DMR Scandal Day 101: Bill Walker Speaks!

I’m going for my white shrimper boots ’cause it’s getting deep!

DMR’s former chief denies wrongdoing through attorneys ~ Anita Lee

What a way to introduce yourselves folks as Team Walker has lawyered up with State Farm’s Mississippi law firm Baker Donelson, one of the prototypical sleazebag large law firms we’ve profiled on the pages through the years. I personally have no use for 99% of people that do that first initial middle name thang as it betrays a certain amount of pompacity that is a personal turn off but they are now Team Walker.

No word yet on whether Bernie Grimm will be hooking up with Baby Walker.

A quick word on the recent DMR / Rigsby chatter.  I can tell you I had no clue until it showed up in comments yesterday but I can now confirm hindsight reveals they had a sense of humor about Slabbed’s coverage of Scott Walker’s drinking habits. If they became spillionaires that’d be fair game but as a general rule we try to steer clear of guilt by association.  There is a certain irony to Walker lawyering up with the same firm that has worked to crush his nieces that I hope is lost on no one.  I personally think Cori and Kerrie have the far better lawyers.  :mrgreen:

11 thoughts on “DMR Scandal Day 101: Bill Walker Speaks!”

  1. Politicians & the Judicial Process are so intertwined…Sort of like a Planters Wart.
    The core is a cluster of corruption & branches out into government, insurance agencies, hospitals, prisons,gaming, corporate cancers.
    Money hoarders & politicians steal BILLIONS & NEVER EVEN GO TO COURT!
    They operate without accountability or arrest!
    I mean…They even have SPECIAL JAILS for them!
    Can you imagine Bill Walker or his jelly-neck son going to ANGOLA?..
    Imagine seeing them in ORANGE JUMPSUITS bound together by ankle SHACKLES?
    Maybe SOME DAY?

  2. I hear the death of Former CMR Chairman Rickey Hemba’s death is being scrutinized very closely. Don’t forget about Mrs. Hill.

  3. Rick Hembra’s death was very tragic.We still do not know how it happened.The Coroner calls it accidental drowning.He owned this boat for many years and was very experienced on the water.Very strange.Very hush hush.I never thought about his involvement with the DMR and his death at the same time.Bill Walkers hiring of the Baker-Donelson law firm says one thing to me.He knows he has some very serious legal problems ahead and has decided to throw large sums of money at them.How will he pay for this representation? We need to watch.Can the foundation pay his bills? You say it would be illegal to do this? So was making political donations from it but Walker did it anyway.The street talk is all about a whistle blower from inside of DMR who has intimate knowledge and records from the agency.It is said that this info has been turned over to the proper authorities very recently.Also hearing that the IRS-CID is looking into the YADA and Walker foundations.Both could be subject to being disqualified as nonprofits making all money that flowed thru them taxable.Also all boat appraisels are being questioned which if found to be bogus could not only impact the donating party but also the YMCA.David Harris as everybody knows was in charge of this when he ran the YMCA. But this also involves the DMR.The last straw for Harris would be if his actions cause the YMCA a lot of problems.I guess everyone knows Scott Walker was Chairman of the YMCA board when a lot of this was going on.Where does it end? Still a long way to go.

    1. Rick Hembas stepson was hired as a contract worker his name is Harrison Pittman I believe I heard he worked for Kerwin Cuevas and was even sent to some college classes on the tax payers dime. A young kid making more as a contract worker than most full time employees that had been there 20 years. Also heard he is fountain of information about the “boats”.

  4. Doug, you write: “A quick word on the recent DMR / Rigsby chatter. I can tell you I had no clue until it showed up in comments yesterday but I can now confirm hindsight reveals they had a sense of humor about Slabbed

  5. Hey Emma. I keep a boat at that same marina he drowned in, and although I am very suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Mrs. Hill’s tragic death, it appears from the marina personnel (no connection to Harris; they were competitors for the boat business)that he may have had some type of problem or accident and drowned. However, Doug, please keep on David Harris and the YMCA boats. How could Harris leave the Y and take $500,000 worth of luxury fishing yachts with him, all fixed up to the tune of $1.4 million bucks? Why isn’t the YMCA trying to recover their assets from Harris? Why are there still YADA boats at Harbor Landing? Better look in Costa Rica; they say he has a house there, FBI take note!

  6. Could Harris be the Mastermind behind Walker? Harris has many years of underhanded business! Cedar Point, YMCA Dell Rd, Harbor Landing, and I’m sure many more. I remember in the 70s David Harris being a shoe salesman.

  7. i think the public is going to demand justice we are tired of people throwing their money around to buy their way out of trouble they should do time like anyone else that dont have big money

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