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  1. Good one! We all know LaDart is a sack of shit. What we don’t know is why he’s still allowed on the bench. I wonder what the perp’s sentence was from LaDart. And i wonder if there were ex-parte communications like this during the Anne Marie Vandenweghe public records request hearing. I know in the Carroll case that you have posted on that there were 500+ pages of documents that were stipulations agreed upon by both sides documenting the mismanagement by the executrix which her attorneys racked up a 100,000+ bill at the time correcting and defending. After the last witness left the stand, LaDart had his ruling done in favor his employee Max Nathan who was defending the executrix in less than 5 minutes. This allowed his employee’s law firm to collect and continue to rack up fees for defending the indefenseible that have to be paid by a dead man who left everything to his children. 200,000 plus and counting. How the hell do you rule within 5 minutes going through 500 pages of documents which were agreed upon as evidence that show obvious mismanagement? Could it by by ex-parte communication between the judge and his employee?

  2. Completly unconfirmed that these are the same Charles Thymes Jrs and they could be completely different Charles Thymes Jrs.


    By Mary Swerczek
    Kenner bureau

    When police checked on a Kenner hotel guest who stayed past checkout time, they found him unresponsive, in bed with almost a pound of cocaine, authorities said Friday.

    Capt. James Gallagher said employees of the Travelodge at 2240 Veterans Memorial Blvd. called Kenner police Thursday because they couldn’t rouse Charles Thymes Jr., 25. Thymes didn’t stir when officers entered his room about 1:30 p.m. Then they pulled back the sheets.

    “He jumps up, and he’s covered with white powder,” Gallagher said.

    Thymes arose to reveal a large, clear plastic bag of powdered cocaine and a smaller plastic bag of marijuana in the bed, Gallagher said.

    Also in the room, police found a line of cocaine on a table with a rolled-up $20 bill next to it, several partly smoked marijuana cigars known as “blunts,” rolling papers, boxes of sandwich bags and an open box of baking soda, commonly used to add volume and cut the potency of cocaine.

    “It appears as if he had a little bit of a party with some friends,” Gallagher said.

    Thymes, of 219 Diane Drive in St. Rose, was booked with simple possession and possession with intent to distribute 434 grams of cocaine and simple possession of 8.4 grams of marijuana, seven tablets of alprazolam and drug paraphernalia.

    Unknown which Charles Thymes is mentioned on page two here: http://www.corrections.state.la.us/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Jul_08_dec.pdf

    1. Wow RFP, one year from arrest to sentencing for a man that possessed mucho Cocaine. And then evidently another year until the parole Board sprung him loose. Some people have all the luck eh?

      1. The facts of the case are unknown to me except for the linked story. It may well be that there are other facts which mitigate for leniency. Isn’t it possible that the owners of the drugs accidentally left this large quantity in the possession of an unaware victim? Said victim from a loving family (with a friend in a high place) takes the fall?

        Or something else.

  3. Just another reason( for Thymes) of playing CCM( Croney Capitalism Monopoly) wit’ da’ BrousStar.

    Additionally,BrousStar would do favors for eminent people in Juvenile Court, etc. in his administration such that when a dependent of a constituent of his got into trouble he could exert his Godfather of CCM influence in that Court also.

    Being the political Godfather for his constituents who sustained a criminal or civil problem was where his grass roots political power originated. That’s why if he went to trial in metro area he could walk.

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