7 thoughts on “ONGO Part 1: John Mamoulides dictates a letter for Aaron Broussard…..”

  1. NOTICE !!!! the date on the letter was November 11, 2005 a time when most people on the eastbank were busting ass, having stress related diseases,heart attacks and the elderly Alzheimer stress problems; with all just struggling desperately trying to humbly repair their Broussard flooded homes.

    Meanwhile, after lying and crying on national TV what was Broussard,Whitmer and others doing while the poor peasants repaired their huts? – the snake oil fockers were busy PPPing – Padding Political Pockets.

    Jail is too good for these fockers. America is too civil to its corrupt politicos who benefit off the back of their suffering populace.Instead, we need personal torture gangs of wild eyed, pissed off residents with pitch forks like in the Russian and Islamic revolutions.

    As for Mamo,if Microsoft was the grandfather of the internet than Mamo was one of the politico grandfathers of ” crony capitalism” in JP.

    In Mamo’s hay day he had all his crony lawyers he knew peddling lots of his infamous northshore land deal to all their clients and friends.And despite his band of legal eagle, sales personnel it still eventually, with its loan outstanding,went pork belly up like several of his other investments.

    1. Previous posts on former Jefferson parish DA John Mamoulides:


      and the Bell cow post and commentary:


      If I were the Virginian tasked with cleaning up Jefferson Parish Mr Mamo would be one of the people I’d take a close look at based on those land scams and no bid bus camera contracts that could very well include evergreen commissions to the politically connected enablers just like RedFlex.

  2. ATTENTION !!!!!


    The exposes of the incomparable Slabbed commenter Telemachus,now in hiding and possibly in the witness protection plan, reveal past historical political alliances/corruption such as his post on March 19,2011 under the Slabbed post:


    Under his March 19,2011 comment Telemachus incorporates an old 1996 Times-Picayune article on Mamoulides entitled “Deadbeat D.A.” by TP reporters Pam Coyle and Jeffery Meitrodt.This TP article sums up Mamou’s area business dealings and questionable characters of his business partners quite well. Including therein is Mamou’s 2 million dollar loan involving Bob Evans; ex-Councilman, Council President and ex-director of the now defunct Enterprise Federal Savings and Loan on the westbank.

    I wonder what happened to those two TP reporters who were brave enough to write the Mamou article ? Their names don’t ring any long lasting employment bells at the TP. Were they fired, resigned or… still hiding.

    And of course the article cites several other instances where Mamou got to use his Political Monopoly “Stay out of Jail Card”, all the while he kept passing ” GO” collecting millions in ongoing private and federal loans.

    Want to wrap this current political corruption investigation up – Give Telemachus a computer, two dozen marks-alots, a room with four large walls to write on and a new name.

  3. It appears Pam Coyle left the TP in 2005 and went to the Tennessean in Nashville till 2007. According to her web site “pamelacoyle.com she is working as a freelance writer.
    Meitrodrt, went to Chicago Tribune and is now at the Star Tribune Minneapolis/StPaul

  4. UptownMusic: Glad to hear they are still breathing, writing with all their fingers and using their real names but lets wait another 15 years and I bet Val Bracy of FOX8 will probably say the same thing.

    Handshoe:See Doug, its not as scary as reported and the sudden deaths of Katz and Roy have been greatly exaggerated and they passed due to unnecessary,imaged fright.

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