3 thoughts on “Who dat?”

  1. This makes me sick to read this letter. Am I understanding this correctly?? AB apparently lends some help to this organization that is trying to build a monument to medal of honor recipients. A very noble and worthy cause. The organization writes to express their gratitude. Instead of simply saying “my pleasure–anything to help our American heroes”, this ass proceeds to forward this letter to an unrelated party for them to use as a means of personal gain?? On the backs of our American Soldiers’legacy, no less? Wow…sad

    1. I am not sure if Broussard was turning Goss onto a money making opportunity or asking him to support the memorial. Knowing the former Goatherder in chief like I do, he does not get the benefit of the doubt as he was all about collecting the benjamins.

  2. The way I read this is Broussard is not asking or inviting Mr. Cary Goss to provide assistance to this organization, he is telling him to do such.

    Would Mr. Cary Goss go along with this request? If so, why?

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