21 thoughts on “Who knew there was a 5th stooge?”

      1. So, the case was, shall we say, educational for all involved? Apparently the lesson was lost on them. Or, perhaps, the lesson was pretext to begin with. A trial-run of sorts.

        1. Goatherders are incapable of learning lessons as it is inherent to the way of the goat. And now that Goats Larry and Moe have been herded in that pesky SPEECH act case they filed against me, the rest of ’em are struggling with all their might.

          It reminds me of a group temper tantrum involving 5 year old kids. That said on a certain level it is amusing to the point of being gratifying to watch.

          Federal Courts have very efficient ways of dealing with deadbeat litigants. :mrgreen:

    1. His delivery needs work as he tossed the papers on the ground at my feet. People that know him tell me Chris is a bit of oddball but Danny Abel collects misfits so that makes sense. I told him to tell Danny I said hello.

      1. Re: “Danny Abel collects misfits…”
        Oh, how right you are. On a popular radio program in the Metro area, I once heard one the “misfits” respond to the radio personality’s question “so, how are you doing today, XXXXXX?” by saying “besides the psychosis, pretty well, hehehe.”

          1. This frivelous legal harassment should be called “stooging”- v. To be a stooge or behave like one.

            Stooge(stooj) n.1. One who allows oneself to be used for another’s advantage.

            I wonder who the “another’s” name is in the defining phrase “for another’s advantage”

          2. Here’s a parodical tune sung to the music of Steelers wheel “Caught in the Middle”


            “Goatherders to the left of me – Stooges to da’ right
            Here’s the SlabbedNation causght in da’ middle with you
            Wondering what it is we should do- its so hard to keep a smile off our face “

          3. Doug, In da’ spirit of recipes such as Mini King Cakes, which would be good to bake and send to Mini-me Roberts, King of Pay to Play, to eat at 5 A.M. while sitting atop his 5 G terlit searching for his huge campaign deposits; I offer da’ recipe for GOATHERDER’S PIE:

            Hint: Just like SHEPARD”S PIE with the following substitutions

            In substitution for 2lb of lean groundbeef the following:
            In a bowl pick up 638 fresh goat droppings( to test freshness make sure you can bite through one easily with your teeth);

            In substitutions for (2)cups tomatoes:
            Add (2) cups of organic wild libel berries from the banks of the Tuskwatchamdooodle River, chopped fine and censored( sorry, meant to say seasoned) lightly and tenderly with Elk urine;

            In substitution for (1/2) lb of shredded American cheese:
            Add (1/2) lb of Nova Scotia Goat cheese aged in da’ Bear Lodge without light, TV, WiFi or heat for 5 years;

            Mix Goat turds, cheese and libel beeries into a homogeneous (sorry, meant to say heterogeneous) mixture and bake at 350 F for 3 hrs or until turds are creamy and then apply layer of mashed potatoes 3″ thick on top, bake 10 more minutes.

            Garnish abundantly with shredded 8″x14″ legal briefs from the Southern District of Mississippi

            Bone ap pee tite !

            Oh, forgive me, the recommended wine is:Acadian Thunderturd

  1. Good thing you own this photo Doug.

    Be wary of copyright trolls. They go around claiming ownership of works they don’t produce for the specific goal of seeking usurious damages.

    Nasty things really.

  2. Lockem, I cain’t believe you forgot them mushrooms that the goatherders are famous for in that there goatherders pie recipe.

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