the dirt around? D’ Iberville planned on piping bay water to the aquarium, what properties or easements did they plan to buy to make that happen? Anyone own a majority of them?

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