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  1. Legal thriller author John Grisham said:

    “All my books are based, in some degree on something that really happened. There’s an element in truth in all these books.”

    Is this why John Houghtaling’s law firm is crediting the late Wendall Gauthier as being the genesis of the novel Runaway Jury?

    Grisham’s latest novel is called The Racketeer. It has a whole chapter devoted to this colourful character, a political fundraiser, who comes under an Ethics violation and uses a shell corporation to buy a lodge property he uses for nefarious purposes to further enrich himself.

    Sound like anything we have covered here on the Slabbed?

    1. Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction obliges by the possibilities while truth doesn’t-Twain

      Not familiar with Grisham to much. Does he write any nonfiction? You know he doesnt have too.

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