Local good government groups in the news: Say what?!!!

Jefferson Parish activists demand action on proposed contracting reforms ~ Manuel Torres

Welp folks, it looks like Councilman at large/River Birch Landfill errand boy Chris “Mini-me” Roberts has not had enough 5am potty visits to fully learn about the procurement reforms recommended month ago by the BGR. Look no further than the Performing Arts Center debacle to understand the need of getting corrupt politicians outta the government procurement biz.

LANA NOONAN: Expenditure of public funds should be discussed openly ~ Letter to the editor

It appears the editorial police at the Sun Herald are now allowing mention of the Bay Tech Building swindle on their pages, which is progress.  While Slabbed never has a problem properly attributing third party sources certain old line media outlets such as the Sun Herald’s editorial page folks can’t seem to tell certain stories without weaving in some tall tales as well. The Seacoast Echo and Bay Tech? Now that’s funny. 😆

One thought on “Local good government groups in the news: Say what?!!!”

  1. “I’m not going to rush it. Something will be forth coming” responded King of Pay to Play, Chrissy Roberts, sitting high atop his royal 4 G terlit, with automatic wipe and deodorant capabilities, at 5 A.M checking his huge campaign deposits.

    This from the Council Clown who has some of the stinkiest campaign deposits that ever enter the JP politico sewer system.

    Calling Car Patricia, Calling Car Patricia, Calling Patricia come in, we have an emergency 909 in JP – bring your enema gear, yo’ raincoat as da’ King is stopped up – over – and please get da’ blockage out quickly dis’ be parade season and da’ king needs to lead his infamous Toy Parade.


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