Who knew Cotton Blew?

W.C. "Cotton" Fore booking photo via the Sun Herald

W.C. “Cotton” Fore booking photo via the Sun Herald

Mr Fore was better known as a lover than a fighter in the business circles I associated wayyy back in the day but I can’t talk about any of that. What I can talk about is a couple of other posts that I’ve done on Fore in the past here on Slabbed and his scrapes with the law.  You see folks Slabbed’s old posts on the topic received quite the workout yesterday courtesy of google searches related to Fore’s arrest Thursday in Biloxi on felony cocaine possession and assualt.

I can say, but caution it is gossip, informed gossip but gossip nonetheless, that the man sports a net worth north of $60MM these days, thus the head scratching over his numerous scrapes with the law in what should be his golden years.  A 70 year old man smacking his girlfriend around in public? And getting caught with enough cocaine to merit a felony charge in the process.  Jeezus H. Christ dude!!!

Businessman Cotton Fore arrested on drug, assault charges in Biloxi ~ Margaret Baker

Previous coverage on Slabbed of Mr Fore can be found by clicking here and here. As always the reader comments are enlightening.  The most highly rated comment on Baker’s story would sum up popular opinion in Harrison County IMHO:

Couldn’t of happened to a finer D-Bag!

So it turns out Cotton is both a fighter and a lover.

4 thoughts on “Who knew Cotton Blew?

  1. Deals in Dirt

    Cotton is still trying to get beyond his divorce which is costing him big time.He has health problems that should keep most at home but is trying to live the life of a 20 year old.He is not liked or respected in the business world and his net worth while substantial took a major hit by purchasing the Broadwater property with Roy Anderson for more than 90 million $ at the peak. The interest alone is staggering. Most speculate this purchase forced the sale of the Roy Anderson Corp.recently and continues to haunt Fore. He does not have the political clout he once had.Proof of that is the fact he failed to get approval for a new dirt pit a few months back for use at the Port.He is just a shell of what he should have been.You cannot do business with him because he will not keep his end of the agreement

  2. Charlene Silkwooder

    When his brother-in-law died unexpectedly, I thought that his drug connection was gone. Boy, was I wrong. Looks like he is on it worse than ever…I am amazed….at his age, he should be sitting on a porch and enjoying life rather than being mean to people, I think….

  3. Doug Handshoe

    I got the full story Saturday evening. Cotton evidently shit kicked his estranged wife and her boyfriend. Imagine what he was like when he was 35. Whew!


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