Gee, did anything happen while I was away?

Whewwwww doggie were things happening! I’m not sure where to start and that does not count a new development here on Slabbed.  Both chapters of the Slabbed Nation are lumped into one post for the sake of expediency so we gotta start with Former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard’s REJECTION by Judge Head:

Aaron Broussard won’t get hearing to explore alleged prosecutorial misconduct, judge rules ~ Manuel Torres

Even worse for the others trying to make hay outta Sal, Jan and allegedly others playing on the Internet:

Aaron Broussard’s failed try for new hearing is a bad sign for others alleging prosecutorial misconduct. ~ Manuel Torres

We gotta get Manuel a nickname. Lest I digress as Judge Head, on loan from Corpus Christi Texas is known as a seasoned jurist that does not tolerate fools or tomfoolery as these Robing Room reviews illustrates:

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 1852
Brilliant but ill-tempered. Equal opportunity ass chewer though-no one is exempt from his wrath.

and this one which nails it:

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 6563
Rating:Not Rated
Moody and occasionally ill-tempered, but smart, possesses a deep sense of justice, and yes, an equal opportunity butt-chewer. Your experience can be greatly improved if you prepare, which he will note and recognize.

He sounds like my kinda guy frankly which makes him the perfect judge for the Goatherders, especially the BrousStar of the pack. Now at this point I’d like to remind everyone I have some unique insights into the Judge Engelhardt inspired DoJ OIG investigation into the commenting scandal. I’d like to add that Judge Engelhardt deserved the full story the first time but an internal cover-up at Team Letten prevented it. That said, I do not think the Department of Justice is keen on locking up bloggers, journalists etc to figure out which beauty shops have the best street information.  There are no secrets down here.

I think Judge Head’s ruling will have a calming impact on the commenting scandal and it is absolutely the right decision.  The only question I have is whether the Virginian understands the exact kind of sociopath they have for a “cooperating” witness in Aaron Broussard.

Moving right along everyone must visit with Jason Berry over at AZ because he has lots of new lowdown on the Team Heebe/River Birch hunt for private citizens commenting on the internet about the ongoing federal investigation into the River Birch Landfill.  As I told my lawyer via email early this morning Fred Heebe brought a machine gun to a water pistol fight with his apparent obsession with those commenting on the scandal. I brought my light saber.  :mrgreen:

Next up is yesterday’s feature miscreant:

The very mention of the name Erxleben makes my skin crawl with bad 1979/1980 Saints flashbacks.

Moving right along it appears Goatherder attorney Henry Laird got lucky when the Office of the State Auditor caved and modified their subpoena to allow the Sun Herald access to certain DMR financial records and so we get a treasure trove of new revelations:

Politicians giving marine resources foundation money back ~ Michael Newsom

So it turns out Bill Walker was using his conprofit to write campaign checks to all his pet politicians including Phil Bryant, whose campaign dutifully took and deposited the money without a second thought.  One word describes it: Rotten.   By “it” I mean the politicians slopping at the DMR trough because we already knew the Walkers were trash. Lest we get discouraged and lose all hope there are any honest politicians I’d like to point out that Slabbed has been editorially friendly to Senator Wicker, mainly because I think the guy is honest. Senator Wicker’s people returned the check before anyone knew anything was bad at DMR illustrating in the process why I think he is honest.

And today Anita Lee tells us the Office of the State Auditor has searched Tina Shumate’s house, possibly even the underwear drawer in her dresser (bad visuals on that one).

Not one to be left out of the news cycle fightin’ Cotton Fore’s attorney surfaced the other day to say his client is getting a bum rap on the Cocaine charges due to the fact he has a bad ticker.  With this last revelation I’ll chip in my two cents worth and opine that at age 70, with a bad heart, Cotton should hang up the gloves.  Yes, his epic bouts have given joy to the masses through time, but sir the time has come to leave the ring.

S.H. Anthony????  Where have I heard that name before?  😉

Contractor financed car for Utility Authority director

Car 54, where are you?

Oh yeah the new development on Slabbed.  I have received bat signals from the owner’s suite at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview. That subject deserves it own post. Stay tuned.

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  1. Henry F. Laird Jr was recognized as one of America’s top lawyers for 2013.

    Now what the hell is he doing on Team Goatherder?

  2. “… can’t wait to find out who is paying him”

    Hint: Only da’ shadow knows.But da’ trail is fresh with smelly goat turds all over da’ place. Just gotta’ keep following da’ little turds back to da’ BIG sack of sh*t.

  3. I would be looking at the shadows cast on the shores of the Tusket River by investors Calvin Fayard, Bryan Krantz, Nick Desai et al.

    1. Incroyable, you might want to visit CDC on Jan. 30, seems there’s a fee fight case involving Fayard, NoClass O’Bell and D.Becnel!

        1. Have to get you the case cite, Doug, but cranks up Monday in CDC with jury selection. And, why a jury?

      1. Are Fayard and O’Bell on the same side? Danny: take O’Bell’s deposition about his lawsuit against Fayard and his personal experience with Fayard’s billing practices. Ask O’Bell if anybody at Fayards office ever billed time for him for work he didn’t perform.

        1. Understanding is that Classless O’Bell and Laundering Fayard are against Becnel. You have got some interesting witnesses in this shark-circling attack.

          When did you see a case where you was rooting for Becnel? LOL…

          1. Point well taken!

            I might show up at that trial with my Eric O’Bell emails and be available to testify.

          2. Not At All, the paralegal gave me the wrong info, which didn’t seem right at the time, as I’d thought that CDC was the last correct venue for the trial, set for all week:

            40th JDC 47,037 Division A, St.John Parish, makes a lot more sense! Becnel’s back yard so to speak. Cranks up today. Madeline Jasmine is Division A but I need see if there was a recusal which is norm in such, right?

          3. Thank you, TEP! For me, St. John Parish courthouse is much easier to get to, and no parking problems. I’m definitely going to attend at least some of this fee-asco.

      2. It is actually Chris J. Bell versus Danny Becnel and Lynn Swanson; not Eric O’Bell or Calvin Fayard versus Danny Becnel.

        The trial has been continued to possibly September because someone filed a motion to strike the jury.

        1. Thank you, getting my info from a paralegal. Heard this morning the matter was continued about the jury issue. But the paralegal unequivocally told me Bell & Fayard, and I sure hope to hell no one could confuse those two with someone else.

        2. Not at all, I hope so, but I trust even the dullest paralegal or secretary could tell the difference between Fayard/O’Bell and two other clowns.

          Hearrd about the continuance this morning. Again, thanks.

          1. TEP:

            I’m kind of fond of paralegals. My wife and I are paralegals (well, she’s a Certified Legal Assistant, which is “important” in some circles) for a combined 51 years of experience!

  4. This is what the scuttlebutt around the Courthouse is saying anyway. We will soon find out when the US Gov’t sends their subpoenas out and they out the person responsible. Do not think for a NY second the person won’t be outed either.

    The above is from the first comment to Jason Berry’s post at American Zombie linked above. The commenter is speaking of the rumored Heebe insider at Advance Publications. All we have at this point is speculation and I am reluctant to draw any conclusions because the picture is still incomplete.

    I do not think Fred Heebe’s witch hunt was confined to and it is a certainty blogs like AZ, Slabbed and others would be of interest to the gang at River Birch.

    We also know the Goatherders submitted perjured affidavits in Canada in the defamation suit between Fox 8 and Trout Point Lodge to obtain the IP addresses of 4 Slabbed commenters. If we take the allegations contained in the Concrete Busters RICO suit against River Birch as true regarding a connection between Heebe and Goatherders then that unidentified man pictured at is joined by myself and 3 others commenters in Unslabbed, Whitmergate and Telemachus.

    Additionally the Goatherders tried to obatin the IP address for Novelle Ecosse, a former Slabbed commenter, via the Fox 8 case but since the Judge Muise could no longer pretend he did not know who I was he would not schedule a hearing without my being noticed, which was the last thing the Goatherders wanted to do.

    I mention all this because that commenter dropped the S-bomb: “subpoenas”. There is so much I want to say right now but I can’t comment.

    I know this, my short term goal is counting the days until I get see 3 specific Goatherders in person. It does not take much Slabbin’ to figure out whom I am talking about but for now we’ll call them Larry, Curly and Moe.

    1. Curly, Larry and Moe? Weren’t they the slap stick a-hole dudes that poked fingers and were always getting their stupid asses in sticky situations where they always f*cked up and got into trouble?

      Curly, Larry and Moe must be ancient farts by now and I bet just sitting around chewing da’ fat amongst themselves about old times.

  5. Was the order served on Automatic that disclosed the identities of commenters legal?

    I seem to recall that the commenters on a blog had a right to contest disclosure in such a proceeding, albeit as a “John Doe,” through an attorney representing them. Seems to me that those persons who were outed might have a pretty good claim against Automatic and Leary and Perret.

  6. Yes, how does work?Does a party have to prove they have been damaged to a Judge? If not no need to be a John Doe.I asked an attorney the same question and the answer was it is very difficult to get a judge to issue an order to disclose an IP address just because someone is mad and wants to know who the comments come from.

    1. In Canada there are Judges that will do just about anything for a defamation plaintiff. This is the exact reason the Speech Act was passed.

      The only reason it worked for Leary and Perret was because they lied and deprived me and the others of due process. Unfortunately Automattic choose to not notify me.

      It is my fervent hope, given that Automattic has been such asses about this whole deal, they are subpoenaed by the good guys and made to explain their role in this invasion of privacy by reputed co-conspirators of Fred Heebe.

  7. I predict DOJ will get the names of the 11 commenters. They are trying to conduct the Court ordered investigatin thoroughly. It appears they are looking for people with inside/confidential information including third parties passing along such information.

    1. Great question. Here is the link to their privacy policy.

      It is complex and leaves lots of wiggle room.

      Slabbed does not have a formal policy but I only disclose detailed information on sources and things like commenter IP addresses to my lawyer via privledged communciation on a need to know basis.

      That said I specifically reserve the right to out anyone commenting. The circumstances must warrant it (aka Jack), provided the person in question is a public figure within the meaning of Sullivan and related jurispurdence.

    1. Yeah we have that here its called the louisiana attorney disciplinary board, and they suck. I know someone who provided them with information pertaining to perjury by an attorney, a fraudulent accounting submitted to court, an attorney notarizing documents through the mail, and a host of other shit, all backed up by documentation. Even recorded conversations which proved the allegations. If the attorney has a reputation and connections, well, good luck!

        1. Green wasn’t only judge or attorney in Wrinkled Robe that the La Disciplinary Board went after. (Green resigned as he saw the sanctions coming and the La supreme court disbar him for life.) The disciplinary board also went after:

          – Then-Judge Joan Benge (for awarding money to a defendant based on her political relationship with the defendant’s attorney and not on the facts)
          – Attorney Walter LeBlanc (for giving a combined $1,800 in cash contributions to Alan Green, with at least one of those transactions secretly caught on tape by the FBI in Green’s chambers). The tape of Green counting the $800 and putting some of it in his wallet was a highlight of his trial.
          – Al Copeland corporate attorney Bryan White, for failing to report the crimes related to Bodenheimer trying to fix Copeland’s custody case in his court.

          Those are the ones I remember now.

          1. Manuel I heard Judge Green whipping out his Johnson for Lori Marcotte was also a highlight of his trial.

            The bottom line is there are ways of dealing with dirty judges, whether in St Tammany or Jefferson Parishes.

            I have a treat for Ross on tap for tomorrow. 🙂

          2. Manuel Torres: Hey keep writing those hard hitting stories on Jeff Parish corruption. We love’em here at the SlabbedNation !

            Hell, I might even be tempted to renew my subscription depending who/what the TP endorses in the coming election or next vote on issues( amending the Jeff Charter).

            Young wants to amend the Charter so he can become the new King of Pay to Play and award all the contracts while the Council of Clowns refuse to ‘abdicate their power’ with selecting certain contracts-qouth LargASSe, Prince of Pay to Play.

          3. Green didn’t take it out for Lori, at least not on the FBI tape. What he did was show her a picture of it that he took from his desk, if I remember correctly. The feds also caught him on tape grabbing one of her breasts.

    1. Anthony Weiner, Joe Stagni, Judge Green. What is it with all these politicos that have their own file photos of their Johnsons. Thanks for the clarification lol.

      1. Who knows what they found when they cleaned out the desks of the recently departed at the USAO? :_) Re Telemachus, I saw his very informative disquisition on Dutchie Connick’s* migration from Waste Management to River Birch during the period in which River Birch sought the Jefferson Parish landfill business.

        That comment was posted in the same month (01/25/2011) as whatever it was Mr. IH said on that resulted in the manhunt. We know the subject of that comment was also Dutchie Connick, because Gordon Russell said so (“Heebe’s legal team had identified a comment that intrigued them — one that referenced James ‘Dutchie’ Connick”).

        And if I understand the seizure of the River Birch documents correctly, they left home on 09/23/2010 in the company of the FBI. On 12/21/2010, Judge Berrigan ruled the FBI had overstepped in raiding the offices of the six allied businesses sharing the third floor with River Birch. Those documents still had not been returned as of the end of January 2011, which violated Berrigan’s December order.

        So the FBI still had that set of documents when Telemachus & Mr. IH were posting material which I’m starting to suspect may have come directly from those documents. If it did, that would explain Heebe’s intense interest in Mr. IH and the Goatherders’ i.i. in Telemachus (and for all I know, the two searches were focusing on the same commenter).

        * Thank you, Damon Runyon. 🙂

        1. M,
          Glad my antennae spotted something that seemed peculiar to the timeframe. I still don’t have my arms or head around the big picture.

          I read what Doug was kind enough to point to, but as I keep saying, by not following a timeline, I don’t have a correct perspective.

          My biggest understanding at this point is that Heebe is quite a fighter with resources and JL has so far, only had small potatoes (at least in actual crimes.)

          I suppose you could look at it as he has gotten some scalps, but where is Heebe?

          Look at it another way, could Nagin point to Heebe? You didn’t think so, but as we all know, the circle is small and interconnected. Who could Heebe point to?

          1. Oh! Just saw your Nagin remark. Hints have been dropped, of course, because Nagin did an abrupt volte-face and closed the short-lived Chef Menteur landfill (thus assisting River Birch) after River Birch-related companies gave $20k to his mayoral campaign, but similar companies also donated a greater amount ($25k) to Nagin’s opponent Landrieu ( Nagin was obviously very malleable, but equally obviously a flake, so I don’t see anyone with Heebe’s intelligence dealing directly with him.

            Not to say that’s impossible, I’d just also investigate the possibility Heebe paid someone to influence Nagin. So maybe Nagin could gesture in the general direction of River Birch, but it’s also likely some of the opponents of Old Gentilly could do the same (Cynthia Willard-Lewis, I’m looking at you). 🙂

          2. M,
            Don’t see why not?

            Doug says I’m in the zip code, but all I have really figured out is Heebe seems to have put every necessary or unnecessary pol on the payroll directly and indirectly from Jefferson and St. John.

            Based on the rates for service, it would seem he got them so cheap he stole them.

            1. And that was the first tip I received in the spring of 2010. It was sleuthing by Slabbed on that tip that resulted in a more than a few posts, these two being the most important.



              The use of said yard politicians to eliminate the competition would be one of the many tentacles of the Federal Investigation based on some very good reporting on same over at

              So yes, Ray Nagin has great value to Team Fed IMHO as a witness against Heebe. If he flakes, then the same fate as Mark St Pierre await him.

          3. Dou,
            Thank-you! Gives me a framework and perspective to build on. I had previously read some of this but you made it add up.

        2. You’re in the proper zipcode but Dutchie Connick’s connection to River Birch widely known. I was first told about it in the Spring of 2010. Beyond the FBI, Waste Management knew about Connick’s arrangement with River Birch.

        3. Re Dutchie and River Birch: Yes, spring of 2010 is when commenters JPCorrupt/JeffCorrupt were posting comments about Connicks/Kass family/Constant family,* so there was a lot of that going around already. But something Mr. IH said about him a year later put the local equivalent of Interpol on his trail (not the mere mention of Dutchie Connick, since that topic was already commonplace, but the one specific thing, whatever it was).

          If I look up “telemachus slabbed” between 1/1/2009 and 1/1/2010, for example, I see nothing. From January to June of 2010, there’s an interesting general outline on this page (, but he doesn’t take up the subject of Dutchie specifically, even in comments to a post titled “Let

          1. Muspench: You hit the nail on the head when you said, “You’d almost think someone didn’t want user accounts(i.e TP) archives to be used…”

            This is why Telemachus was so dangerous to the Jefferson Parish Corruption Scandal because he tied people,families, real estate , etc. together with repeating stories and scandals in JP.

            Like I’ve said if “The Virginian” wants to solve this scandal give Telemachus a computer, a bunch of Marks-a-Lots and a big room with four walls to write/diagram on.

          2. Actually it was this post that made Dutchie so topical.

            Telemachus researched that comment that I turned into a post for a full week, posting old Times Picayune articles to make his point, as was his custom.

            It is possible JPCorrupt got that Connick/Kass information from Slabbed though not necessarily. It was all over the place in informed circles.

          3. Re Telemachus: Sort of the Nash Roberts of JP political weather, you mean? That’s exactly the impression I’m getting. If you wanted the broadcast of a lifetime, you’d put that guy together with Val Bracy and film for several weeks straight. :_)

            About that Dutchie memo: It says this: “Mr. Whitmer stated that Mr. Broussard wanted me to understand that River Birch was willing to retain my services in a similar capacity that I presently serve with Waste Management,” and it’s dated April 6, 2004. But after that, there’s confusion in the public reporting about who Dutchie worked for when. And Telemachus had two questions: “1.

            1. Having access to Lexis Nexus and other information sources has it advantages.

              The answers to your last 2 questions are no and no though Waste Management would have a good answer to at least one of those questions.

          4. Very much agreed on the superfluity of miscellaneous pols. It’s almost as though Heebe purchased with no regard for present utility or value received, almost as a preemptive measure. The possible reason I would suggest for manipulating Nagin indirectly rather than directly would be that he didn’t fit the South Louisiana good-ol’-boy profile and was thus a bit of an unknown quantity. I would think Heebe might find the chance of his suddenly turning into a liability difficult to evaluate, but it’s quite true I don’t know the JP players & so have my own difficulty in evaluating at this point. :_)

            Re Waste Management & versatile Dutchie: See, that’s just it: would WMI necessarily have known their employee was working for River Birch? :_) They’d figure it out eventually, of course, but he might be more useful remaining in place, and if they had been deceived for some time I doubt they’d want to publicize that fact.

            1. The now infamous Dutchie Connick memo was written for Waste Management, who were Dutchie’s employer at the time Broussard called so yeah I think they had a good idea when he quit.

              They say Dutchie is more a drinker than a thinker. The memo illustrates that point IMHO.

          5. OH, just saw that very helpful timeline. So let’s insert state senators Derrick Shepherd and Ann Duplessis as possible River Birch enlistees in the cause of suppressing competition. Shepherd was anti-Old Gentilly, Duplessis was anti-new-N.O.-landfill in general (very adaptable woman), and CWL was [I’m correcting my earlier comment] anti-Chef Menteur landfill, of course, since she represented NOE. I’d find any one of those career pols a more credible direct bribee than the wacky C. Ray Z, but really that’s just a personal preference. :_)

            The obfuscating factor for me in trying to determine from the outside (and in retrospect) is that very valid objections existed to both Old Gentilly & Chef Menteur. In fact, I’d have to conclude Heebe’s ambitions coincided with the city’s welfare in quashing them. Vitter was a staunch OGL opponent, and he fits my idea of a perfect hire for Heebe’s covert payroll.

            1. Derrick Shepherd!? Did someone say Derrick Shepherd???!

              You need to really talk dirty and say Jonathan Bolar. I dare you. 😉

          6. And did I hear Ann Duplessis? The new interim director of the French Market Corp? Did I just say French Market Corp? Where did I here that recently? I’m getting the Heebie Sneedies again…

          7. 🙂 How about if I channel the late Ricardo Montalban seductively crooning “BOOOOO-la-re!” in front of an old Chrysler?

            You have succeeded in doing the highly unlikely, because after reading about the lamentable episode of Derrick-in-the-driveway I get the same uncomfortable sensation I got after reading Gordon Russell’s tale of Nagin’s decline. I feel sorry for the guy, because he strikes me as a bush-league thief who hadn’t the least idea of how vicious the local criminal business class could be, and I don’t WANT to feel sorry for someone like that. If you similarly inspire pity for Boooolaray! I will be very cross indeed, because he was a nasty little predator (as I recall). :_)

            1. Sage thinking Muspench, very sage thinking.

              It is no secret JPChriper no longer comments here because of a tie up we had over Mark Titus. I made a couple of promises to Mark before he went to Oakdale and keeping one of them is why I tied up with Tom aka Chirper.

              But what you said about Shepherd has applicability elsewhere. Someone gets caught up in something way far bigger than scamming Uncle Sam out of a few tax dollars. They have little to nothing of value to give to the prosecutors except another person and that person operates on a completely different level from 99% of the people out there.

              So the small fry is dangled out as bait and it hurts the ultimate targets not one bit to do that because the bait knows nothing. The bait is taken and the rest is history.

              You’d think on some level Derrick Shepherd understood he was a dupe and tool before he reported to prison. I believe this sight unseen about Shepherd, which is why he wore that wire on Jim Ward. Ward saw him coming from miles away but he always saw people like Derrick Shepherd from miles away.

              One can only imagine the terrible feeling that accompanied that realization.

              What drew me to Mark Titus was the self honesty he conveyed those last few weeks before he went to Oakdale. He may be a schmuck to people like the Wards but in my mind he is the far bigger man.

          8. Thank you VERY much indeed, but it wasn’t really thinking, just random speculation. But if Derrick was wired for sound in that driveway, that puts a very different complexion on Peter-Butler-the third-floor-attorney’s Dear Jim letter. It reads as “Hello, pal, I need a solid for our friend Jim Ward” without the wire, and as “Dear Justache, we see your little trap and we’re raising you one honest citizen’s cry for help” with. :_)

            Speaking of honest citizens, I have to agree that while there’s a distinct shortage, even absence, of any in this imbroglio, Mark Titus does come across as less dishonest than any of the others. He adjudged himself fairly caught, tried (however ineptly) to help, was in fact screwed over by the feds in PRECISELY the fashion Fazzio predicted in one of those transcripts, and may have lost everything to boot (

            Titus is that guy in high school who was always the only one to get in trouble when he was caught doing what everyone else was able to get away with, betrayed by his own inherent respect for authority. That respect, misplaced in this case, is what led Titus to make the fatal mistake of trusting Jim Mann and Sal Perricone, and while I’ve made light of the whole situation I have to say after looking at that transcript that those two (Mann and Perricone) are nothing short of evil.

            “They have little to nothing of value to give to the prosecutors except another person and that person operates on a completely different level from 99% of the people out there”

            That is exactly the way John Le Carre’s spy networks, which are the very best kind, work: the wise guys use what he calls cutouts in every approach instead of acting directly, so that very few people who deal with those wise guys ever make direct contact. That necessitates intermediaries, and that’s how I would envision any contact with Nagin. Agreed Shepherd must have realized how he was used, and I imagine Nagin’s in the process of reaching a similar conclusion.

            So how about that latest outrage? Mitch is trying to ditch the NOPD consent decree because Sal was instrumental in negotiating it, and while that’s bad enough it turns out Sal had the nerve to apply for the position of police chief… and Mitch made no disclosure! That concealment was stunningly improper, quite overshadowing the further impropriety of Sal lobbying for his own candidacy in’s comments section.

            Can you imagine Sal Perricone as head of NOPD? Oh, my God. 🙂

            P.S. Re Grease on the London Fog: OH! Accepted with the greatest pleasure, preferably while stumbling over my own unfashionable shoes. :_)

            1. Oh Tom?????? Someone get Muspench’s comment to Tom pronto!

              As my former Partner in blog Nowdy used to say, a mind is like a parachute, unless it is open when you are using it, you are truly f*cked.

              I know from prior professional experience the exact reason a small business owner should never loot their own company to save a few $$$ on taxes. Mark Titus has learned that lesson the hard way. He manned up on what he did. It was the stuff he didn’t do that was attributed to him that bothered him greatly. I hope everyone that reads this understands the difference.

          9. Doug,
            Nothing new in your report about Titus. You need to do more interviews with the convicted and serving to better understand a different version of events. I was near it for a big part of my life as a result of my my parent’s work.

            A few days and interviews from the big house would be an education you can’t gain in school.

            All stories are not one-sided. Shall I set it up for you?

  8. Vonzipper: To give you a severe case of the Heebie – Sneedies consider the fact that Amy Sneed (Jennifer’s Sneed Heebe’s sister) Kirk I believe is/was a marketing director of the French Market Corp.

  9. Thanks Doug for the reminder:

    Affirmed: U.S. District Judge Lance Africk’s going above federal sentencing guidelines in sending Bolar to prison for 17 years, a panel of 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal judges said in a 14-page decision.

    “Bolar engaged in an elaborate extortion and fraud scheme,” the three-judge panel wrote. “He stole from the community that elected him, from church members, and from his friends in poor health. He convinced a friend to perjure herself before the grand jury. Bolar fails to show that the district court plainly erred in imposing an upward variance from the recommended guidelines sentence.”

    Bolar, 50, is serving his sentence at the federal prison in Oakdale, according to the Bureau of Prisons, which projects his release date as Jan. 27, 2025. He was convicted by a federal jury of 13 counts of extortion, attempted extortion, wire fraud and failing to file income tax returns.

    1. Bolar’s second father was none other than Butch Ward, who assited Bolar in fleecing a church in a real estate swindle.

      Even worse, Butch is over here stinking up the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

      And showering certain Gulfport City Council members with money.

      When all the money trail leads back to the same family, you know, the one that owns the River Birch landfill the source of the corruption is exposed IMHO.

      RICO is a good word. That 10 year statute of limitations puts Tim Coulon and the original deadhead employee Paul Connick Sr in the crosshairs, if that is what the feds are doing.

      Byron Lee is tied in with these guys via Roy Rodney, the guy that just copped a plea and rolled over on Ray Nagin.

      Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  10. Just caught up reading your last few stories and lookie who else is on the French Market Board. Its no other than Wilma Heaton Bonvillion who was the woman who caused Larry Flynt to accuse Livingston of being a hypocrite forcing him to resign from Congress.

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