Since the freaks in the Goatherder Nation hang on every word I say…..

And so there are no mistakes here are two documents for everyone to see. First up is the latest Goatherder suit from Nova Scotia asserting frivolous copyright claims under the US law Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that was served on me Monday night by Chris Yount:

Trout Point v Slabbed #3Since they are trying to sneak a lawsuit required to be tried in the US District Court under the DMCA into a foreign jurisdiction I did a layman’s FRCP rule 12b motion and let the courts in Canada know they can’t pretend to be ignorant of the exact type of unethical douche bags they have in front of them: Continue reading “Since the freaks in the Goatherder Nation hang on every word I say…..”

Afternoon links: The latest Goatherder suit makes the news in Canada

Slabbed may have cracked the commenter case. ~ Jason Berry, American Zombie

Trout Point legal wars redux ~ Timothy Gillespie, South Coast Today

Leary/Perret also submitted as evidence a copy of a recent, additional defamation suit against Handshoe and WordPress owner Automatic, naming River Birch attorneys and SCT publisher Timothy Gillespie as “co-conspirators”. In that suit, Leary/Perret claim that Handshoe has falsely accused them of “perjury, grifting, graft, fraud, lying, racketeering, filing frivolous and/or SLAPP lawsuits, being bag men and “nefarious,” litigiousness, money laundering, funnelling of bribes, funnelling of illegal kickbacks, money laundering for drug cartels, involvement in organized crime, and involvement with the corrupt practices of Louisiana politicians including the implementation of kick-back and “pay to play” schemes.”

The pair claim in the suit that “such false statements of facts are particularly damaging to the reputations of Perret, an attorney licensed in 2 states, and Leary, a former professor of history.”

Prior to the recent court filing, that defamation action was amended, removing Handshoe, River Birch legal team and Gillespie and leaving Automatic as the only defendant. The court was not provided a copy of the amended complaint.

I can confirm Danny Abel goon Chris Yount served me with the latest copyright suit from Leary and Perret yet I have still not been served the amended complaint from the suit against myself and Automattic, such amended complaint deleting all the allegations against me. I received a copy of the filing from my lawyer, who was sent a copy of the amended complaint along with a media inquiry about same weeks ago.

Once again Leary and Perrret are attempting to mislead a Canadian court by including baseless allegations or implying any determination has been made regarding of the photo they issued with their press release trumpeting their default judgment Nova Scotia judgment, which has proven both worthless and a serious miscalculation. I have a surprise waiting for those two jackasses tomorrow at the Yarmouth Courthouse.

The entire South Coast Today article is a must read.

Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 2

The post was insanely good except for one part but before we get to the post and part to which I refer, let’s visit with this New York Times story from 5 days ago:

The question is no longer who has been hacked. It’s who hasn’t?

The Washington Post can be added to the growing list of American news organizations whose computers have been penetrated by Chinese hackers.

After The New York Times reported on Wednesday that its computers as well as those of Bloomberg News had been attacked by Chinese hackers, The Wall Street Journal said on Thursday that it too had been a victim of Chinese cyberattacks.

The above illustrates the vulnerability of sophisticated corporate networks to hacking but we also learned that from News Corp in the UK in 2012.  I mention this because last month the Times Picayune’s Gordon Russell wrote a story on Fred Heebe’s witch hunt for a private citizen that used the guest computer at the International House Hotel to comment on about the scandal in Jefferson Parish, specifically Dutchie Connick’s role in the alleged conspiracy between the River Birch Landfill and the Broussard Administration to put in the fix in favor of River Birch and close the Parish’s own landfill.

And that brings me to that insanely good post I mentioned at the beginning as I have previously linked it twice on Slabbed, Jason Berry’s A corner piece of the commenter puzzle.  I featured that post in part 1 of this series and I need to feature it again to set up the balance of this post, which will be both long and thorough. Jason set up 4 possibilities which would explain how Fred Heebe ended up knowing the mystery commenters opined on Dutchie Connick from the International House computer along with the email address that he used to register with and I summarize:

1.  The IP information of this commenter was obtained from a second party marketer or vendor?……..
2.  Someone within the NOLA Media Group or Advanced Publications shared the IP and identifying information with Heebe’s defense team that allowed them to track the commenter back to the hotel………
3.  Advanced Publications/ servers were hacked………
4.  Heebe’s team somehow knew that the commenter was using the hotel’s computer already and they put a keystroke recorder on it in order to track down the exact time and date the commenter was using it……….

He then opines that the application of Occam’s Razor results in bullet point #2 being the most likely scenario. I disagree and will add a 5th possibility. None of the above. Continue reading “Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 2”

Coast friends and family corruption roundup, sponsored by JaWa Investments LLC

This post is sponsored by JaWa Investments LLC ~ Purveyor of coastal crony capitalism since November 24, 2010

Janus takes unpaid leave as D’Iberville city manager ~ Mary Perez

Folks the picture included with Perez’s story of Scott Walker and Michael Janus smiling big after taking their 6% cut off the top tells the entire tale IMHO.

Speaking of the Walkers it appears Mama Walker is out as Ocean Springs School Board Prez.

Series of votes outs Walker and puts in new school board member ~ Karen Nelson

Now at this point I would like to point out the following post I authored last December:

Sunday Slabb: Before we take another step….

I mention this because of the Land Trust Board members that are reaching out in response to the criticisms directed to the organization on these pages.  The power of the medium lies not in the ability to ostracize, though I suspect those on the receiving end of the criticisms would beg to differ.  That said, it is the ability to help guide decision makers as a reflection of public opinion and a wealth of community expertise is where the true power of the Internet medium is derived.

It is along those lines that I asked the following questions of the Land Trust Board: Continue reading “Coast friends and family corruption roundup, sponsored by JaWa Investments LLC”