Guest post: Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government on the new Inspector General

Supporters of Good Government:

Citizens for Good Government is jubilant over the selection of David McClintock as the new Inspector General for Jefferson Parish. After checking out the resumes of the three finalists and observing the public portion of their interviews by the Ethics and Compliance Commission, CFGG agreed that McClintock was the one we wanted for Jefferson Parish’s first IG. We were thrilled when the Ethics and Compliance Commission was equally impressed with Mr. McClintock and voted unanimously for him.

The Ethics and Compliance Commission did an outstanding job in getting us to this point in the Inspector General selection process, and we are extremely appreciative of their hard work and conscientious effort. Since they are not compensated for doing this job, the reward for them will be what we believe is a gigantic step toward good government in Jefferson Parish.

It is significant that our new Inspector General will be completely independent and is being financed without an increase in taxes, since his office will receive its funds from a rededicated millage. Although it took three years, Citizens for Good Government is thrilled at the results of our own quest for an Inspector General, and we believe it has been well worth it.

CFGG first suggested an Inspector General for Jefferson parish in November of 2009, when the political scandal was breaking. We met with a Jefferson Parish councilman at that time and urged him to support a completely independent Inspector General for Jefferson without a tax increase.

Once the process started in early 2010 , we have been closely monitoring it. Some of our members attended and participated in every meeting of the Inspector General Advisory Committee, which laid the groundwork for the selection process, including the required election for millage rededication and charter changes.

CFGG has also had members at every meeting of the Ethics and Compliance Commission, which is also independent, since its members were nominated by local colleges and universities. This commission had the responsibility to choose the Inspector General and they took this responsibility seriously and did this job well. They will also monitor the IG after he takes office.

This is an historic time for Jefferson Parish, and we are optimistic that our new Inspector General will help to realize our goal of good government in Jefferson.

Margie Seemann
Vice-Chairman, Citizens for Good Government

4 thoughts on “Guest post: Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government on the new Inspector General”

  1. Nicely done, Ms. Seeman. For a little while there, it looked like things were headed in the wrong direction and that JP would get a home boy.

    What is great is that for the time being, we have an IG in JP and a U.S. Atty in the E.D of La, neither of whom have ties to the area. That’s the way it needs to remain.

  2. First critical stop for David “The Giant Killer” should be the Personnel Department and Personnel Board which mutually work hand in hand to ironically persecute and terminate whistle-blowers instead of protecting them and their jobs.

    If IG McClintock wants to make his job easier, more productive and receive corruption tips from inside Jefferson he has to first guarantee job protection of all Jefferson civil service and non-civil service whistle-blowers alike.

  3. Not as optimistic. It will take him a year or two to get up to speed. By that time, he will be completely burned out from the amount of waste and subterfuge he will turn up. No one wants “good government in J.P. As Earl Long once famously said. “Good government is for those who voted against me.”

  4. Let’s keep a good thought. Some guys are energized by the chance of nailing bad guys and JP is a target-rich environment. I remember going out to JP in 1973 to review the computer system as part of the audit of the parish government. On the first day I went to the head of the computer system and said, “I am concerned about the financial reports; the debits never equal the credits.” He asked me, “You want the debits to equal the credits?” And I said, “Yes, I do.” He said, “No problem. I have a program that can add any amount of debits or any amount of credits to any account. Tell me what you want changed and you can get debits to equal credits.” After I told him that was not what I had in mind, I went to talk to the bookkeeper and asked her, “How can you stand it? Nothing ever balances!” She told me, “I never look at that stuff; it is all wrong.” She then showed me the general ledger for the parish, all done by hand and kept in her desk drawer. Amazing. We put together a proposal to install a functional computer system, but the parish complained that the new system would cost too much. So we suggested they eliminate the computer system as useless, but they wouldn’t do that either. We suspected some connection with campaign contributions (duh) and were subsequently replaced as the CPAs. Things do not appear to have changed.

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