4 thoughts on “ONGO Part 2: Indispensable”

  1. “use its lobbying and direct contacts”…..translated “Have the Big Mamou lean on people and get them to buy into ONGO” in which he owns an interest. Glad to see that the Parish President’s office was a conduit for the Jefferson Parish version of “Friends and Family” you have so widely reported on with the Gulf Coast. Amazing!

  2. “INDISPENSIBLE” – Oh,yeah but it also describes what the new sheriff, “The Virginian”, represents to the continued but even more aggressive prosecution of Jefferson’s crony capitalists.

    Just gotta’ love Honorable Judge Head’s remark to Broussard’s last motion alleging prosecutorial conduct, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”



  3. Doug, makes you wonder if Judge Head didn’t read the SlabbedNation’s introduction of “The Virginian” as the new U.S. sheriff riding into town a few weeks back.

    Judge Head, if yo’ be out dere in cypberspace bro’ we done loved yo’ recent choice of words and da’ fact yo’ be from Corpus Christi makes you so qualified to sentence da’ born again, smartass mouthed dragon.

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