Slabbed exclusive: Board resignation at the Land Trust

I’ve learned there has been a resignation from the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain as a result of the investigation into wrongdoing uncovered in the Department of Interior OIG investigation into spending from the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) program.

To date the Sun Herald has reported on two separate OIG reports on the subject as well as the fact then DMR director Bill Walker used the Land Trust as a financial intermediary to use CIAP funds to buy his son’s property. More recent reporting in the Sun Herald indicate major discrepancies in what Land Trust executive director Judy Steckler initially told the paper as reasons for the purchase versus what the transaction documents actually indicate. It looks and smells bad and there is no way around it.

Old Jefferson Parish salts immediately told me after reading the initial coverage of the DMR scandal that these boards were misled. At the end of this that sage prophesy will be born out. ¬†Slabbed is looking at what the oversight boards are doing today in response to what everyone is learning. ¬†Editorially we’ll continue to call out those that condone the corruption by doing nothing to correct what got us here.

5 thoughts on “Slabbed exclusive: Board resignation at the Land Trust”

  1. Am I missing something? Who resigned? On another subject the Sunherald is reporting that Sharon Walker did not get reappointed to the Ocean Springs School Board as she had requested.

  2. You’re not missing anything Land Scam. If the person in question issues a press release I’ll be happy to run it but otherwise I’m protecting their identity. Given the circumstances it is the absolute right decision (to resign) IMHO.

  3. Doug: I would like to go on record as a proud volunteer Board member of the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain. I believe in the mission of the LTMCP and in the integrity of the iorganization. I have become a reader of “Slabbed” and appreciate your work investigating on behalf of public interests. It is terribly painful to see my name printed in association with negative allegations. It would not be my place nor intent to speak for the LTMCP Board but I certainly can speak for myself. I believe in transparency and the value of my word. If you have questions for or about me, then lets have a face to face conversation over a sweet tea or diet coke. Thanks, Melanie Allen

  4. I am certain I can think of several Questions regarding how the Scott Walker purchase was presented to the board. Whether, with the benefit of hindsight the board was given enough information to make an informed decision and whether the board would have handled anything differently given what is now known.

    I’d also like to know what steps are being taken internally at the Land Trust to deal with the flaws in the process this scandal has revealed.

    We can exchange emails or perhaps chat on the telephone tomorrow. I appreciate you stopping in Melanie.

  5. I would like to know if the land trust is looking for anymore land for green heron habitat?I have 25 acres of salt marsh I would love to sell based on the new prices established by the recent DMR/Landtrust purchases.I already have an appraisel that I would like to use.In closing I as a taxpayer expect nothing less than the same treatment the other sellers were given.

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