Slabbed updates the case of the NOLA JD Mystery John and the extorting Tranny

I filed a PRR on the case of the extorting Tranny with the good folks in Orange County Florida a few days ago and got a response pronto. Mississippi and Louisiana would do very well to emulate the Sun Shine State in this area.

I read the Judge’s order and have some thoughts, none of which I have time to share right now but without further adieu  below the jump is the latest ruling on several outstanding motions as the trial of Dream the extorting Tranny is set to begin next week. Click the pic to nab the 7 page pdf. Continue reading “Slabbed updates the case of the NOLA JD Mystery John and the extorting Tranny”

A case study in infantilization? Most call it basic professionalism. A Guest post from Mr Timeline.

If Abel was not Broussard’s partner, he should have taken steps to have his name listed separately in the 5th Circuit’s records so that his name would appear separately on the attached documents. See highlighted parts. Abel is responsible for the confusion. He wanted his cake and to eat it too. When it suited and benefited him, he wanted to appear associated with Broussard. When the fit hit the shan, he wanted to appear disassociated. That’s exactly what lawyers are not supposed to do.

Carr v Abel

RICO Part 2: It’s a small world after all…..

And the first suit against the Old Gentilly Landfill was filed by the Sierra Club’s Mississippi based lawyer Robert Wiygul.

LEAN v Corp of Engineers

As the DEQ press release indicates this suit did not go very far but in hindsight we now know it was the first salvo of what appears to be a coordinated campaign by Team River Birch to eliminate the competition. Continue reading “RICO Part 2: It’s a small world after all…..”

Yesterday Slabbed.Org served up its one millionth page view

It took Nowdy and I over 4 years to reach that mark on the old WordPress site as site traffic has increased exponentially with each lawsuit and act of retaliation perpetrated against us as more and more folks discover the blog the bad guys do not want you to read.

All in all not bad for just over one consecutive year here at Dot Org. Thank you for being in that number.

South Coast Today issues a retraction on the Broussard saga: Slabbed compares and contrasts (Updated)

Retraction & apology

February 26, 2013 – 09:01 — Timothy Gillespie

In a story published on February 25, 2013, SCT stated that New Orleans lawyer Danny Abel was once a law partner of former Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard. Court records forwarded to SCT show that Mr. Abel has stated under oath in an affidavit filed in a Mississippi Court that he has never been a law partner of Aaron Broussard. We regret the error and apologize to both Mr. Abel and Mr. Broussard for any embarassment caused by the error..

This fact I will verify, Danny Abel has submitted a very curious affidavit in my SPEECH Act case that says exactly that. Now what does the official court record in Louisiana say? Continue reading “South Coast Today issues a retraction on the Broussard saga: Slabbed compares and contrasts (Updated)”