Former Young Administration CAA Heather Hilliard files suit against Jefferson Parish

I guess it is only natural my email inbox got a workout late yesterday afternoon after Former Young Administration CAA Heather Hilliard filed suit against Jefferson Parish since Slabbed trail blazed the subject of Hilliard’s battles with Young’s former Deputy COO Richard Hart. In fact Slabbed was there in early 2011 with news that Hart was widely considered a snake in the grass reminscent of self admitted felon/POS Tim Whitmer by my peeps at the Yenni Building months before Hart’s name surfaced in the mass media.  So along those lines when open hostilities commenced Slabbed was again there “first with the most” and the story crossed into the mass media.

I would like to make one small request of Team Hilliard now that Slabbed is picking up coverage of the lawsuit: Ditch the watermark. Click the pic to get the 10 9 page pdf:
Hilliard v Parish of Jefferson Doc 3

One thought on “Former Young Administration CAA Heather Hilliard files suit against Jefferson Parish

  1. jeffersonian86

    This Hillard case seems analogous to the Ann Vandenweghe case. John Young is not answering his hotline phone. When you blow the whistle you get a false whistle blown back on you and you’re fired.People get angry sue the parish and hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent fighting whistle-blower retaliation suits. Instead of cutting dead wood only the whistle-blower get axed and another stupid case is born for Phelps,Dunbar law firm to waste public tax money.When is enough, enough. Fire the personnel dept. and hire people who can address such harassment and retaliation reports then adopt a policy to reward the whistle-blowers not fire them.
    Its no wonder jefferson can’t get good people to apply for jobs.


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