My lips are currently sealed…..

But one of those rumors floating about…….

It goes on for another 30 pages however I not going to post all of it. A Lot of it is a rehash of what has been in the Canadian suits. I will await to hear from Handshoe as his take if and when he gets served with the suit.

Will this be like the series finale of Seinfeld for Slabbed or the Shield for the Goatherders? Stay tuned for the next episode of the SLAPP Happy Goatherders……

8 thoughts on “My lips are currently sealed…..”

  1. I have already stated for the record on this blog that I am NOT Anne Vandenweghe.

    For Mr. Abel to thus pull my user name into this libel action in efforts to name her as a defendant and author of my posts is true SLEAZEBALL work.

    Citizen Williams follows the Slabbed blog. That is John Williams, former publisher of Frank magazine.

    When John was at the helm the headlines about Danny Abel read:

    “Far Away Scandal Touches N.S Wilderness Getaway” by Mal Pheezance. Feb 2010.

    This was the third article on Danny Abel and his business partners, and it highlighted all the past transgressions including being named in the civil fraud action filed by ACOA, being associated with the corrupt politician Broussard, and having these familiar Louisiana names under Ethics investigations showing up as owners of lots and cottages on Abel’s private Trout Point development.

    For Danny Abel to say now, at this time, that his association with Trout Point Lodge needs protection from tarnishing is a joke.

    John Williams also happens to be gay, and so there goes the bigot/homophobe argument.

    1. Funny how only the American media outlets got sued, despite Frank magazine’s damning articles on the Jambalaya munchin’ set at Trout Point Lodge. That is why it is called Libel Tourism or more approrpiately in the case of Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Danny Abel of Trout Point Lodge: libel terrorism.

      Once upon a time Abel and his girls claimed Aaron as boosom buddies. Today and despite his bragging openly at the Gretna Courthouse just months ago that he was Broussard’s “shadow law partner”, Abel now evidently barely knows Broussard, despite the fact they both operated outta Suite 106 at the Super 8 on Clearview.

      I rather suspect the walls are closing in on the shattered remnants of the Goatherder Nation.

  2. What a perfect example of emotional blathering and spleen venting.

    Has he just made all the Eastern District and 5th Circuit judges members of his “class action?” Maybe they can get Judge Hand to hear this one, too.

  3. Well if you are not pretending to be Anne Vandenweghe and I am not pretending to be Anne Vandenweghe then that just leaves Danny Abel pretending we are Anne Vandenweghe.

    Why would he do this?

    1. Abel knows all those handles are not AMV. Both he and his partners in Nova Scotia listed those handles because those are the ones they are trying to intimidate into silence. Remember their offer to settle the SPEECH Act case was that I either stop writing about them or they would sue me again. Some offer huh.

      It is straight thuggery of the type these miscreants have perpetrated for years. Without Aaron Broussard’s skirt to hide behind they are paper tigers.

      The sad thing, as I’ll illustrate tomorrow when I profile Quitclaim Magee’s defamation suit against Abel is when the Goatherders crash and burn they always take lots of people with them. I feel bad for the Martins as they have a great malpractice case against Abel yet must defend themselves against Magee, who is suing them for defamation as well..

      If Magee had a pea for a brain, he’d cleave ’em off his suit against Abel.

  4. Because Jefferson Parish is the Hellhole of all hell holes. Now Danny Abel is slandering me alleging that I

  5. Frank magazine used parody to wrap Danny Abel up in words like “Sue em” and “Mal Pheezance”.

    Good choices.

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