I would like to acknowledge the fact there are lots of rumors swirling around about Slabbed

I may have even started one or two of ’em myself. That said I would like to repeat the following statement, which I have now published three times:

I have not been subpoenaed by Team Horn nor do I expect to receive one.

That said I do appreciate the fact the US Department of Justice thought enough of Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish to come visit with me for a spell earlier this month.

But there are some hints floating about regarding a few of those rumors and I would like to point them out.  First is this snippet from Jason Berry’s post, A Corner Piece of the Commenter Puzzle:

The company is called Affinity Dynamics and its founder is an interesting guy who wears many hats… political consultant, writer, journalist….Glenn Smith. I don’t know exactly what role AD played in the process to hunt the commenter down but I do know they were aware of the exact date and times the commenter was logging in from the hotel as well as the fact that he was using a Yahoo email address to do so. I am not suggesting that AD or Mr. Smith did anything illicit….let me restate that….I am not suggesting that Affinity Dynamics or Glenn Smith did anything illegal. But I am stating that they had a lot of information about this man that should have been privy only to Advanced Publications/Nola.com. I am also stating that they were assisting Heebe’s team in the effort to track the man down.

I actually made contact with Mr. Smith via email and he was very polite but stated that he could not comment about the matter due to the pending federal investigation. Fair enough.

As far as I know the mystery IH commenter circa February, 2011 was quarry for Fred Heebe but not Team Horn with DoJ OIG.  Am I missing something here about Smith’s pending investigation?  Let’s revisit Gordon Russell’s article on the Fred Heebe internet commenter witch hunt to add more color:

So who was it? It’s unclear. Schonekas says he’s not sure if the man was ever identified, but Heebe’s legal team is confident the man is not a fed. Cummings said he doesn’t know who the man is either. Efforts by the newspaper to ascertain the man’s identity have also been fruitless.

But if the episode ultimately was a dead end for Heebe, it suggests that his campaign to expose possible wrongdoing by his online critics may have a more impressive arsenal of weapons than the public knows.

and the passage Jason focused in his post:

How, exactly, did Heebe’s team figure out that the commenter they were after had used the International House computer to express himself? They’re not saying, although Schonekas suggested there was no special technology used.

“I don’t have any comment,” he said. “I don’t want to compromise our work product.”

So Shonekas is claiming privilege but Team Heebe internet Sleuth Glenn Smith at Affinity Dynamics does not have this cover and he is now citing a pending federal investigation as his reason for not commenting.  One good reason to withhold comment was summed up by Jason Berry last Saturday.

As for me, I can’t comment upon any rumors though I’ll add gratuitously I have no problem sleeping at nights and life is best summed up as groovy here at Slabbed New Media. Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “I would like to acknowledge the fact there are lots of rumors swirling around about Slabbed”

  1. FTWIW,
    Reported to me this a.m.

    Last night at Superbowl media party Heebe was heard to say “Letten is just the tip of an iceberg.”

    Is this bragging, or statement of fact?

    1. Heebe does not strike me as the type to brag at a public event but assuming he did, I would posit that he certainly has dirt on lots of people.

      I have sources that are still insisting the man will never go to jail.

      Of course new state appeals court judge Bob Murphy publicly professed his love for Fred, Jennifer and Susan Chehardy so the mafioso still claim each other in public.


      No man is bigger than The Man IMHO.

      1. Rumor has it Fred could not handle his firewater back in the day so possibly.

        As an aside, Dutchie Connick getting liquored up and running his mouth would be expected but I hear Team Connick has been laying very low these days.

  2. Re AZ, I’m a little puzzled by this bit: “I do know they were aware of the exact date and times the commenter was logging in from the hotel as well as the fact that he was using a Yahoo email address,” because I’m not sure how loosely that was worded. Date/exact time of login would indeed require a peek at the server, but if that’s just a way of saying AD knew when the comments were posted, anyone who saw the webpage would be able to see the timestamps which then existed on comments.

    As for “using a Yahoo email address,” does that mean instead of a nola.com user account? Because if so, I think that will show up on the user’s index page. Here is an example of what happens when you sign in using a Google account:


    You can see that Google ID in the profile. But if it means the commenter created a nola.com user account and supplied a Yahoo e-mail address therein, then no, there would be no legitimate way to find that information.

    Re “quarry for Fred Heebe but not Team Horn,” to an extent they’re looking for the same set of people, right? Heebe was fed-hunting, and so is Horn, which is one of the most peculiar characteristics of this series of events. :_)

  3. Who put Team Letten in power, and at whose expense? That’s who I would bet is Heebe’s iceberg.

    1. Excellent Point, but from what I have read, it has never been made clear. One article suggested that Bush plucked him from the clouds….SURE!

      All Easterling according to Heebe, I think.

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