Let’s deconstruct part of the case: Slabbed takes another look back at USA v Sibley as we make a correction

In reference to this post dated November 13, 2012 which re-examined the federal prosecution of Hugh Sibley for money laundering, I wrote “multiple sources tell Slabbed that Desai is being represented in the matter by Greensburg area attorney David Opperman”.

Mr Opperman has informed Slabbed that he does not represent Nipun Desai in his criminal case. He confirmed he is Mr Desai’s civil attorney and that he occasionally teamed up with the Legal Department there at the Super 8 Motel representing Desai’s legal interests. He also indicated he considers Mr Desai to be one of his closest friends and understood the confusion regarding his representation of Mr Desai’s business interests in civil cases and his criminal case in the 24th JDC.

Additionally I inspected certain official paperwork on Mr Desai’s cocaine distribution case, which is currently before Judge Glenn Ansardi there in the 24th JDC. Mr. Desai’s arrest on cocaine distribution charges back in 2008 occured in the same general time period as the indictment of Hugh Sibley but the police report does not indicate a linkage between the two cases, though possession of 80 grams of cocaine in the managers suite of the hotel is certainly serious enough.

The goal of Slabbed New Media in the proverbial search for the truth is get the story right. I thank Mr Opperman speaking candidly with me about this matter and I hope this clears up any confusion.

Update:  Here is a copy of the police report on the Desai arrest for those so interested.

9 thoughts on “Let’s deconstruct part of the case: Slabbed takes another look back at USA v Sibley as we make a correction”

  1. Did Mr. Opperman say if he was representing Desai Holdings in civil litigation also in the 24th JDC -Mistry v. Desai Holdings and maybe a fraud case against Magee?

      1. If I remember correctly, Hugh Sibley was indicted on May 28, 2008, but the indictment was sealed until his arrest a year later on May 29, 2009.

  2. If there is no legal filing in a civil case for five years the case is automatically closed by the Clerk of Court and parties are refunded unused court deposits. What is the Rule for criminal cases in 24th JDC and is the Desai cocaine criminal case before Judge Ansardi in 24th JDC close to aforesaid automatic closure.

    Wonder how many $500 curatorships Judge Ansardi sent to his friend BrouStar in last 15 years, what rent if any BrouStar paid for his Super 8 legal suite in Super 8 Clearview Motel to part-owner Desai and what has happened/caused the Desai cocaine case to linger in judicial purgatory so long before Judge Ansardi.

    Maybe a good catholic criminal attorney can explain or possibly Pope Benedict’s attorney might prophesy an answer for the SlabbedNation.

    1. Just an off the wall comment here that bears investigation. Jon Gegenheimer, clerk of court, is sitting on a huge pile of cash in unrefunded jury deposits he will not refund, if asked. Just saying……Car 54 where are you?

    2. More than 2 years after the arrest, Broussard sells his Nova Scotia property to Nick Desai’s parents. Maybe they received a discount on the sale price in return for rent at the Super 8 where they just give service, but don’t accept it!

    1. Inc here are 2 links to very early Slabbed coverage of the unfolding scandal in Jefferson Parish:



      When Mr BrousStar was Parish Prez, they used Jennifer Ansardi for lobbying in Baton Rouge. She is the daughter of Judge Ansardi, whom is politically close to Mr BrousStar and in fact steered curatorships to Mr. BrousStar.

      Mr BrousStar operated outta the Legal Department of the same Super 8 Motel where the bust went down. It is not clear if he paid anything for the office space.

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