Anne Marie Vandenweghe has issued the following statement

Apparently I have been sued in federal court by Danny Abel. While I have not been personally served it appears they ‘dropped’ service at my residence and are claiming that was sufficient notice to me. Once I have obtained a copy of the petition I will be taking all appropriate legal action available to me. At this time and with the limited information I have I can only state that at no time have I commented using the names Whitmergate, Viewfromhell or Incroyable; and, at no time have I been a ‘co-publisher’ of Slabbed.

18 thoughts on “Anne Marie Vandenweghe has issued the following statement”

  1. Rut Roh. So whatever does the plaintiff do now? Can he voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit against her? Can she counterclaim against him for slander,libel and defamation? Even if he does voluntarily dismiss against her can she still counterclaim etc? Whew. This is quite an interesting twist. Yikes. Sit down and hold on.

  2. Cara Zwibel is the lawyer who directs the Fundamental Freedoms Program of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA). While she

  3. Has it occurred to anyone else that for Abel to have gotten the facts SO wrong about who is commenting that possibly he was set up by someone(s) … OR is it just another example of lack of due diligence as Incroyable stated …and if so are there consequences in Louisiana for plaintiffs and/or attorneys who do that ?

    1. I am aware of at least one active ODC complaint related to court sanctions Abel keeps piling up due to his unethical conduct as a lawyer.

      I’ll grant the ODC is next to worthless as a watchdog over the legal profession in Louisiana but even they can’t ignore Abel’s conduct.

  4. I post on the Slabbed blog because I can.

    It is called freedom of speech and expression.

    Danny Abel is proving he is an enemy of free speech. This libel action looks like more target practice, targeting the speakers on the Slabbed blog while suing different parties.

    He vows to unmask our anonymity. Why? For what purpose?

    I oppose these tactics. They are unconstitutional. And so I post on the Slabbed blog.

    Hope that clears things up.

  5. Holy Habitual Harassing Harlots Batman

    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. With a mood of desperation and a professional defiance of possible disciplinary action.

    Not good Larry, its just not good !That goes for Curly and da’ Moe too.

  6. Sorry,Who filed this suit on second, Larry right ? No!,Shemp. Ok, then Larry is with Moe on da’ first one. Right? Then who be filing on third, Curly? Dat’ bees four. I thought dere’ bees only tree stooges and tree bases. Wait Ok, I got it now Shemp replaced Curly on second cause Curly bees to scared to run and file anything. Curly be da’ one without hair,right?

    Ok, Doug you nose bestest and bees da’ Coach.

    Doug, time to play hardball here so please tell AMV I’ll kiss her on the strikes and Shemp, Curly, Larry and Moe can take turns kissing me on da’ balls.

    Oh boy, dis’done gunna bees fun.

  7. Randall Cajun from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia was bragging on his Real Malice blog that Anne Vandenweghe’s federal whistleblower lawsuit was all but tossed out of court.

    Any updates you can share?

  8. Mr. Cajun is incorrect.

    The trial was recently continued to afford the parties, Ms. Vandenweghe, The Parish, and Mr. Theriot, more time to continue fruitful and confidential discussions aimed at resolving all claims.

  9. The public is looking to Ms. Vandenweghe to have this matter dealt with in court, openly and transparently, not privately and confidentially.

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